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That it’s not false doesn’t make it true

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Israeli journalist Zvi Bar’el wrote an item in Haaretz recently that got a lot of people excited, people who suddenly had hope that peace between Palestinians and Israelis might be within reach after all.

They were wrong.

PNA Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, the report said, “told foreign journalists that his group will respect the results of any referendum on a peace agreement with Israel, even if the agreement runs contrary to the movement’s principles. Moreover, ‘Hamas will not oppose the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state in the 1967 borders, whose capital is Jerusalem, and which includes a resolution of the refugee problem and the release of prisoners from Israeli jails.’ ”


“Not a return of refugees, not the destruction of the State of Israel, no preconditions,” Bar’el wrote. “More importantly, [Haniyeh] allows the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas to conduct negotiations with Israel that would lead to an agreement, which would then be brought to the Palestinian people for a referendum.”

This, from Haniyeh, is the same as “No new taxes” from President Obama. It’s politispeak. It has nothing to do with reality, even though Haniyeh, on a one-to-ten terrorist scale with Abdullah Barghouti as a ten, ranks among the doves.

Does Haniyeh speak for Hamas? Yes.

Does he decide for Hamas? No. The military guys, even the ones in Israeli prisons, decide for Hamas. The Qur’an decides for Hamas.

Israeli leaders speak the same language.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee MK Shaul Mofaz just threatened to topple Hamas if it fires long-range missiles into Israel.

Politispeak, which should be translated, “Look at me! Listen to me! I was Defense Minister. I was Chief of the General Staff of the IDF. I should be Prime Minister.”

Does he speak for Israel? Yes.

Does he decide for Israel. No.

Despite the saber rattling and political posturing, statements like these do not signal change.

The reality is that:

  • Hamas is steadily acquiring more sophisticated weapons.
  • The apparent expansion in the West Bank is artificial and relies entirely upon an uninterrupted flow of dollars and Euros. As such, this faux prosperity will be short-lived. Collapse is assured.
  • When Hamas smells economic blood in the West Bank, it will call its brothers in other Islamic nations to help it take over, in the name of reunifying the Palestinian people and maneuvering into striking distance of the heart of Israel.

What do we want?

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My soul burns for a sovereign Palestinian State. No such thing has ever existed before. We have always been a territory, up for grabs by the strongest fist, whether Turks, British, Jordanians or Israelis.

Our need for independence is so strong, so deeply embedded that we are willing to sacrifice anything. Pay any price. Fight to our last drop of blood.

But do we know what we are fighting for?

We have suffered for more than half a century, only to fill Israeli prisons and Palestinian cemeteries.

What if tomorrow’s headlines announced the establishment of the independent State of Palestine, recognized by the entire global community?

What would it look like? Do we even know? Cuba maybe?

New Castro, Same Cuba, a new report from Human Rights Watch, notes that under Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother, Cuba continues to harass and imprison dissidents. The criminal code punishes “dangerousness,” which punishes such crimes as handing out the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or any behavior deemed contrary to “socialist morality.” Posted by Lloyd Billingsley on Nov 25th, 2009 and filed under FrontPage.

Like Palestinians, the Cuban people fought for decades to gain independence from Spain. They succeeded in the Treaty of Paris. Since 1902, however, the independent Republic of Cuba has been ripped apart by one revolution after another. In 1959, the people cheered when Fidel Castro seized control. But all he has accomplished is to make Cuba an international pariah and a prison of more than 11 million people. Every year, for the past 20 years, the UN Human Rights Commission has received resolutions condemning Cuba’s egregious human rights record.

I do not think we want to model ourselves on Cuba, ruled like China and Vietnam by doctrines to which everything and everyone must conform.

Nor do I believe that we want a Palestinian version of North Korea or Sudan, ruled by tyrants who govern by force and fear.

What’s left? Absolute monarchy like Saudi Arabia? A theocracy like Iran?

Led by Hamas, Palestine would be an Islamic state, oppressed by religious leaders ruthlessly wielding sharia law. Led by Fatah, Palestine would be a corrupt nation like Romania, structured on bribes.

What about democracy? Democracy has proved throughout the ages to provide a firm and stable foundation. If the building topples, the foundation remains. What and how we build upon that foundation, however, is determined by our choices. While I love the freedoms and opportunities of America, I see that it has made moral, economic and political choices in recent decades that threaten its continuation as a world leader.

Sadly, because of the mistakes and excesses of many Western democracies, we refuse to consider a democratic Palestine. The word itself carries too much negative baggage.

But democracy does not mean America or Israel. It means “government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.” It means you and I decide what we want a national homeland to be and how to build it. It means excising corruption with ballots instead of bullets. It means creating a binding constitution and a just judicial system. It means human rights over personal agendas. It means active, constructive membership in the global community, instead of continuing as an unproductive, non-contributing people group trapped in a hopeless struggle for we don’t know what.

We have become like a hunter in the forest, driven nearly mad by hunger. But he has never seen a deer and does not know what one looks like. So he shoots at rocks and trees, up in the air and into the wind. Finally, he starves to death in a wood filled with game. We have isolated ourselves from all of the opportunities the world offers to us and our children. We don’t know what a Palestinian State would look like. We don’t know how to join the international community. We have let ourselves be defined by what we call our cause.

But if we don’t know our endgame, why are we willing to pay such a heavy price?

What would happen if we stopped fighting?

Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat at the Oslo Accords signing ceremony on 13 September 1993

Is there not one Palestinian with wisdom, love for our people and courage to sit across the table from the Israelis? Is there no hope of redeeming the Oslo offers? Do we still not see the stupidity of demanding all or nothing?

And once we became autonomous, is there no one among us with wisdom, love for our people and humility to ask thriving, successful democracies to show us how to build our own democracy? To show us how to avoid making the mistakes they’ve made?

If we stop fighting and start building, won’t the world be amazed?

Won’t the World Bank and International Monetary Fund provide us with enough resources to build a modern infrastructure and establish global commerce when they see that we have replaced our corrupt leaders with men and women of integrity, compassion and vision? Men and women who respect justice and human rights?

When they see what we can accomplish peacefully and creatively, won’t the global community demand that Israel withdraw its settlers and restore our land?

When we develop our land, won’t we be able to offer our refugees the right of return, as Israel offered it to Jews in the Diaspora?

And when we are a sovereign nation, won’t Israel be forced to empty its prisons of thousands of Palestinian sons, fathers and daughters and send them home?

Today, a Palestinian mother is honored if her husband or son is arrested and tortured or dies a martyr. Don’t our daughters, wives and mothers deserve better? Don’t our children deserve opportunities to become all they can—not terrorists and martyrs and victims of oppression, but men and women recognized by the world for their accomplishments in science, education, art, philosophy and industry?

Aren’t we tired of being a cause in the Middle East instead of an example?

Palestinian creativity has been channeled into digging tunnels, forming terrorist cells and planning attacks. We don’t have creative ideas because we are prisoners of a single destructive thought. What if we broke out of that suicidal mindset, stopped fighting for we don’t know what and unleashed our creativity?

Generation after generation dreams the same dream: drive out the Israelis, kill the Israelis, destroy Israel. We cannot see beyond our borders because we are blinded by our pain and hatred.

I am not saying that we can or should excuse the bloodshed, atrocities, assassinations, imprisonments and torture, theft and loss. I am saying that we need to move beyond it. We need to rise above it like a plane climbing through a deadly thunderstorm into the clear, open sky.

When will we stop dreaming the impossible dream and start dreaming of limitless possibilities? When will we stop targeting settlers, buses, schools and pizza parlors and target constructive goals as a nation, communities and families?

We can lift our hands in victory over a land charred by fire and soaked in Palestinian blood, or we can have jobs and industry, income and prosperity, health and education, freedom to travel anywhere in the world, whenever we want.

We can have leaders imposed on us or elected—and, if necessary, replaced—by us. We can have a Palestinian State that oppresses its people as the Israelis have during the occupation or a country with no limits on what we can achieve, how much we can accomplish or how big of a footprint we leave behind.

When will we begin fighting with our brains instead of our bombs? With reason instead of retaliation?

Even a two-year-old child can destroy. Only men and women of wisdom, vision and courage can build a nation.

The furious insignificance of Hamas – Part III

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Many Middle East analysts point to Tehran as the power behind the Hamas throne. If the flow of Iranian money and weapons could be cut off, they believe, Hamas would wither and die.

But Hamas does not rely that heavily on Iran. It needs Iran’s weaponry and training, but it also receives substantial financial support from Qatar and other Arab states, especially Saudi Arabia, as well as from individual deep pockets throughout the Arab world. During the Hajj, for example, (the annual season for pilgrimage to Mecca, November 14-18 this year) Hamas fundraisers, including exiled leader Khaled Meshaal, descend on Mecca, meet with Muslims from all over the globe and collect millions of dollars in donations.

Other observers wonder why Iran—a Shi’a Muslim nation—is helping Sunni Hamas in the first place.

From his perspective, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gains political currency by collaborating with Hamas. He needs the respect of the Sunni world if the Shi’a are to spread their doctrine and take control of the entire Middle East. So he supports Hamas, Syria and other Sunni in addition to Shi’a Hezbollah to show the Arab world that Iran’s concern extends to all Muslims, regardless of theological differences (of course, Hezbollah receives the lion’s share; Hamas receives only token support by comparison).

Nevertheless, Iran continues to play a key role in the destabilization of the region. So does the United States.

America, out of its own kind of ignorance, keeps the conflict burning between Israelis and Palestinians by supporting the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and enabling the PA to persecute Hamas.

Between FY 2007 and 2010, the U.S. government gave the PA $392 million to train and equip its security forces, oversee construction of related infrastructure projects and develop the capacity of the Palestinian Authority. And the State Department requested another $150 million for FY 2011.

When will Washington realize that it cannot join hands with people who do not believe in liberty and personal freedom? The PA does not believe in any concept in the American Constitution. Its security forces persecute and torture people for any reason, and people end up hating the United States because they know that it supports Abu Mazen* and his forces.

Like the PA, Egypt is considered a moderate regime and is supported by the U.S. It persecuted the Muslim Brotherhood for decades, and as a result we have to deal with Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri today. People fled persecution in Egypt, and they will flee persecution in the West Bank and find a place like Somalia, Afghanistan, Chechnya or Iraq where they can express their frustration and hatred and attack the United States.

This only fuels a deadly hatred in the heart of every Hamas member. And at some point, they will uproot Abu Mazen. But Hamas will not take over the West Bank as it did Gaza.

