Son of Hamas

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Son of Hamas

by Mosab Hassan Yousef

Tyndale House Publishers

  1. hi mosab 🙂 my name is aviel and i aJournalist of ‘ynet’ ( the bigest internt website news in israel. we whant to Interview you as soon as you can, please give me aphone namber to coonect with you. you can find my also in
    thank u! 🙂

  2. My friend Joseph just like his Savior was on a mission to save lives.


    • Do you kiss your mother with the mouth that such lanquage came out of. Such language speaks much of the person who spoke it. God will judge such an individual. Pray that it is a Christian God and not the Muslim one.

    • Our Lord Isa Masih (Jesus Christ) said in the Injeel, “But the things that comes out of the mouth come from the heart, and these make a man ‘unclean’.” Matthew 15.18
      So by your own words you have proven what Mosab says to be true. That if what you say represents the god of Islam, that indeed it is murder and terrorism. May you find the love of Isa Masih.

  4. God Bless you Son

  5. Mosab…. May the Lord Jesus Christ Bless you. Remember Fear No man for the Father is with you!!! May God protect you as you share his word…. God Bless

  6. Dear Mosab,
    I am a sabra. I was born in Haifa in 1937, so I know that you made a mistake on page 10 of your book. “The Arab coalition was outnumbered and outgunned.”
    At the height of the 1948 War, Israel’s army numbered 100,000.
    How many troops di the Arab coalition have?

    • The ratio was like 10-1…Ruth you are right 🙂 I saw the same thing. There are a few other things like it in the book…but, no one is perfect

  7. Any plans for a book tour?

  8. Mosab,

    I just went to the bookstore, Border’s, to get your book. They were sold out, so I will try another store tomorrow. I am very interested in hearing your story and seeing what you say about the “Muslim Brotherhood”. I just finished “Muslim Mafia”, which concetrates on C.A.I.R. and the Muslim Brotherhood. Another very interesting book I am reading is “The Islamic Anti-Christ”. If you have not read these, you must.

    I am a Christian, raised in a Christian home, loving parents, had a wonderful childhood and my college days I tried to rationalize God out of my life. But by His love and grace, He never gave up on me or left me. Remember, no matter how bad things get, He is always there with you. He is your best friend and loves you very much. He does not promise the way will be easy – many times it is just the opposite.

    The only thing we are going to take to heaven with us are the people that we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with and that receive the free gift of eternal life. I have so much respect for you for your courage to put the eternal well being of others, before your own. I pray that God will give me such courage and love no matter how difficult things get. There is no greater love according to scripture.

    I thank our Father in Heaven for preparing your heart to receive the truth. I thank Him for the people responsible for getting the gospel of Jesus to you. And, I know the Lord will use you in a mighty way to reach a large number of Muslims throughout the world with the truth. Would not it be wonderful if God uses you to bring your father and entire family to a saving knowledge of His love and grace. I will be praying for you daily.

    Here is a great resource that has made a big difference in my Christian walk. Hank Hanegraaff, “The Bible Answer Man” at There is none better in answering any questions you may have about the Bible.

    My God bless your mission to reach the lost,

    Your brother in Christ,

    Rick Holloway

  9. Thankyou for giving us your story and what really goes on in the Middle East. Now when I read the news I see it in a new light. Its amazing what God is doing but here in the western world its hard to see it. Thankyou again for your courage and sacrifice.


  10. I bought this book on Saturday and had it completely read by Sunday. This book is riveting – I could not put it down. Mosab Yousef’s story is a MUST read for anyone who seriously wants to understand the Mideast and the impact of ISLAM in the everyday events of Palestine and Israel. The book shows how ineffective the policies of the United States and other countries are in trying to resolve the problems. Mosab’s description of his people shows them to be decent and honorable human beings who have been manipulated by everyone to include their own leaders. My heart reaches out to his father, mother and bothers/sisters. Read this book and understand that there are no military or political solutions in the Mideast. Only forgiveness, prayer and love will ever end the seemingly endless bloodshed. Read this book and then recommend it to everyone you see.

  11. Both in Son of Hamas and in his various interviews (Fox, Fox News, WSJ…) Mosab speaks with unparalled authority and moral clarity.

    Mosab’s actions and perspectives reveals that there are virtually no voices with the right message in international politics.

