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“. . . a Le Carréesque thriller wrapped in a spiritual coming-of-age story . . .” The Wall Street Journal

“ . . . reads with the page-turning ease of a great thriller.” Forbes

“Explosive . . . a story that feels like a long-lost Abrahamic fable that has morphed into contemporary history.” Christian Science Monitor

“. . . intriguingly detailed . . .” Newsweek

“ . . . more incendiary than any roadside IED” GQ

  1. Hi. I’m writing from Al Jazeera English TV. We would like to interview you today for our news dept if possible. Please send me a text message +60-12 306 3490 or +603 2381 8000 if you would like to talk about your book. Li Min

  2. My friend Joseph just like his Savior was on a mission to save lives.

  3. I have bought this book today (release date)and have finished it today. GOD is great. Mosab Hassan I have prayed for your family, the paleistinians,you and all of us with tears after I read this book. may his kingdom come.

  4. Another wannabe get rich selling lies… I wonder how can you live with yourself!

    • Sorry friend, but Mosab’s testimony is genuine. That is the reason he “can” live with himself. I hope you find the same peace he has.

    • Another detractor of the few….blah,blah,blah

    • Most best-selling authors do not get rich. I have a couple of friends who have been on the New York Best Sellers list more than just a coupe times and they are not rich. There are the 2% few out there who have, and it is not just from only one or two best sellers. Writing one best-seller is not a get rich scheme. Not to mention, this type of memoir is destructive as far as the world is concerned. It is obvious by the explosive information in this book, Mr. Hassan sacrificed a great deal. More obvious is his love for Jesus Christ and what he did for us on the cross, and the hope he has for his family. I am praying for your family Joseph, and you!

  5. This book has turned my perspective on the middle east on its head. I finished it yesterday, I could not put it down. Thank you for telling your story, May the Lord bless you, guide you, and keep you, as you continue to walk with Jesus Christ.

  6. This book is an unbelievable, thrilling, heart-breaking and hopeful work that should not be overlooked by any who desire to know the heart of God. Make reading it a top priority and the blessings you will gain from hearing Mosab’s account will be immeasurable. Peace to all who walk in Love.

  7. Amazing book.. amazing insights and story.. couldn’t put the book down! A very unique account of the struggle we’ve all read about….

  8. I pre-ordered this book because I was interested in his story and found it fascinating. However, the book was a complete disappointment. Not only did I find that some of the history that was given to be incorrect, but I felt that this book was written in order to try and convert people to Christianity. I really wish it would have spent some more time on the details of what he did for the Shin Bet in stead of the Christian missionary crap.

    • Blessed are those who have eyes to see and are not blinded by their own fleshly desires…..

  9. I bought Son of Hamas on Friday afternoon. I just finished it tonight, Saturday. To be honest, I wanted to read the book to find the flaws. I didn’t believe that a “Son of Hamas” could be a real Christian. But after reading the book, I’ve changed my mind. I’ve been won over. I think this is a profoundly Christian book, and one of the best books that I’ve read in a long time. While it has not totally changed the way I view Israel and the Middle East, it has opened my mind and heart to the possibility that my current understanding is wrong. And more than that, it challenged my own walk of faith and what it means to love like Jesus. In the end, what more can you ask of a book? It was great entertainment, it challenged me, and it opened my mind to other possibilities. I’m recommending it to everyone. This is a book I plan on re-reading. And to Mr. Yousef: Please forgive me for judging you before hand. I was exactly the person who needed to read your book.

  10. Just finished the book. It was very good and gave me more understanding and empathy for the people of the Middle East especially those who have grown up as faithful practicing Muslims. The story of his family and their dedication to their religion was both insightful and heartbreaking. I am so glad that he came to a personal knowledge and relationship with the True God. I pray that his testimony will lead many others, Muslims, Jews, and Christians (in name only) to consider Jesus and come to know personally Him by faith in Him alone.

  11. I have read this book and it is an amazing life story and gives new understanding into the Palestinian / Israeli struggle. I will be praying for Mosab and that God may be glorified by his struggle. I first heard him speak when he visited my church in Austin Tx and it has been on my heart/mind to pray for him ever since then.

  12. I have just finished reading SON OF HAMAS!

    Congratulations, Mosab, on a very good and honest book. And a truthful look at Islam.

    You are in my prayers. As you grow in your new faith in Jesus Christ. And for protection from those who would wish you harm.