The worst case scenario in the West Bank is that Hamas will create underground cells, launch missiles into Israel, continue to kill Israeli settlers and perhaps assassinate key Fatah and PLO leaders. They do not have the weaponry for a coup or the tunnels through which to smuggle in the weapons. And, despite a huge base of people who sympathize with them, it would be virtually impossible for Hamas to recruit thousands of members to their military wing as they did in Gaza. The Gaza phenomenon was unique. It was a crime of opportunity that is unlikely to reoccur in the West Bank.

So, do I see any hope for my people?

Today, Hamas is doing the same thing it did 15 years ago, and I expect it will continue in the same disruptive and unproductive rut indefinitely. The unholy alliance of the U.S. and the PA will ensure that hatred continues to burn and spread in the West Bank.

There are now two Palestines. And the Bible says that a house that is divided cannot stand.

While peace-brokers continue to drag the same worn cards to the table, they leave the ace out of the deck. Islam has always been the chief obstacle to peace and reconciliation.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders have agreed before on independence, self-government and other important issues. There have been truces and ceasefires. Every intervention under the sun—military, diplomatic, economic, logistic—has been tried and failed.

And as long as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Salafis are part of the equation, dialogue and compromise and agreement are impossible. The god of the Qur’an stands in the way.

There can never be dialogue with Islam because every discussion begins and ends with “God said . . .”

Only if the people of the Middle East get rid of Islam, will they be able to deal with their problems and live in peace again with one another. Otherwise, Islam will continue to be the spoiler.

* Abu Mazen is a typical Arabic honorific that means “father of Mazen.” Abbas and his wife, Amina, have three sons: Mazen, Yaser and Tareq.

The furious insignificance of Hamas – Part II

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In addition to governing by kidnapping and torture, Hamas controls hundreds of tunnels that admit goods through Egypt into Gaza. Hamas gives the best to its own and sells the rest at black market prices to Palestinian families, half of whom are unemployed. It steals international medical aid and sells it in its own pharmacies. Hamas even bulldozed the homes of nearly 200 families and stole their land to build an Islamic religious center, similar to the proposed 9/11 mosque in New York City.

Last year, the UN was forced to stop all aid to Gaza because Hamas stole blankets and food meant for my people. This summer, Hamas broke into the offices of nongovernment charities, including United Nations partner organizations, and shut them down, cutting off resources to 80 percent of Gaza’s residents.

Fatah supporters carrying Abbas heir-apparent Mohammed Dahlan during a rally in Gaza City in 2007. (AP)

When Hamas campaigned in 2005, one of its two planks was to clean up PA corruption, especially the gangster rule of Fatah strongman Mohammad Dahlan. But Hamas is just as corrupt as the PLO was under Yasser Arafat and his cronies and the PA is today under Mahmoud Abbas.

During an interview with a Middle Eastern journalist, Abu Mohammed, a secular businessman with close family ties to the old Fatah security services, said, “After the takeover, people thought it might get better if the religious guys were in charge of the money, that security would improve and corruption would end. But they’re just as corrupt. If you’re not in Hamas, you get nothing. If anyone does anything, they are arrested, tortured or killed. Just like with the Israelis. Except the Jews always give you a lawyer.”

Yet, in an interview September 27 with CNN’s Nic Robertson in Damascus, exiled Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal shamelessly told the world that, “Hamas’ strategy relies on reaching a way of determining our own destiny, taking back our land, defending our people against the occupation and the settlements and then working on establishing a true Palestinian state that will have true sovereignty.”

Khaled Meshaal

Is this how you defend your people? By destroying their homes to build your mosques? By stealing their international aid to line your pockets? By kidnapping and torture and forcing your religion on them? Is how you allow them to determine their own destiny?

When Meshaal is not blaming Israel for everything bad in Gaza, he blames the international community who he accused of “stand[ing] in silence and do[ing] nothing while the Palestinian people suffer, while they get killed, and they get oppressed.”

The Israelis have a word for that. It’s called chutzpah!

Hamas doesn’t get it. It cannot see what lies ahead if it continues along its present course.

For 14 centuries, the Arab world has been a major contributor to the world in mathematics, astronomy, medicine, architecture, horticulture, philosophy, art, music, literature. But Hamas, now that it has its opportunity to show the world how it can govern, is using Islamic sharia law to crush the life, soul and creativity out of the people who gave it their trust.

Women are forbidden to ride on motorcycles with men. Male hairdressers are not allowed to work in women’s salons. “Modesty patrols” check cars for men riding with unrelated single women. A female Palestinian journalist was arrested at the beach for laughing in public and not wearing a head covering. Female lawyers are banned from courtrooms, unless they wear a hijab. Hamas has shut down Internet cafes, movie theaters and bars where young people hang out, as well as a hotel and restaurant whose owners refused to enforce the new law against women smoking nagilas (water pipes).

One reporter from Abu Dhabi wrote that people in Gaza “seem to be losing any sense of hope and increasingly, according to social workers, smugglers and even the police, turning in massive numbers to cheap narcotic tablets smuggled through tunnels from Egypt. A sense of lethargy and hopelessness now pervades almost every aspect of life here.”

If a government oppresses its people, if it makes a big deal out of petty things like this, how can it work together with the community to resolve bigger issues of health, education and the future of the Palestinian people?

Hamas has become the Taliban of Gaza. Since its emergence in 1994, the Taliban battled Afghan warlords and the Afghan government to gain power. But when it finally attained its objective, it was unable to build any society. Its culture was non-culture. Its modus operandi was to oppress and destroy. Its GNP was drugs and terrorism.