  12. I had to go to a couple bookstores to get Mosab,s book. I bought it Friday night and finished it this morning during my break at work. I always wondered what the difference between Hamas and the PLO was. I have an understanding of the issues within the Palestinian people themselves as well as the Israeli’s. The book is amazing and incredibly insightful. God Bless Mosab’s courage.

  13. Hi my name is Alian Collazo and I am 14 years old would just like to congratulate Mr.Mosab for publishing his story and sharing it with the public. I am not originally from America but i came to the USA when i was 6 with my family searching for the same thing that Musab was searching for freedom. The book was very different then i thought it world be I first heard about it on CNN’s Christian Amanpour show and i immediately thought it would be interesting and bought it at the local book store. It turned out to be more than interesting and it was really just great. Well again I would just like to congratulate Mr. Musab for having the courage that he had and publishing this book so that people all over the world can realize that we need to all think about peace and love each other more.

  14. Hi Mosab,

    I knew nothing about you until I saw only two interviews on YouTube recently… first by Sean Hannity and then Christiane Amanpour. After the Amanpour interview, I found the FOX program about your political and spiritual journey.

    I felt that I got to know you after the Amanpour interview, and I decided to buy your book, Son of Hamas, after listening to your heartfelt words to Christiane about the heart of the problem in Islam is Allah himself, and the solution to hate is to “love your enemies” as Jesus said. (I bought the book today, and found your website and blog link.)

    Wow, what a “testimony” about a life dedicated to the 7th century Crescent Moon God of the Arabian Peninsula, loyalty to Muhammad and the Qur’an and a process of conversion to the God of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac, Jacob (… renamed Israel), Joseph, Moses, David and ultimately loyalty to Jesus… the visible expression of “love” that got your hearts attention.


    Mosab, you are definitely an original and unique person. In a way, you remind me of the apostle Paul, a Jewish scholar and fanatic in defense of Israel and the Torah, who became THE apostle to the Gentiles… us.

    Mosab, in the interview with Amanpour, you said you memorized half of the Qur’an, so your reference to Allah as the heart of the problem of supremacist Islam is based on understanding the Arabic of the Qur’an, not just a translation of the Arabic.

    I trust your declarative and definitive statement about Allah. This indicates to me that you “KNOW” Allah in a way that only an intimate “KNOWS” anything… you know the God, the culture, the people, the words, the nuance… the implication.

    “God is with me…” are your last words in the shortened interview with Christiane Amanpour in the video that I saw on YouTube…

    I, as well as many other Christians that you probably will never meet this side of the resurrection hold out the hand of friendship and ask God to please bless, you Mosab Hassan Yousef, and your book, your words, your insight about the essence of Islam and Allah… and maybe, just maybe, the dhimmis in the U.S. State Department will learn who the ideological enemy of freedom is… not Islam or the Moslem people, it’s Allah himself.

    Whether you live a long life or a life shortened by those who are united in hate against all who will not submit to Allah, we look forward to the day when we all will see you Mosab at the resurrection.

    God willing.


  15. The story is incredible, and is very diffilt for me understood why stay with a person who kill innocents? Why now Mosab speaks about this thru? Why choose US?

  16. I’ve been praying for you Mosab since I first heard of you several months ago. Our Lord Jesus Christ fill your heart contiually and preserve you for His glory.I’m about 1/3 through your book, sad to see the many abusive treatments of fellow human beings.I rejoice the LIGHT of the World has shed His Light into your heart!!! (2Corinthians 4: 3-7)And I am glad to join you in prayer for your family. I’m so glad of your deep respect and affection for your father. Love in Christ, LeMoine Smith

  17. My dear brother in Christ. I just finished reading your new book. I could not put it down. It’s almost unbelieveable. But I know that your spoke the truth. I just wanted you to know that my prayers are with you. praying ps.91 over you. praying for your families salvation. May God bless you greatly. I am recommending your book to everyone I know. Sincerely, Mrs. Scott

  18. just finished this book….absolutely facinating….finally,
    someone helps everyday americans better understand this horrible terror
    in the middle east….thank you Mr. Yousef

  19. thank you for writing your book. We couldn’t put it down. We will pray for you as you figure out your next steps.