    In many ways, you truly are like an Apostle Paul who suffered for preaching the Gospel! May you know an extra measure of God’s grace and love and strength!! And may you reach untold thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! People who will listen to you because you have been where they are. People who would never listen to me in the same way. But you have credibility for them.’

    God Bless You, Mosab/Joseph!!!!

  13. I just finished Son of Hamas. Intriguing and conflicting, it was a revealing book that tugged at my heart. Thank you Mosab for baring your heart in this book. My prayer is that there will be much fruit from your revelations. My husband and I will take to heart your request for prayer. We can only imagine what you have given up to follow Jesus Christ. “And you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.” May the Lord set many free through your life and the power of His Spirit.

  14. Just finished the book. I couldn’t put it down. I cried over it; thanking God for what He has done through this humble and willing servant. Through tears, I asked God to BLESS this man – for sharing his story and so much of himself with the world. I pray for his protection; for his growing relationship with the true and living God; for his family and friends to also come to know Him. Mosab, you are now the son of the Creator of the Universe, which gives you more “power” and “authority” than you ever dreamed. He has obviously chosen you for a very important assignment. He has, and is, using you mightily. I thank you for boldly and bravely sharing the Truth; come what may. I will pray for you regularly, my brother.
    Gratefully in His service,
    P.S. I pray for Muslims every day – that they would “come to know the only TRUE God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.” – John 17:3 AMEN.

  15. P.S. Here’s another one I pray for Muslims (and others who don’t know Him): “Most assuredly, I say to you, the day is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God; and those who hear will live.” – John 25:5 I pray that Muslims, who are so “zealous for God,” would come to know the Him; the only TRUE God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. Also that they, being “dead,” would hear the voice of the Son of God . . . and that hearing, they would LIVE. Amen.

  16. Forgive me. It’s John 5:25. A little dyslexic, there.

  17. Just finished your incredible story. I am a screen writer with connections to Sony, Warner, and other independent film makers. I would like to discuss screen rights to the story. If interested see address below.

  18. Reading your book right now. I cannot put it down! Thank you for speaking the truth in love! I pastor a church here in The Netherlands and would love to meet you if you are ever traveling thru Amsterdam. We would like to be of any help to you that we can.

  19. Mosab,

    All I can say is “WOW” I have much admiration for you. God has blessed you in many ways. I pray for your safety and I pray that your knowledge of God will make you a solid untouchable rock. May God bless you always and forever…
    In Jesus Name.

  20. This book will have changed my view about the middle east and the people who live there more than any thing I have seen or read. Thanks for a great book.
    As for Mr Yousef I wish him a happy and peaceful life.

  21. this is an incredible story. I can’t wait to get a copy. AT a minimum perhaps it will change the attitude
    of some European countries who thinkhaving relations with hamas is a way to peace.
    This book is a great illustration of the old adage “truth is stranger than fiction” Now that Joseph is a
    public figure I’m concerned for his safety. Let’s face it. hamas will want to find a way to kill him.
    hopefully, Obama will read it And maybe Obama will have to rethink his views on what is possible in the Middle East.

  22. I just finished reading this fascinating book and I would recommend it to any one interested in the real politics of Israel and Palestine. This young man gave up a lot to save other people and I am not sure I would have been so brave. As far as i’m concerned he is a true hero and should be recognized as one. He has certainly opened my eyes when it comes to the religion of Islam.

  23. This book and this story is he most intriguing and gripping story I have ever experienced, I am not a reader, I can’t remember the last book I read, however, I could not put this book down. I am frustrated with all the hatred and corruption in the world these days and through this book it has given me some hope that we may be able to change the destructive path it seems we are going down.

  24. This is a remarkable story. In the midst of all the unfathomable horrors of warfare, there is love, especially Mosab’s love for his family and his loving respect for his dear father. It has given me a deeper understanding of the conflict(s) that have torn lives apart of Palestinians and Israelis. And as this young man has been led from hate to forgiveness, his story is all the more important.

  25. Read your book–I enjoyed it–Praying for you–Just a thought, you should smile for at least one picture 🙂 –Let me know if I can ever serve you as I am a Pastor in Orlando, FL–Also, do you ever do any speaking engagements? Would love to break bread with you and have you speak with friends–

  26. Just bought and read your book. Amazing story. Stay strong brother.

  27. Your book encourages sympathy and understanding for everyone involved. This is love. This is for real. Thank you so much!