Even under the best conditions, Gaza will remain a hot spot on the Mediterranean, like Somalia in the Horn of Africa. Sunni Islam filled the void created by the revolutions and counter-revolutions that plagued Somalia since the early 1990s. Last year, the Somali parliament approved sharia law nationwide. As a result, the Islamists will control the country beyond the foreseeable future. And they too will produce only fear, hatred and destruction.

My next blog posting will examine the key issues in the Middle East. And they are not the ones you read in the daily headlines.

The furious insignificance of Hamas

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Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale

Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing.

Macbeth, Act 5, scene 5

These words, written four centuries ago, describe Hamas and life in the Gaza Strip today.

People hear news from the Middle East, and they ask me, “Mosab, what is Hamas doing? Where are they going?” And I tell them that Hamas is doing nothing and going nowhere, because Hamas, for all its zealots and college graduates, is ignorant.

This doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. But the most dangerous thing about Hamas is that it doesn’t know. It doesn’t know it’s going nowhere. It doesn’t know how to build anything more than a little clinic with only one doctor and insufficient medicine, which only gives it a humanitarian face, concealing its true identity.

It doesn’t know how to govern itself, much less a nation. It’s not that its members are uneducated; they’re just ignorant. They have no wisdom or common sense. They are unteachable, unreachable and unimpeachable, because their mind is made up and they will hear nothing except what comes out of their own mouths. Hamas believes it is right and the rest of the world is wrong. That it is righteous and everybody else is bad, because Allah said so.

When I was in the Israeli prison at Megiddo, Hamas behaved like a mini-regime, controlled by thugs and tyrants. The maj’d, its security wing, tortured men until they made up anything, denounced anyone to make the pain stop. And the maj’d were so stupid that they believed the confessions. I read those confessions. They were ridiculous, and virtually all of them were eventually disproved. I remember wondering what it would be like if Hamas ever gained control of the government in Palestine.

I don’t wonder anymore.

Nearly five years ago, they won the elections. When the international community refused to recognize the legitimacy of their victory, a furious Hamas soaked the streets with Fatah blood.

And what have they done with Gaza since then? Nothing. They have built no infrastructure and formed no government departments. They have not advanced Palestinian culture or improved Palestinian society. Prime Minister Ismail Haniya was responsible for the maj’d in prison, and he rules Gaza the same way today.

Everyone is gagged and crippled by fear. For my people in Gaza, Hamas police are like Hitler’s Wafen-SS, Mao’s Red Guard, the Kremlin’s KGB or Ceaucescu’s Securitate. Anyone can be kidnapped and tortured into confessing that they are collaborating with Israel.

Palestinian Hamas security officer Abu Abdallah Lafi, displays a part of a navigation system which Hamas alleges were found in the possession of Palestinians collaborating with Israel, during a press conference in Gaza City, Thursday, Sept. 23, 2010. Hamas has sentenced a Gaza man to death on suspicion of spying for Israel, the latest step in its secretive campaign to rid the territory of alleged collaborators. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

In a recent news conference, Abu Abdallah Lafi, a Hamas internal security official, said, “we have arrested many,” including women, who he called “a real danger to the unity of the people and their resistance” against Israel. Hamas spokesman Ehab Al-Ghsain boasted that his people had obtained “serious confessions and uncovered many collaborators who stood behind assassinations of some leaders of resistance and implemented policies of the enemy’s intelligence service against our people.”

I promise you that all of these “serious confessions” were obtained by unrestricted torture. And the “collaborators” have absolutely nothing to do with the Shin Bet.

Al-Ghsain told reporters that these collaborators planted bombs at training camps and government offices and helped to coordinate IDF raids and assassinations. But I know from 10 years working in the highest levels of the Shin Bet that this is not how Israeli intelligence operates.

Hamas knows nothing of Israel. It does not know how to govern. It does not know how to create or build. It understands nothing about human rights. It knows only how to destroy. Hamas is a colony of hornets in a sack. And Gaza is the sack.

“Nothing is more terrible,” said German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “than ignorance in action.”

To be continued . . .

‘Son of Hamas’ warns U.S. fatally falling for lies

In REPRINT on August 29, 2010 at 19:29

With federal agents in the background, Shukri Abu-Baker, chief executive officer of the Holyland Foundation of Richardson Texas, conducts a satellite interview with Al Jazeera television network on December 4, 2001. The Bush Administration shut down the offices and froze the financial assets of the foundation, which it linked to the radical Palestinian group Hamas. (Associated Press)

The following article was published August 25, 2010 by WorldNetDaily, following an interview I did with them. I reproduce it here because it addresses a very important issue.

By Art Moore
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

As the son of a Hamas co-founder who became a Christian, a spy for Israel and a consultant to the Holy Land Foundation terror-finance trial, Mosab Hassan Yousef offers a rare perspective on the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood – at once the spawn of nearly every major Islamic terrorist group and of “mainstream” operatives in the U.S. such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Yousef, who recently was granted asylum in the U.S. after the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, told WND in a telephone interview Americans must understand that the ultimate goal of the highly influential Brotherhood is not terrorism but to establish a global Islamic state over the entire world.

“If they can establish this in a peaceful manner, that’s fine,” he said. “But they are required by the Quran to establish this global Islamic state on the rubble of every civilization, every constitution, every government.”