  20. Dear Joseph,

    Thank you for your encouraging testimomny on the 700 club with Pat Robertson. I have had the opportunity on many occasions to witness to and speak with Muslim about Jesus, and I was so glad to hear that as a Christian you believe that he is the answer for the terror and strife going on in the middle east.

    Recently I had the opportunity to give a book called 23 Minutes in Hell to a young woman who grew spent her early life in Iran and Pakidstan and then came here to the U.S. She sold my wife and I some life insurance, but I felt so let to give her this book and try to share with her how much God loves her, and how Jesus died on the cross for her. When I gave her the book I found out that she was actually very interested in stories of people who have had life after death experiences, so I hope and pray that for Bree this book will lead her to faith in Jesus Christ.

    I hope that you continue to serve and glorify the name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Most Sincerely,

    Todd Warren

  21. Incredible read. I could not put it down. It was amazing to relive the history and know that God was working His plan to protect Mosab and so many others from such human agony that unfortunately continues to this day. Thanks for sharing with us Mosab and for lifting up the true God for the whole world to see. May God’s blessing and continued protection surround you!

  22. I was so intrigued and gripped by this book. I couldn’t put it down. I think it is such an important book in so many ways. First it puts a real and very human face on people that the West only think of as crazed terrorists. Secondly, it shows how powerful that love and more importantly the love of Jesus is to be able to break through to a man who was quickly on his way to becoming a terrorist himself and full of hatred. Thirdly, it gives important insight into Islamic beliefs and thinking. I was moved to tears many times throughout the book. I can only say thank you, Mosab, for being courageous enough to write this book and go through all that you did to get to this point. You are now certainly in my prayers and my heart and if I don’t ever meet you here on this earth I am thankful that we will meet someday in heaven. I will also be praying for your family to believe in Jesus as well. May the Lord continue to bless your faithfulness!

  23. Dear Yousef,
    I just received your book today; I could feel the presence of God as I reached across the counter for this book. Already in my spirit & heart the weeping has begun before I have even finished with the first page, but I don’t believe they are just my tears they are God’s too. I have understood the finished work of the cross for many years now, and my heart has always broke for the Palestinians and the Jewish people because I knew God Jesus died for both nations of people on the cross. All sin has been forgiven on the cross,past present and future John 1:29 even for the suicide bombers, even for the courageous soldier who is sincere for his country. My son was over in the middle east from 2003-2007 serving what he thought was best in helping to protect his country, yet war nonetheless took an innocent 17 year old boy and turned him into a trained killer. Like you Jesus revealed himself to my son, just a couple of months before he would be sentenced to 25 years in prison here in America.
    I love what you said about God being your father now. I have told my son that since he was a little boy, however I did not think it would have to take 3 wars in the middle east and a 25 year prison sentence here in America.
    Isaiah 45:11 says, “Ask me of things to come concerning my sons, commit to me the work of my hands”
    If you read that in different translations in some it is actually posed as a question, God is saying , “You are questioning me about the work of my hands?!
    Within my own 3 sons I saw 2 nations at war….and often questioned God as to why it had to be this way.
    I have learned his sovereignty, and to realize that one day we will know the answers to all the questions but for now we Trust, because that is the faith walk that he called the Seed of Abraham to walk-The children of Faith.
    …Your story when I watched it on the 700 club touched me like very few stories, and I couldn’t help but see a parallel between your son’s story and mine, although I realize there are many differences. God told me my son’s story would be like that of Isaac’s and Joseph’s of the old testament, he has been sent to prison to share the gospel and save many. You see my son is Native American, from a long line of Choctaws fullblood. They are an unreached group here in America.
    Your story gives me hope and I plan on sending my son a copy this week while in prison. I know he will pass it around to bless others. I lvoe what you said about when someone aske if you were trying to make converts, and you said, I am not trying to convert people, I am offering a Gift; Jesus”
    My son said that to me last time I saw him in prison, not in those words but he said, “Mom if people will just start sharing Jesus, that will change the heart, Just share Jesus, Christians need to quit talking doctrine, Just share Jesus”
    What he said and how he said it pierced my heart, but I knew it was truth. Yousef, I will pray for you like my son, because God has placed you on my heart to pray for, One day he will wipe away all tears and explain, You are his beloved son, and a warrior for Christ, and God will continue to give you remarkable peace in the midst of the finality of this war, because the Prince of Peace is about to reveal himself to all mankind, and all will bow and call him Lord, how blessed we are to be called in advance!
    Blessings, Cynthia