  28. God bless you, dear, brave one.

    God will PERFECT that which concerns me. Psalm 138:8

  29. The most riveting book I’ve read….easiest to understand about one of the most lasting issues in the middle east….and the solution– Jesus!

  30. I heard Hannity say he couldn’t put this book down, and a good friend told me the same thing. I am having the same experience! Mosab is so young to have gone through so much. He could have easily become a terrorist but instead became a fine Christian man who is an inspiration to many. Not only is his story ‘a gripping account..”, it is exceptionally well written. I will pray for Mosab and can only imagine what wonderful things God has planned for him.

  31. Incredible story. I could not put the book down. I first learned of Mosab Yousef’s story when he spoke at my church. amazing how Gods still, small voice can cut through the noisey static of the hatred and anger that we humans thrust on each other.

    “Joseph”, Thank you for Blessing us with your story!

  32. Mr. Yousef, I just got your book after watching your interview on CNN. You have inspired me so much!

    Thank you for standing up for forgiveness of your enemies, and for proclaiming that Christ alone is the key to that forgiveness. The message is so small, and yet so powerful. God is always working.

    I’ll be praying for your family and for your beloved people.

  33. I have just finished reading Son of Hamas. I have got to say it is one of the best books I have read. I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and it is a testimony of how amazing God is. It hurts my heart for all the precious people over there that are lost. It reminds me it doesn’t matter where you live or where you go there are always people who need the Lord. Mosab (Joseph) is an instrument of God. I’m praying for him and his family. There is so much more I would love to say but I don’t want to write a book. Lol. Thank you Mosab for telling God’s story. Be strong. You are never alone.

  34. Definitely enjoying the book. Thanks for following your convictions and courage. Your book brings out the human element of an ongoing struggle for many peoples to us who are so often far removed from such difficulties. Grace and peace to you.

  35. This is an incredible story! I read this in 3 days! The Lord has been revealing the heart of the Palestinian people to me over the last several months, and this book is definitely a big part of that revelation. My misconceptions about Palestinians and those in the Middle East in general have been shattered with the reality that they are truly victims of the propoganda and hate they are being taught. I pray on an ongoing basis for those in the Middle East and in Israel.

    I would recommend this book to everyone who has “ears to hear” and would pray for those who don’t that they would have the scales removed from their eyes.

    Thank you Mosab for your courage and strenghth in Christ! I will continue to pray for you and your message. God Bless You!

  36. I’ve got a copy of your book in Norwegian and I’m looking forward to read it! After what I’ve read of a few pages by now; Thanks, and may Jesus lead you on and bless you! 🙂

  37. Thank you! Thank you!

    I am praying for you brother.


  38. I read your book today. Just wanted to thank you for it. As you put forth the truth that lasting peace will only be found in Jesus i thought of my own country (Ireland). Although we pale in comparison to the Middle East.
    Praying for you and your people

    your brother because of Golgotha

  39. I have just bought your book and I have as yet only read your letter to your family, the victims of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and every human saved by the Lord. You are a hero of mine and I’m sad to read of your “loneliness and darkness”. Loving Jesus and His Truth does mean we are rejected by the world but with time you will be so blessed, I just know it. I don’t live in the U.S. but I watch many of their great ministers on pay television and I believe you’re in the best place for you right now – I think the spirit of Jesus Christ is the most alive in that country than most places.
    It is my great hope that your book is a brilliant success and I know you’re going to do many more great things for your people, Jesus and the world!

  40. Mosab, I just finished reading your book and I have to say that it is the best of books of its kind that I have read. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for being a great example for others to follow and I am now proud to be able to call you my brother in Christ.

    My best,


  41. love your story. its very inspiring. God always amazes me how he intricately weaves his plans together into such beauty from such turmoil .. how you were always in the palm of his hand since before you were born.. chosen to play a part go his plan. I want to be used by him I wonder where he’ll take me and what he has planned for my life.. God Bless you and thank you and God Bless your family.. Your father sounds like an amazing man. He hears your prayers. claim his promises as his child and I’m sure you’ll be blessed to see the salvation of many.. including those you love.

  42. It’s a good read, wise moves by Mosab and many great insights on the on-going conflict in the middle East. Will be praying for the book to open up many minds to Christ !