The Holy Land Foundation trial in Dallas in 2008 – the largest terror-finance case in U.S. history – presented evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “100-year plan” to gradually destroy the U.S. and Western civilization from within “so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

“This is not a doctrine of some freak Muslim,” Yousef observed. “It’s the doctrine, the requirement, of the god of Islam himself and his prophet, whom they praise every day.”

One of the Brotherhood’s prime strategies to help achieve its ultimate aim is to spin off groups such as the Washington, D.C.-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, that attempt to give Islam a positive face, he pointed out.

CAIR, casting itself as a human rights organization, has often been called on by government and media to represent Muslims in the U.S. But it’s origin as a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas is now widely documented, including in the WND Books best-selling expose  “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America”

CAIR and some of its leaders were confirmed by the Justice Department as indicted co-conspirators in the trial of the Texas-based Holy Land Foundation, which was convicted of helping fund Hamas. An FBI letter to lawmakers in April 2009 explained the bureau suspended all formal contacts with CAIR because of evidence the group was founded as a front in the U.S. for Hamas. Among numerous government relationships, CAIR leaders had regular meetings with top FBI brass on security issues and helped lead FBI Muslim “sensitivity training” sessions.

At the Holy Land Foundation trial, the FBI presented a transcript from a transcript from a wiretap of a 1993 meeting in Philadelphia in which Hamas supporters sought to establish Muslim organizations in the U.S. “whose Islamic hue is not very conspicuous.” CAIR was soon founded by two Palestinian participants in the Philadelphia meeting, Omar Ahmad and Nihad Awad.

RICHARDSON, TX - DECEMBER 5, 2001: (LIFE FILE PHOTO) Ghassan Elashi, CEO of the Holy Land Foundation, speaks to the news media during a news conference December 5, 2001 in Richardson, Texas. The Holy Land Foundation disputes claims made by the U.S. government that it used charitable donations to fund Hamas and their goal to destroy Israel. Elashi was identified as one of four men arrested by federal anti-terrorism agents December 18, 2002 on charges of money-laundering.

Wiretaps revealed Ahmad argued for using Muslims as an “entry point” to “pressure Congress and the decision makers in America” to change U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. One FBI official quoted in “Muslim Mafia” says CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood front groups differ from al-Qaida only in their methods.

”The only difference between the guys in the suits and the guys with the AK-47s is timing and tactics,” the official explained.

CAIR, meanwhile – which has more than a dozen former and current leaders with known associations with violent jihad – is trying to keep alive a lawsuit against WND and two investigators behind “Muslim Mafia.”

While CAIR repeatedly has denied it receives foreign support, the covert operation that produced “Muslim Mafia” obtained video footage that captured CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper boasting of his ability to bring in a half million dollars of “overseas money,” including from Saudi Arabia.

Money continues to flow in the other direction, as well, Yousef said.

He noted the FBI documented that the Holy Land Foundation sent $12.4 million from the U.S. to Hamas committees. But based on his 10 years of experience as a spy for the Israeli internal security service Shin Bet, he believes many times that amount has been smuggled to Hamas in cash.

As an example, Yousef cited the case of a Palestinian terror operative he met in prison who was arrested transporting $100,000 after Shin Bet provided information to law enforcement authorities.

“I guarantee you that there still people who collect money in mosques that go directly to Hamas in cash,” Yousef said. “And this is a problem that the government doesn’t have control over. Obama doesn’t have control over this money.”

‘Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood’

Hamas itself was formed in 1987 as part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to advance the movement by spinning off new organizations, Yousef said.

“If they have a confrontation with Israel as the Muslim Brotherhood, they are going to pay a very high price,” he explained. “So they choose people like my father, from the Muslim Brotherhood originally, and they ask them to establish an independent movement that shares the same exact doctrine.”

As WND reported, Yousef worked alongside his father, Sheik Hassan Yousef, in the West Bank city of al-Ghaniya near Ramallah while secretly embracing Christian faith and serving as a Shin Bet spy. Since publicly declaring his faith in August 2008, he has been condemned by an al-Qaida-affiliated group and disowned by his family.

“Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood,” Yousef said. “It’s the same organization.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in the 1920s in the wake of the collapse of the Ottoman Turkish empire, considers itself an instrument of the charge Muslims have been given since Islam’s founding 1,400 years ago – to make the Quran and Allah’s authority supreme over the entire world.

Along with CAIR, prominent U.S. organizations launched by Muslim Brotherhood leaders include the Muslim Students Association, North American Islamic Trust, the Islamic Society of North America, the American Muslim Council, the Muslim American Society and the International Institute of Islamic Thought.

“Before we start to listen to their lies,” Yousef said, “we have to ask ourselves all the time, what is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood? Ask them, ‘What do you want?'”

He said the Muslim Brotherhood “will keep the hope and the ultimate goal very clear in the eyes of every Muslim who belongs to the organization that one day [we will] establish an Islamic state and establish Shariah law.”

In unusually candid moments, CAIR leaders have expressed that aim.

CAIR founder Ahmad was reported telling a Muslim group in the San Francisco Bay area that Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant and that the Quran should become the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth. CAIR spokesman Hooper indicated in a 1993 interview with the Minneapolis Star Tribune he wants to see the U.S. become a Muslim country “through education.”

The West, Yousef said, has fallen for the “lie” that there are two types of Islam, radical and moderate. While there may be individual Muslims who are radical or moderate, Islam itself is not moderate, he contends.