  24. I think you have a very skewed vision of the truth. You described in your book the actions of Hamas members against each other and found a “different side” to Islam. You are confused, it is not a different side of Islam that you saw. What you saw were MUSLIMS who behaved in different ways. There are Muslims who are good people such as your father, and there are others who behave in horirble ways. It is not the religion that has two different sides. You cannot just base the whole religion on the actions of people who hold the name of “Muslims”. Also, I find it very hypocritical the way you describe your relationship with your father and how you thought of him as a saint basically to only convert to christianity and be a spy for the Israelis basically killing your father on the inside. I think you need to think about your views about religion and the world because it is very unstable. You converted to Christianity, good for you, everyone should do what they feel is best for them. However, im sorry to burst your bubble but Christianity is not a religion that is complete and there are many Christians who are evil people as well. Again, it doesn’t have to do with the religion itself, it has do to with those people and their actions.

    • Yara, you accuratle stated that some Christians are not good people. I call them Christians in name only but not in deeds. They are frauds not true believers. The same can be said of some Muslims. Some are good and some are bad. In Muslim theology one must earn their way into heaven. They must work their entire life to do this and do that, all the while never knowing if they have been good enough to make it into heaven. The God of Islam is one always looking to punish you for your sins. Always threatening you if you don’t do everything just right. Have you ever studied what it means to be a Christian? Have you ever learned about the God of the Bible? To know only one side of an arguement is to be unstable. To be critical of something you do not understand is called bigotry. Try studying the Bible before you criticize. I have studied the Quran and the Bible. I chose a savior rather than a sinner.

  25. Great book, an amazing read couldn’t put it down. I learned so much about the conflict in the middle east and sadly how hopless it seems. Also how great the love of Jesus is

  26. I just read this great book after getting it at a book store a few hours ago.I just couldn’t put it down.It is absolutely riveting and tells it like it is.I hope if Mosab reads this he lives a very long and happy life in america.Thanks

  27. Wow! I just finished the book. Amazing. I have followed the Palestinian/Israeli conflict for some time. Some in America always felt that Arafat was a pure terrorist and this book confirms it. He was more about Arafat than anything else. What I learned was that the Palestinians are more disorganized than I knew, and very splintered in their military attempts, while the Isralies are the opposite. How can they ever win against Israel unless they do so politically? Thank you Mr. Yousef for a pasionate, honest book. It’s probably the only book I’ve read in a long time that I thought was completely truthful. Good luck on your spiritual journey!

  28. Thank you so much for sharing your personal story and increasing my faith. i have encouraged many others to read your book. Please don’t become disillusioned with Christianity when u begin to see all of our flaws and failures. We follow a perfect God and his son. that is all that matters. may God continue to bless your efforts, ministry and life. we will pray for your family too.. i know it must be so hard to take the stand you have taken. it motivates me to not complain about my small struggles.

  29. Mosab,I will be praying for you that God will continue to give you courage and strength to reach out to your people.

  30. I’m reading the book now and will keep Mosab in my prayers. He his a true warrior for the Lord! I pray there will be more and that his story will open the hearts and minds of non believers around the world!