  43. I started this book last night and couldn’t put it down. Although I was there 2 years ago with a Church group. I had no idea what was really happening in Israel. What a blessing you did to write this book to open our eyes. I will pass this book along to my Christian friends.I pray God will keep you safe.
    God bless

  44. I have never followed the Palestinian/Israeli conflict very closely, but your story was a compelling page turner. I found myself in tears of joy, reading the last pages of your book. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you enjoy your new life here.

  45. Mosab,

    Thank you for your courage. I can only imagine the personal struggle you experienced and the sacrifices you’ve had to make to share your story. My husband is not an avid reader, but he couldn’t put your book down. It resonated with both of us since neither one of us were raised in the Christian faith. It IS scary to re-examine what you believe and why you believe it, especially when you discover internal conflict between what you’ve been taught and hold true by the people you love and what the renewing of your heart and mind through Christ’s love is opening your eyes to. Reading your story will not only help people better understand the nature and complexities of the conflicts in the Middle East, but it will also have a serious impact on people’s heart by providing a compassionate first-hand account of the fears, frustrations, and struggles of people on both sides of the fence.

  46. I have just finished reading your book. I bought it two days ago. The book gives a very clear insight of the problems in Israel. I visited Israel in 2008, I was with a Palistinian guide and saw many Palistinian Christians sites and developed a great love for the People. I also have a strong love for the Israelis and pray that both groups will indeed find the love of Jesus as you have found. I pray that you are safe and happy here in the states.

  47. I’m currently reasding your book. I love your story because of the God’s divine intervention.I’ll be praying for you, and your family, and Israel, and for many people to come to Jesus Christ.God bless you.

  48. Incredible insight. Incredible compassion. Incredible courage. Your book is the true blueprint for peace. There are two basic types of people in existence; those with compassion and those without. Christianity teaches love and promotes compassion. Islam teaches hatred and betrays compassion. Christianity is true. Islam is false. They are polar opposites. Secularists and other believers in the middle ground between need not agree with either to realize what they must: Christianity accomodates their existence, Islam does not.

    Because the Palestinian problem is now “Islamized” as you state on page 58, its reolution is both different in nature and more difficult than before. No longer about injustices real or imagined, or territories occupied or not, the addition problem at its core asks a basic question. Do people who reject Islam have a right to live or not?

    • Correction to 3-28-10 last sentence: No longer only about injustices real or imagined, or territories ocupied or not, the additional problem at its core asks a basic question: Do people who reject Islam have a right to live or not?

  49. Joseph,

    I just finished your book, and am very sad…. Since I couldn’t put it down, I finished it too quickly. I wanted to keep reading. مبروك You have been blessed!

    The wise purposes of our God are high above us, working out the good pleasure of His will, for His glory and our good. Thank you for your expressions of courage, and I thank God for the robust faith that you have been given. I will pray that He will supply every need in your new home.

    “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” (James 1:17)

    I welcome your correspondance.


  50. Great book and brave man. God Bless him.

  51. I have bought and read the book, it´s amazing and the courrage of the young man is a living testimony of what the true God can do in the heart and life of a seeking human being. God bless you

  52. I have bought and read the book, it´s amazing and the courage of the young man is a living testimony of what the true God can do in the heart and life of a seeking human being. God bless you

  53. This is a very intriguing book. Helps me to understand a little more clearly the mind sets in the middle east. It is hard to imagine outside of a miracle that there can be peace there. Of course if you know the Bible at all that is exactly what will have to happen. My heart goes out to Mosab and will have him in my prayers.

  54. I have only read the dedication, Word from the Author, and Preface, but am impressed so far.

    Growing up as one who has sought to follow Jesus (admittedly the attempts are often feeble at best – but He is gracious and faithful!) in an increasingly post-Christian nation – I say first of all that I, as an American, truly do not fully grasp what it means to profess believe in Jesus as Messiah. It is comfortable to be a Christian here. Perhaps becoming less mainstream, but still comfortable.

    And then into my comfortable little pond jumps a massive bear with very sharp teeth!

    When I first heard of this book, I was somewhat skeptical, thinking that perhaps this Mosab character was trading on ‘Christianity’ to garner some quick book sales. Which, I must confess, worked for me! However, from what little I have read thus far, my curiosity is most definitely piqued.