“Let’s learn what Islam says about itself,” Yousef said. “Forget about what the Muslim Brotherhood, what al-Qaida, what Hezbollah – what even Americans or Westerners say about Islam. Let’s study and see what Islam says about itself, then we will understand why we have this problem.”

‘Buying the lie’

American foreign policy, especially under President Obama, he said, has “bought the lie of Muslim groups who are trying to make Islam look good in the eyes of Westerners.”

Because of that approach, he said, Muslim leaders such as Feisal Abdul Rauf have developed “the courage to come forward with a very aggressive symbol” of Islamic authority, the proposed Islamic center and mosque near the site of the 2001 World Trade Center attacks.

“If it was any other American president, we wouldn’t have this aggressive step,” Yousef contended.

He noted the State Department has designated Rauf an ambassador to the Muslim world despite the imam’s unwillingness to condemn Hamas as a terrorist group.

“Of course, he cannot condemn Hamas, because he knows that Hamas is an organization that is doing the will of Allah,” Yousef said. “How can he condemn an organization that serves the same god that he worships every day five times?”

Yousef pointed out Rauf  has claimed Obama based his highly publicized Cairo speech to the Muslim world last year on a chapter from the Arabic version of Rauf’s book, “A Call to Prayer From the World Trade Center: Islamic Dawah in the Heart of America Post-9/11.”

Obama asserted in the speech that violent extremists have exploited tensions between Muslims and the West, insisting Islam was not part of the problem but part of promoting peace.

‘This is the red line’

Defenders of the proposed Ground Zero mosque cite American Muslims’ First Amendment freedoms to practice their religion.

But Yousef makes a distinction between Islam and other religions, arguing Islam is a subversive system that threatens America’s very existence.

“Even if it’s a religion, and 1.5 billion people around the world believe in it, this doesn’t mean that they are right; and this doesn’t mean that we compromise with them,” he said. “We tell them, ‘You’re accepted, but guess what? This is the red line: We don’t compromise with your god. We don’t compromise with your belief system.'”

Yousef reasoned that he certainly would not be allowed to create a religion in which he demanded that his followers kill everyone who doesn’t embrace his beliefs.

“Will I be able to register this religion here and build my symbols for this religion in this country?” he asked. “I will go to jail for that – and all my followers as well.”

‘A matter of life and death’

No one in the Middle East has the courage or the power to confront Islam, he said, but transformation can start in the most powerful country in the world.

“Instead of giving Islam credit, this is the country where we can start to fight – not against Muslims, against the bad teachings of Islam.”

Americans can begin, he said, by “understanding the real nature of Islam.”

“I am telling you, this is not a matter of politics,” he said. “It’s a matter of life and death. It’s a matter of hundreds of millions who have been killed because of this deadly ideology of Islam that

“This is the time” to speak out, he said, “especially here in America. This is the time to stand firm and strong against this crazy, big system.”

Yousef said that while some may want to “scare people about Islam” for some kind of financial or personal profit, he is speaking out because of his concern for America and as “a person who loves my people.”

“I cannot wait for them to be liberated,” he said of his fellow Palestinians and Muslims worldwide. “And when I see the example of liberty and freedom in this country, I want this to go to my people.”

If America leads the way in confronting Islam, change can come, he said.

“But if the country of liberty and freedom welcomes a radical and violent belief that wants to destroy everything, we won’t be able to defeat them,” he said.

“This is why we need to work all together. This is not for America only. This is for the world. This is for the future of humanity.”

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In memory of a great lady

In PERSONAL on August 29, 2010 at 03:25

My mother’s mother, Fatima, died Friday morning. She was 85. She is my hero.

Like 75 million other women in the Middle East, my grandmother never learned to read or write, so she could not even read the Qur’an. Yet, I guarantee that she was on her knees five times a day, every day of her life, reciting what she was taught to the only god she ever knew. All she memorized was a few little suras that didn’t even make sense to her.

My grandmother was a beautiful young woman. Her husband died when she was in her thirties, and many Muslim men came and tried to marry her. But she didn’t want that. She devoted her life to raising her eight children, including her eldest son, my uncle Ibrahim, who you can read about in my book. She was a good, loving wife and mother.

My grandmother worked hard as a housekeeper at a UN school to provide for her children. Every day, she got up at 4:30 to pray. She washed and dressed and fed her children, got them to school and went to work. Everybody loved her. She never offended anybody. She was a very honest person. When people die, friends and family try to remember the good parts of their lives, but I don’t remember anything bad about my grandmother.

Two weeks before she died, she was thinking about me. I was very special to her. My family was there, and she was saying, “God bless you, Mosab” and “I pray for you, Mosab.” She knew that I turned my back on Islam, that I was disowned and everything. But her spirit kept blessing me, regardless.

In her last hours at the hospital, my grandmother did not even recognize Ibrahim, but she kept on mentioning my sister Sabeela’s name, because Sabeela helped her so much in her life.

I couldn’t be with my grandmother during her final days or hours. I can’t go now to say goodbye to her or call my mother to say I am sorry.

But I can at least honor her in my blog.

My grandmother had no idea who Jesus Christ is. She never heard of Buddhism or Hinduism or anything but Islam.

I know that God is just and that he understands that there are hundreds of millions of Muslim women who sacrifice everything and know only Islam. They are just obedient and loyal and know nothing about God’s mercy, because they have no chance to hear about him or meet with him.