  31. Fantastic book, I thoroughly recommend it. I couldn’t put it down!

  32. After reading some of your book and seeing your interview on CNN I felt compelled to write you. I was very impressed with your straight forward and honest way of describing your experience. I was especially moved by your love for the teaching of Jesus. You mentioned in your book you were still learning about the bible. Based on your love of the verses (ex. love your enemies and treating others as you would yourself) I am asking you to please walk into any Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses which can be found in over 200 lands and ask them for a free bible study. There are no contributions taken at any of our meetings. We have no paid clergy just people who volunteer their personal time for free. Walk up to any of our brothers and ask them if any Jehovah’ Witness have ever took up arms and killed for their country? Ask them if they have every killed any Jew, Muslim or Christian? The answer will be no. Then ask them for proof of this. Ask them about our German brothers in Nazi Germany who instead of signing a paper and joining Hitlers fight to be released from concentration camps they chose death rather then take part in political wars. We are truly following the footsteps of Jesus who said : Those who live by the sword die by the sword. (Matthew 26:50-52) And we are learning war no more in the literal sense. (Isaiah 2:4) Not that our brothers are cowards because they have chosen imprisonment (ex: South Korea- many of our brothers are in prison now because they refuse to fight) or death. Jesus said his followers would be no part of the world. Read the account John 6:14,15 here some of the Jews wanted Jesus to be king (a political representative for them) he refused and withdrew quickly because he knew they were about to seize him. There are experiences from our Syrian brothers and from Lebanon who have also remained neutral in such politically conflicted areas. We support God’s Kingdom (Matthew 6:9,10) as the only lasting Government that will take place in Heaven and on Earth in the future. This can all be explained from the bible. We use the bible as a whole and we are peaceful law-abiding citizens unless we are asked to kill in wars or stop preaching about Jehovah and Jesus Christ his son in which case we don’t raise arms and kill but our refusal to comply with these two things have led to imprisonment and execution. So please at least give Jehovah’s people a chance to show you how you can follow Jesus steps completely not only when it serves our purposes. Most people who walk into the kingdom hall are truly impressed with the warm and friendly atmosphere so please try to do this. No collections of any kind are taken. My prayers are with you and your journey to learn about Jesus.

  33. ‘Sin of Hamas ‘ could also be an appropriate title.
    Yet,the greatness of that young man cannot be minimised.
    Realistically speaking , his example is too hard for any paleatinian young man to follow.

  34. Just finished the book. Praise be to God!! Thank you – and may the Lord bless you and keep you. May you continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus – the Christ. He said, “Peace I give you – not as the world (Satan’s realm) gives. In the world you will have trouble but take heart – I have overcome the world”. May The Lord continue to strengthen you and give you peace

  35. Mosab, Your story is amazing!!! I could not put your book down! Intrigue, espianage, betrayal, torture, truth, the love of God, the Lordship of Jesus Christ… what an amazing life, what a powerful story so well written! Thank you for your courage to follow Jesus, write this account and give hope to the world! I have followed events in the middle east for decades, including participation in the Gulf War. My experience with Islam has been very, very negative… like yours, I have seen the hypocracy up close and in person. Yet I know how strong the cultural forces are to remain. I salute your courage to choose truth over culture, family or ease. I first heard of your book on your interview with Sean Hannity and then with the excerpt in the Wall Street Journal. Absolutely fascinating and EXACTLY what the world needs to hear for true solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

    God bless you, my brother! I await further developments from you. I pray for your safety as I know it is now in jeapardy. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified through us! Matt Coombs 3/21/10

  36. Mosab, Your book has provided me with valuable insight to the Mid East conflict in which I have had interest for many years. As I am near your father’s age and a student of the bible myself, historical and present day Jerusalem, Israel, and the region hold special places of interest in my heart and mind. I have prayed for the peace of Jerusalem in the past and will continue to do so. Your courage is inspirational to me and I will pray for you also my brother.

  37. You dear sweet Man. I am so sorry that your Father and family have disowned you. Listen, I am an African-American woman. I am not Christian. As a matter of fact, I am a Jew. I just need for you to know that I look up to you for your faith and love for your beliefs. I am not old enough to be your parent but if I were….I would open my arms and soul to you and would be proud to call you my family, Mr. Yousef.

    I do love you! Please know this and be blessed!!

  38. Just finished the book. It was very insightful. Hoping that eyes are opened and hearts filled with the only hope, Jesus, who loves all people. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

  39. Hello Mosab. I enjoyed your book. It really gave me clarity and empathy in regard to the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. I have followed international politics for year, specifically the Middle East. It was very informative and very enlightening to see Arabs and Jews in such a different light. Thank you very much for writing the book. Everyone should read it. I am recommending it to all of my friends.

    Your book also opened my heart and renewed my faith that God is everywhere and can do anything! It warms my heart to know God is so present in all of our lives at all times.

    Best of luck in your Christian walk, Jesus will not disappoint you.
    Cindy Dunn

  40. May the Lord God of Glory our King and Saviour Christ Jesus use you to glorify HIM!!!

  41. May God’s love be with you always. I just finished listening to chapter 1 audio. It is heart wrenching. I will purchase your book and read the whole story. It is easy to see on your face that you have had a hard life. I pray that God will strengthen your faith and hope and guide you in your pursuit of a greater understanding of what Jesus is all about. Thank you for sharing. I wish we could meet someday.