    Either Mosab is weaving an elaborate hoax, or he just might be certifiably crazy! And I find myself hoping that the latter is true.

    I want him to be as concerned, compassionate, and convicted in reality as my brief encounter with his book might indicate. I want him to be a believer because a story like that makes the transforming power of our Loving Creator so much more —- human.

    And it makes me his brother. And I want a brother like that.

    I look forward to reading more!

  55. Fascinating, heartbreaking and a must-read for anyone who thinks they have an opinion on the middle-east. Couldn’t put it down from the moment I started.
    Salaam to Mr Yousef.

  56. I want to say that I really enjoyed this book. I will recommend it to all my friends. Vern Waligora

  57. Salam Mr Mosab,

    Really I don’t know what to say. but I can’t understand your ideas.
    What I mean if Islam is not leading to peace ,but so Christianity also the same, 100’s of thousands of people killed on the hands of christian American army. and thousands of Palestinian are killed on the Jewish army, Why you were not two side spy to save life of both, 1400 people killed in gaza,WHY?
    I am sorry I don’t mean in any way to judge you, but really I need to understand, could you please explain for me a little bit.

    Thank you.

    • Ahmed, assalumu alaikum!

      Contrary to what you say, there is NO “Christian American army”. Why would you say such a thing other than to cause confusion? There is an American army, period. In NO way is Christianity or the Bible used to support what the army does.

      On the contrary, there IS muslim and quranic support for everything that Hamas and al Qaeda and other muslim terrorists do!

      We all need to understand…so could you explain it for me a little bit?

      • Contrary to what you say. Only a radical fringe element interpret the Quran and muslim text the way you do. If what you say is true then everyone who does not hold the same view as you is the subject of Jihad. If that is true, then you are making war against the world including other Muslims. If that is true then all the armies of the world should be aligned against, the radical, terroristic, individual who holds such views. Try a little love and forgiveness and maybe your understanding will be enlightened

  58. I just read Son Of Hamas. It was excellent. I could not put the book down. It was easy to read, and unravelled a lot of confusion for me regarding the war between Israel and the Palestinian people, the struggle of both sides, the sick use of women, children and cilvilians by leaders who only seek to maintain their positions of power and wealth. It was amazing. I recommend it to everyone. I grew to respect and love Mosab, his father and his family. My heart goes out to the families on both sides that just want to live normal lives. I rejoice in Jesus Christ work in Mosab’s life, that he has been transformed by the love of God in Christ Jesus. I will pray for him, his family and his people, continually. I pray the Lord uses his book and life story to free millions with the love of Christ in Israel, Palestine, throughout the Middle East, America and the world. I give his parents credit and praise for all the right things they did in raising this young man. There was a lot of love in his home and his father was an honorable man. I pray someday he will be our brother in Christ as well! Thank you Mosab for sharing your story. It greatly encouraged me in my journey of faith. It showed me the love of God, his mighty work in all the world and his redemptive plan for all people. Blessing to you my precious brother. Theresa

  59. Hi Mosab, just finished your book.
    What can I say, well done, great to see that the truth has set you free and I have no doubt that your Book will see many more exposed to the truth, and some set free.
    Who would have thought, then again we do serve a God who “calls things that are not as though they were” and here you are.

  60. Today, I read the book – it is a fascinating book, I could not stop reading it … it is not just a history lesson but also a great story how God worked in one mans life and changed it to overcome hate.
    Thank you God – and may He bless Mosab and his further way!

  61. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. I was glued to every page, and God spoke to my heart as I read. It’s no ordinary book; it’s a testimony to the faithfulness & grace of God. This man has sacrificed much to show his people the Way. Thank you Mosab. You bring honor to your family, even if they don’t yet see it. You bring honor to those you helped protect. But most of all, you bring honor to your Lord. May we continue to prove faithful.

  62. I loved “Son of Hamas” so much. It opened my eyes and heart even more to the Middle East. Thank you for it!
    God Bless

  63. Mosab has cut to the core with the truth that Christ’s “love” for our enemies is the solution to man’s problems. It is the only way to solve the Mideast crisis and it is the only way to solve the issues in the free world. I will pray for you brother Mosab. May the light shine through your life and may all Christians be inspired to live passion filled lives for Jesus Christ.