I pray that God will have mercy on her soul, because she gave so much and received nothing and because she was faithful all her life to do what she believed he wanted her to do.

Too late to stop Iran?

In IRAN on August 23, 2010 at 19:52

Iranian technicians, work with foreign colleagues at the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, just outside the southern port city of Bushehr, Iran. (AP Photo/ISNA,Mehdi Ghasemi)

Like it or not, Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that has both the resolve and the power to stop Iran from becoming a regional nuclear terrorist. Yet Arab leaders continue to see Jerusalem as an enemy rather than an ally. And Tehran proactively feeds and manipulates their hostility to keep Israel at bay.

Is there still time for Middle Eastern leaders to open their eyes and clear their heads?

Frustrated by Moscow’s delays in fulfilling its contract with Tehran for half a dozen S-300 missile systems, Iran built its own air defense system which it claims is even more sophisticated than the Russian version—with a range of more than 100 miles and the ability to intercept both low- and high-altitude ballistic missiles and aircraft.

Earlier this month, Tehran boasted that it is building 10 new uranium enrichment plants deep inside mountains.

Washington’s response was predictable and tepid. The escalation, said President Obama, is “not acceptable,” and he threatened “a significant regime of sanctions that will indicate to them how alone they are.”

But the administration fails to understand that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to be alone—at the top. Alone as the supreme nuclear power in the Middle East. Alone as caliph of more than a billion Muslims worldwide. To Ahmadinejad, alone is good. And sanctions are merely a nuisance. They failed to deter development of Iran’s nuclear program, its sophisticated air defense system or its shiny new Karar bomber drones, with a 620-mile range and the ability to launch up to four cruise missiles.

Ever since Shock & Awe, things have been looking up for the Iranian dictator.

Throughout and after the Iran/Iraq War, Tehran’s Shi’a regime repeatedly tried and failed to overthrow Saddam. Then, in 2003, seemingly ignorant of Islam’s bloody 1400-year Shi’a/Sunni conflict, Coalition forces stormed into Baghdad and saved the Iranians the trouble. Within a couple of years, they had replaced the ruling Sunni minority with the Shi’a majority, overlooking its strong and ancient ties to the Shi’a leadership in Iran.

In short, the U.S. naively handed Iraq to Iran on a platter. And the recent U.S. troop withdrawal removed yet another obstacle.

On a roll, Ahmadinejad tested public opinion waters last May with the blockade-busting “Freedom Fleet”—an insolent attempt to establish an Iranian port on the Mediterranean—and delighted to watch the international community blacken Israel’s eye.

Meanwhile, Hamas, Iran’s Sunni puppet, continues to stir up trouble in Gaza. Despite deep theological differences, Hamas is more than willing to accept all the rials and weapons Iran is willing to share. And Iran finds Hamas useful for coalition building among other Sunni.

All the while, Iran continues to sap American resources in Lebanon and Afghanistan and expand its influence throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

So why should Ahmadinejad curb his military buildup, given the world’s obvious lack of serious interest and America’s growing policy of accommodation and appeasement toward Islam?

And if Israel does not act, who will? But has Jerusalem waited too long? And can it rely any longer on support from the White House?

Qur’an says no to “9/11 mosque”!

In ISLAM on August 18, 2010 at 14:08

What persuades you that this will end well?

The controversy over the “9/11 mosque” has dangerously missed the point.

Yes, it is an offense to the families of nearly 3,000 victims who were killed in the deadliest terrorist attack ever on American soil. Yes, it will reopen and infect deep wounds. And yes, it is perfectly legal and protected by the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

But it is also an affront to Allah.

Open your Qur’an and read sura 9, verse 107. I will reproduce it here in English for our Western readers:

“And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity – to disunite the Believers – and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But Allah doth declare that they are certainly liars.” (The Qur’an, sura 9, verse 107, Yusufali translation)

You can see that the language is much stronger in Arabic.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf may not intend “to disunite the Believers,” but his irresponsibility will accomplish the same end, even while he and his supporters, both Muslim and America’s progressive elite, “indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good.”

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and the Taliban are counting on the inevitable outcome of such irresponsibility.

Do not be deceived, my brothers and sisters, this issue will not die. It will not go away. It is already dividing Believers and will fester and putrify like an open wound.

In addition to killing thousands of innocent Americans, Osama bin Laden’s stupid attack destroyed the reputation of Muslims everywhere. The result was Arab profiling, false arrests and, yes, an Islamophobia that has not been entirely unjustified. It also resulted in the creation of hundreds of organizations worldwide working tirelessly to encourage constructive dialogue and repair the shattered image of Islam, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been better used for education, healthcare and other noble causes.

If you allow Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative to build this shrine to terrorism, you will only generate more hatred, suspicion and violence, destroy nearly a decade of image-rebuilding and set in motion a backlash against all Muslims.

Think for a moment. Do you really believe that Americans will just say “Oh, well” and move on while the 9/11 mosque is being built? Day after day, they will drive by, walk by on the way to work, and their anger and outrage will be renewed. The media will broadcast updates on the mosque’s progress, inflaming millions of viewers with every report.

How will Muslims react, then, when an angry citizen smears garbage on a wall of the mosque or covers it with blasphemous graffiti? How will they respond to protests and pickets? What if some hothead sets off a bomb?