  42. Very interesting book. Enjoyed reading it.

  43. Sir i have read your novel fact i read it in one day couldn’t put it down than i had to reread it it is a very compeling story of truth and honor and strenth, i commend you sir your a very brave honorable person thank you for your story Edward Allen

  44. Hello, Just want to say I saw you “Amanpour’s program”. God bless you!! Thank you for telling your story!! I just bought your book and can’t wait to read it. You are an inspiration! In His love, Leigh Stevens

  45. Was this book worth discovering the lack of love for you over your families love of the Q’uran and it’s approval of murdering you????

    • That is not a logical statement. It is love that compelled him to embrace Christ, the one who died for him. And it is the realization that the Q’uran teaches murder that pushed him away from it. I am not angry at your post; I sincerely hope that you come to understand, just as he did.

  46. I’m gonna go tomorrow to my Wallmart and buy your book. I will read it and give it to all my coworkers and family members to read.

  47. Dear Brother Mosab,
    Thank you for telling your story. I am glad I bought your book. It helped so much to understand the human tragedy that you revealed. More importantly, it reminds me that there are no “sides” to take, only the side of love and forgiveness as expressed by Jesus. I will do as you asked; that is, pray for you, your family, and the Palestinian people, as well as, Israel. I signed up on your email list and look forward to receiving news of you. In His Love and Peace, Jeff H.

  48. Very informative book. Gained significant insight into the complexity of the situation in the middle east, especially Iarael and the Palestinains. I certainly believe Mosab Yousef has put his finger spot-on the solution to the world’s problems. I hope I do run into him so day and can share a cup of coffee or a meal. He is courageously honest.

  49. Hello!

    I’ve been reading your book and it’s been eye opening considering I’m American about the same age you are. I had to find my way back to Christ after a work accident left me quadriplegic. Recently, my brother converted to Islam, so I sought information on those who are muslim and convert to christianity and came across your story on youtube. To delve further, I looked at your church website, and it is indeed legit! Bible based and not sensationalist. I praise God for this as the church is in so much darkness these days. I know thinks are hard for you. Things are hard for me, living in a nursing home, not having control of my body. But reading about your experience in prison, Mosab, I thank God for your testimony often and I am spreading the news and I pray for your protection, guidance, discernment.

    You describe Islam as a ladder which was like the missing piece of the puzzle because most Muslims are not extremists and yet the eradication of Jews is essential to Islam. This is news to me and I’m not sure if my brother gets this or many other Americans. I pray that you stand strong in the faith and put on the full armor of God. Lord Bless you and take care,


  50. Mosab,

    Thank you so much for writing this book. You have helped me to understand the Muslim faith and the followers of Islam. I have debated Imams before and still have not been able to understand the motivation of their faith, but through this book, I have been given a better understanding than ever before. I, like you do not wish to put them down or savage their beliefs, but I do want them to know the peace that passes all understanding that comes only through Christ Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

    You have had a truly amazing life, but in the midst of it all, I find most amazing the grace of our Savior and God, Jesus Christ who has redeemed both you and me. As a man, I am touched by your love and devotion to your father. He sounds like a wise and kind man who has been blinded by his world and his religion, may the Holy Spirit cause him to see clearly.

    I will continue to pray for you, your father, the family and people that you love back in the Middle East.

    God’s Peace as we remember the death and resurrection of our Savior in this Lent and Easter season!

    Your Brother in Christ

  51. I just read your book, I’m glad you didn’t wait to become a “well learned Christian” to write it. I think that the courage of a new believer is all over you.I had been asking God to show me a radical conversion and soon after I heard of your book. Hope to see a film.

    See you in heaven.

  52. Reading your book and what a read ! Heard you at a conference in USA and telling folks over here in Scotland about your book. Half way through your book so far and will post another comment when I complete it.

  53. May the Lord bless you and grow you my brother in Christ. Blessings from New Zealand.

    Please look up the Caner brothers on the internet — they also are converts from Islam, and now great Christian men 🙂

  54. A must read for ALL living the conflict, and for those who wish to understand it.

    After watching the CNN International story and interview with Mosab Hassan Yousef, I could hardly wait for the book to come out. I have been to Israel with the purpose of observing the US-Israeli partnership from both a political and military standpoint, and had the pleasure of observing life there while tapping into the origins of my Christian faith and religion. It is one thing to be there in a relatively safe tourist’s world and another to live within the West Bank and Gaza and nearby areas in Israel. Though I will never know what it is like to live the struggle on a daily basis, I am thankful for the chance to look through Mosab’s eyes to see more of the Palestinian side that I was not able to.