  64. I have just completed reading the book and then went back to reread these replies which I had read this morning. To my surprise I found that many of the replies had been deleted including the two that were in Arabic and the one that was attempting to present a positive view on Islam to counter the negative presentation of this religion as presented in the book. As another responder has already noted, I found some significant differences in how this book presents historical facts as compared to other reports. Specifically this discrepancy is related to Areal Sharon’s visit to the temple mount in Sept. 2000 which is associated with the 2nd Intifada. This leads me to wonder about the accuracy of other events as reported. All in all I found it to be helpful in contributing to my understanding of the events in the Middle East. One has to always be aware that any writer will view the situation from the limits of ones own experience and that the writer cannot speak for everyone. There is certainly much more that drives the events there beside the agendas of Hamas and the PLO, including Orthodox Jews’ motivation to resettle all of the “Holy Land” and the resultant political implications. In conclusion, I have to wonder about the motivation that led to eliminating the replies that I referred to above.

    • Garry, please tell all of us what the “discrepancy is related to Areal Sharon’s visit to the temple mount in Sept. 2000 which is associated with the 2nd Intifada.”?

      I have read the book and did not see anything inaccurate, so please enlighten us.

      Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount WAS used by the palestinians as a pretext to start the riots of the 2nd Intifada….but there are NUMEROUS documents that show they had it all planned ahead of time and were just looking for a pretext.

      We will all wait for you to let us know about the ‘discrepancies’!

  65. I just finished your book very good messeage that I hope everyone well have recvied which is Love is the only way to beat anything we should follow God greates comandment. Mosab I will continoue to pray for you.

  66. Your book Mosab opened my eyes to the plight of the Palestinians and the Jews like never before.

    Thanks for helping me to understand;just as you helped to save lives in the underground, this book will go undercover getting into places of darkness, where many are crying out to be set free.

    Your a rare kind of leader, but God has raised you up for this purpose. He will be your sure reward!

  67. I read your book just prior to Easter and I was again awe-struck by the power of the risen Lord. I pray each day that you will not get discouraged; that you will find the “peace that passes all understanding” even in the mist of your woes. I was saddened to hear that you will cannot become a US citizen.

  68. That’s the BIG BANGGGG book!!
    I appreciated your passion to create this book, among your civilization.. that’s risky to you, but with your braveness and your heart voice, you can found the truth of faith!
    GBU MHY ^^

  69. و من تكن برسول الله نصرته إن تلقه الأسد في آجامها تجمي

  70. So Dojj, for the rest of the readers who can’t understand what you wrote in you 4-17-10 post, would you please restate it in English if possible? Thanks.

  71. Shukran for sharing your story. It is compelling to read. Dear Mosab please be encouraged that sharing your story was not done in vain. Who knows what seeds have been planted in people’s hearts from the sharing of your story and what a harvest the Lord can bring.The word of God tells us in Revelations 12:11, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.” You share your testimony as you are called to do. I admire and respect you for that.
    be encouraged many love and pray for you your family and the Palestinian people.
    ” The Lord is not slow in keeping his word, as he seems to some, but he is waiting in mercy for you, not desiring the destruction of any, but that all may be turned from their evil ways.”2 Peter: 3:9

    a few words of mine :
    would it be alright if the words were written here would they disappear as if some thing was not wanting me to be transparent, that’s what people do when they’re in love you know they show all the secret parts within the heart the hidden places the other faces in you in me and of course didn’t you know that’s why you want to write this thing, but for what purpose what price? love that allows itself to be hurt vulnerable and rejected do you do that God should I? who would be strong then when the fragility of flesh is pierced is the gentleness fierce
    did you feel the price of free
    what if i was always transparent if you were would the world be able to handle the truth of ourselves in Him? would we recognize the face of transparent love then?