Hatred and violence are not confined to Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They lie just below the surface of us all and only require sufficient heat to erupt.

And the violence will not be contained in Manhattan. You have seen how our brothers and sisters have reacted to books and cartoons. You can expect outraged mobs to burn homes and churches, attack embassies, kidnap and behead hostages not only in the Middle East but also in Africa and Asia, in obedience to the Qur’an’s mandate to defend the honor of Allah and his Prophet.

The blood—Muslim and non-Muslim—will be on the hands of the foolish Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. But he and Islamists like him will blame everybody else, just as he blames America instead of bin Laden for 9/11. Just as he will not admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Instead, he provokes and blames the provoked.

And you will share the blame because you did nothing stop it when it was in your power.

Even your Qur’an warns that the 9/11 mosque is not the will of Allah. It is the work of “mischief and infidelity.”

The 9/11 mosque will do nothing but push people over the edge. Americans and Muslims. Not for days or weeks, but for years, for as long as the building stands. And the violence will only escalate. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. On every continent.

The Cordoba project will never be a community center where people will gather to seek and find common ground.

You can, and must, stop it. Through petitions and boycotts. By demanding accountability from your leaders. By withholding funds. By refusing to take any part in the sins of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative.

In short, you must stop it by being a responsible Muslim.

An open letter to my Muslim brothers and sisters

In ISLAM on August 5, 2010 at 17:40

1942. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Hussaini visits the Muslim storm troopers of the Bosnian SS.

The world condemned Nazi Germany for trying to conquer the world. But it affirms and accommodates Islam which commands Muslims to replace the nations with a global caliphate.

The world condemned Adolph Hitler for believing that Aryans were the master race, created by God to rule the world and who considered all others to be Untermenschen, racially inferior. Non-Aryans were pollution, garbage to be swept up and shoveled into landfills and incinerators. Yet the world ignores a fundamental doctrine of Islam that lists “disbelievers” amongst “types of filth and impurities” which include “urine, feces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs and pigs.”  1

The world condemned Hitler as a racist who systematically slaughtered as many as 17 million Jews, ethnic Poles, Romani, Soviet civilians and POWs, disabled people homosexuals and political opponents in six years. But despite its vow of “Never again!” it sticks its head deep into the oil-soaked sand and pretends that Islam has not turned the world red with innocent blood for more than fourteen centuries.

Hitler publicly condemned prostitution, yet ordered Himmler to establish brothels for German soldiers, forced laborers and prisoners. 2 Muhammad established one moral code for Muslims and another for himself, one that allowed him at the age of 53 to take a nine-year-old child to bed as his wife. 3 Yet, how many of you today dream of such a thing for your little girls? And if not, are you greater than your Prophet?

Muhammad declared it. The Qur’an mandates it. Yet most Muslims deny it.

How can this be?

The “great masses,” Hitler wrote, ” . . . more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.” 4

Point for point, the Prophet and the Führer agree. Point for point, Mein Kampf nods to the Qur’an.

Hitler was a terrorist. 5 So was Muhammad. 6

Hitler murdered those who opposed him. So did Muhammad.

Stop believing the Big Lie, my brothers.

Be furious with me for what I am saying. Fill my blog with outraged comments quoting suras that contradict those that I cite here, as evidence that I am wrong. They will only prove that I am right. The Qur’an, which all Muslims must believe to be the infallible word of God, is riddled with contradictions and factual and historical errors. No? Go to and read for yourself what Muslim scholars say, verse by verse, about their holy book.

You who are outraged, how well do you know your Qur’an? Have you read it, studied it? Do you understand it? For centuries, Christians knew only what their priests told them. They did not have access to Scripture. Martin Luther changed that in 1522, when he published the New Testament in the language of the people. Nevertheless, even with the abundance of resources, translations and paraphrased versions, half of today’s Christians do not know their Bible. 7

Unfortunately, it is the same with most Muslims.

What is Islam to you? Culture or life? Divine truth or superstition? Something you know or only believe? Your faith or just your inheritance?

A “moderate” Muslim is not one who is not violent; he is one who is simply uninformed. It is not that he is not an extremist; it is that he is apathetic. The God of the Bible says, “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” 8 The god of the Qur’an holds the same opinion.

Please stop being lazy. Begin showing love for your families and your neighbors by reading your Qur’an and your Hadith, and asking the inevitable questions.

The Prophet and his book are not merely mistaken; they are wicked. Hitler killed countless millions on the battlefields and in his extermination camps in six years, but Muhammad has been killing steadily since the seventh century—Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. The Qur’an commands even the slaughter of its own.

You are the only hope the world has of crushing the Big Lie. Christians cannot stop it. The secular world is afraid to try.

Your weapon is truth. First, you must love and respect your religion enough to learn the truth; then you must love your neighbor enough to share that truth.

*  *  *

1. “Muslim students ‘being taught to despise unbelievers as filth,’” Sean O’Neill, The Sunday Times, April 20, 2006

2. “Secrets of Nazi camp brothels emerge in German exhibition,” Reuters, November 7, 2007

3. D.A. Spellberg, Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past: the Legacy of A’isha bint Abi Bakr, Columbia University Press, 1994, p. 40

4. Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 10, paragraph 31, Manhein translation

5. Mein Kampf, volume 2, chapter 5

6. The Qur’an, sura 5, chapter 60 (Shakir)


8. The Holy Bible, NIV, Revelation 3:16

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