    Call it personal interpretation, call it one man’s view or vigilantism, I believe that the large part of the world would agree with Mosab’s discernment between good and evil, and would praise him for his actions in preserving innocent lives, both Palestinian and Israeli. It can be argued that his aid to Shin Bet in capturing(not even killing)would be suicide bombers, prevented harm to Israeli civilians, and in turn prevented retaliatory Israeli responses which would have likely been of equal or greater magnitude.

    While some may call him a traitor and great disappointment, others see him as s great hero for standing up to radicalized blood seekers (his father and friends) in the name of humanity. I marvel at how difficult that must have been for him to go against the grain of his culture, family and religion, and to go through a personal and religious transformation while continually fearing for his life and for those of loved ones. Amidst my sympathy, and growing understanding of the regional troubles, I wish that both Palestinians and Israelis alike may have the courage and moral fortitude to let their individual passion for cause allow them to move beyond history’s looming shadow so that they may, like Mosab, may find their own truth and way to move toward peace and personal contentedness. Be different, inspire change, don’t settle for the way things are now. Nothing is impossible.

    To Mosab: You are a pioneer and a breath of fresh air in the long and frustrating search for peace in the region. Not only is your story inspiring, but a testament of true courage and passion and is proof that we are all capable of change despite what in some cases, may be impossible odds. I pray that God will keep you safe from those who mean harm, and that you will continue to show people around the world what it means to be open to new paths and that their decisions may lead to a brighter tomorrow.


  55. Hey Mosab,
    I heard about your story on the internet and just wanted to let you know that it has really inspired me as a fellow Christian. I pray that God opens the eyes of others in the middle east to Jesus through you. God bless you bro.

    PS check out this video of an arab Church in Israel

  56. Hello Mosab.
    Just finished reading your book. Thank you.
    I was born into a Christianity ,discovered my Jewish roots later in my life. Lived in
    Israel for 20 years, in Haifa. Living in California now for 38 Y’s I am not religious
    person but I do believe in God , and treasure the awareness of God existence daily. I am
    praying to God ,for keeping you and your family safe and to heal the wounds of all those
    victimized by this tragic Middle East conflict. And I do pray that one day, our
    people, Palestinians and Jews will find a way to restore sanity to this land. Thank you
    again for writing this book. And good luck to you in America or wherever you are.
    Arnon Drozd

  57. Your book was very interesting. I’m glad to have a perspective that tells it like it is for the Palestinian as well as Israel. I rejoice to see how the Holy Bible increasingly worked in your conscience.Hell is too late to awake to having followed wrong teaching.
    El Menor

  58. I heard you this morning on Dennis Miller. You are an inspiration and a truth-teller. I saw the hour long special on Fox News last year and am so happy you wrote a book. I will recommend it to everyone I know.
    Thank you.

  59. Mosab, I brought your book to getan insight into the “ISSUE” of Israel and the Palestinian people. Since I was always been a fervent adherent of Israel, I wanted to know the “issue” from a Palestinian point of view; But as a Christian I loved both Israelies and Palestinians. I tell you I could not put the book down, FINALLY!, I could understand the “issue”. I always knew that the fight was not about land but about God, but I could not comprehend what the whole “issue” meant and why it define Palestinians & Israelies. But now thanks to you I can. I felt for you and your family during all those trying times. I finally got a sense of what is to be a Pelestinian in Israel. I felt for the Israelies that don’t have a land where they can feel secure, its like Germany all over again. But what your book had that was unexpected; its all the love, and pure Christianity that is missing so much in the USA. You made me cry many times while reading your book, its so inspirational. I pray for you and your family and I hope your Dad is free soon & I pray that he receives the Lord Jesus Christ in his heart like you did, and I pray for the peace of Israel. GREAT BOOK!!! THANKS

  60. it is a great book. very gripping and inspiring. My one complaint is that there a lot of historical inaccuracies regarding the refuges from 1948 as well as 1967. The Israelis begged the arabs not to leave. the arab leaders were insisting for everyone to leave so they can carpet bomb all the cities. Also the author mentions that in 48′ the egyptians were outnumbered by the Israelis and that ten thousand egyptians invaded. This is completely incorrect history as all reliable history sources will show. Either way the book was fascinating and thank you for your role in saving human lives.