  72. Dear brother Mosab/Joseph, I read your book shortly after it was written and released and I was more informed about the Middle East situation.You are almost 32 years old and yet you have lived so much in such a short space of time,NO one in the West–(Unless they too are former Muslims who are now christians)–NO one can begin to comprehend just what kind of trail/ burden the Lord has asked you to bare.
    I keep you constantly at the fore front of my mind and in my thoughts and prayers.Know that God deeply LOVES you and is proud of you and has JOY in His heart for you.You DO NOT walk this burden alone, we are here for you and whatever you may need let us know,you never know who the Lord will use.I keep you, your family, and your people in my prayers daily.God WILL use “”Son of Hamas””to bring many “””…..unto salvation….””in Him. Know also, that God IS a Father to the FATHERLESS and WHEN YOUR MOTHER AND FATHER FORSAKE YOU, THEN THE LORD WILL TAKE YOU UP……God has you in a strong grip and He WILL never let you go.
    Thank you for being Transparent and you may not realize just how humble you are and that IS an AMAZING trademark of a folower of Jesus Christ.Knowing that you wrote “”Son of Hamas”” and telling the World that “””…This is HIS story,NOT mine….”””and NOT writing it to be rich or anything like that is an amazing spirit of humility.Many in the church today could NOT handle the burden that Christ has asked you to bare for Him and for His Name.
    Be Blessed my dear brother and know that we will always be here and support you and whatever you need,don’t be afraid to ask us for help.Some will be in a spot to help more then others but wecan all help in different degrees–praying,etc….
    Your sister in Christ,

  73. Could not put this book down, the facts were a little hard to follow &you have lived a lifetime in those 10 years. You and your family and the people over there must live in terror all the time. I pray that Jesus will warm your families hearts and allow them to know the peace you have found in the love of Christ. They are afraid to say anything other than what they have siad because they are in fear of their lives. Thank God you allowed the love of Christ to see you through the bad times, God Bless all

  74. Awesome insight into the middle east and an eye opening read on many levels. Many times in the United States we are so insulated and separated from the goings on in our world. The book helped me to understand much more than just the angle we are shown regularly.I pray that all the world’s people will see all sides and learn to be more tolerant and open to each other. There is only one God and we all await the day he allows us to see his full true image and the plans he has for us all. God bless you.

  75. Hello,joseph i have not read your book yet but i saw your interview on amanpour.what u said about the lsraelis and the palestinians are the fact,i don’t know about the spy work question to you is,since you are now a born-again xtain, the holy land who do you think it should belong to.

  76. Joseph, Your story is incredible. I had to check the internet to confirm your story was true and your Father and family existed. I am so sorry for your loss. You KNOW in the depths of of their hearts that they still love you completely. You’ll realize how much that’s true when you have children. As you say, they have no choice but to disown you and remain alive.
    I have many questions about the whole Palestine/Israel question. You’ve broadened my understanding enormously. I had no idea the Israeli’s participated in torture and had such vile prisons. I’d read many of the recent books by muslims who are speaking out. I have many American Jewish friends who feel we american Christians are trying to “help” too much in supporting Israel. I’d love to know your thoughts on that.
    I love your focus on Jesus who came to you and not so much on “Christianity”. May God give you his comfort and peace. May you laugh again and experience joy. Yes, it can’t be full until he brings your family into his light. Stranger things have happened. God Bless

  77. Thank you for bringing knowledge to life in a country many Americans see as mysterious and brutal. I couldn’t put the book down I for one appreciate your love for a people in need of the true knowledge of the LORD’s Love. We are praying for you and will continue to do so your brother in CHRIST.

  78. Mosab,
    I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for your testimony. I know you battle with loneliness … understandably … I too have a powerful testimony (a non-comparison to you) and share my heart openly at my personal blog … I pray you visit … regardless … May God continue to keep you and give you peace. Love, Mary

  79. Dear Mosab,
    commented 2 weeks ago, obviously it didn’t work. Again I hope you had a blessed birthday yesterday. Again I want to tell you that the Lord is on your side, who shall be against you then? He is your strong tower and your mighty fortress. Wish you a very good time and that the plans the Lord Jesus has for your live will be fullfilled at its due time.
    Thank you my brother in Christ that you dared to write this important book and make yourself vulnerable and paid this high price to leave everything and everybody behind you for the sake of Christ.
    Lots of blessings, strength, joy and peace from our Lord!!

  80. Dear Mosab…
    What happen with your Facebook? did you close it? cause it disappeared..

  81. Dear Mosab,
    Reading your great book was heart warming as well as so sad.
    It’s so hard to understand why people can’t or won’t search for the truth.
    The book however, has changed my ideas about the eastern countries and the Palestinian people’s way of life and why. I’m sure that they feel that there is no hope for them and they just go with the flow. What other choices do they have?
    You are the fortunate one to be able to see where the hope is in Jesus and how he can heal our hearts and forgive us of our sins for the eternal life that He offers anyone that would come to him.
    Still, I pray for you. Your safety as well as helping your hurting heart……. God Love you

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