  61. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You Mosab!
    I have seen you on Fox with Sean Hannity.
    I heard you by radio last wkend (April 10th, 2010) from the Harvest prophecy conference while sitting here in Albuquerque.
    My heart does go out to you with your family and friends that feel betrayed. You are a burden on my heart for prayer and I will continue to pray for His Peace and Love to fill your heart and soul during this difficult time. It is a blessing and a curse for you. I benefit from it to want to know more about the Middle East situation. BUT, for you, even though it took great courage to write this book, you are having to pay a great price for it.

    Thank you and I will pray for your family and friends to have the blinders taken from their eyes to see who the God of Love is in your heart.

  62. God Bless You Mosab

  63. I saw your interview with CNN. I’m in the middle of reading your book. I think the book is a great read. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also come from a country torn by extreme poverty, but I thank the Lord every second that he has blessed me with better living conditions. What I’m trying to say is a majority of people in this world, wouldn’t come close to understanding the complexities of the islamic world. Either they will hate you or they will see you as a hero. The truth is well..the world is never that simple. I am also a mixture of different civilisations..though i have not experienced the extreme conditions that you have…but i just want to say, I understand where you’re coming from, and where you are headed…its a tough road..

  64. You have lost your family but you have gained eternal life, peace with God, forgiveness of sins,this should be our deep happiness. Trust Him and He will sustain you.

  65. Hello Mosab,
    My name is Tomer, I’m 34, I live with my wife and 2 kids in Haifa. I don’t want to talk about your past, and what the Israeli society and Palestinian society owns you. Others in this post have done it well. I’ll just say that you have given us young Israelis some hope that things can change in this crazy place, Thanks!
    I want to talk about the future. I believe you have a calling, I believe that your job in history is to save countless lives, I believe you should not spend the rest of your life running, but rather have a significant place in the history of the middle east.
    I’m sorry to say that Israeli and Arab leaders have not had the courage in the last 15 years to move forward in the peace process. The last real leaders where PM Rabin, and king Hussein.
    Countless mistakes where made by Israeli leaders the past years. The continued Jewish settling of the west bank will make it ever more hard to establish a reasonable solution. I’m a combat officer in the IDF, and in reserve, when a serve in the west bank, I see how the settlements are entangled between Palestinian villages, and how it will be difficult to draw a line. Another example, the flotilla. Israel could not let the ships reach Gaza, our boys where attacked ruthlessly, but why did we have to play into the transparent propaganda trap the Hamas set for us? Couldn’t we have stopped them more wisely? It does not matter how much footage of the terrorists preparing to attack and attacking we put on YouTube, the damage has been done, and the Hamas achieved their goal of humiliating us, everyone is playing along.
    What all sides need is a wise middleman , and lots of guts. You can’t do much about the guts, BUT, you can make the middleman wiser.
    Since his rise to power, Pres. Obama has made all the possible mistakes that can be made in the middle-east conflict. It seems he lacks the middle-east street wisdom needed to jump-start the peace process, it seems that all his consultants are yellow (meaning what eastern Israelis call western Israeli, Not cowards).
    What he needs is someone close to commentate on the side lines, some one that understands the moves, the players, some one from that mentality. I believe his intentions are sincere, I believe he can move things if he just knew how. Mitchell in the lights, you in the shadow (nothing new for you).
    I’d love you to be our ministry of foreign offers spokesman, but that would be a waste of your capabilities.
    Talk to loyee, he’ll talk to his former friends, they’ll talk to Bibi, and he’ll give Obama a call.
    I’m in the process of writing a hardcopy letter to Kerri from Homeland security, to convince her that she can also be written down in the pages of history, as bringing Pres. Obama the knowledge he lacks so much. She’ll have trouble deporting a White House official! And I believe that the Secret Service will know how to keep you safe. Good luck! I’d love to here from you, and take care of yourself.


  66. Just finished the book, could not put in down. The lord has truly blessed you Mosab. May his loved and protection follow you in your travels. And may you lfe be a witness to his grace and glory.

    A Brother in Christ


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