Hamas Scores Deadly PR Victory

In HAMAS on June 3, 2010 at 13:35

Hamas is no stranger to drama. In its early days, the organization waged an effective public relations war against Israel. The global media was fed a limitless supply of film and photos showing Palestinian children throwing stones at 65-ton Israeli battle tanks. Gut-wrenching pictures of Jewish soldiers firing live ammunition at unarmed Arab demonstrators. Wailing crowds carrying bloody Palestinian bodies to hospitals and cemeteries.

After the First Intifada, a frustrated and impatient Hamas armed itself and abandoned its founding policy of nonviolence.

Soon, suicide bombers began slaughtering Israeli civilians in pizza parlors, at checkpoints, on buses and college campuses, on the Sabbath and during Passover. No one was safe.

It wasn’t long before the public image of Hamas changed from freedom fighters to terrorists. Everything the organization did, including participation in the election process, seemed to result in bad press.

To the amazement of the global community, Hamas won the elections. But it immediately demonstrated that it was not fit to govern. Armed clashes with Fatah, the opposition party and the largest faction within the Palestinian Authority (PA), ran up an ever-increasing death toll, and in June 2007 Hamas finally gained absolute control of Gaza—1.5 million people crammed into a strip of land 25 miles long and 8 miles wide.

It was not fit to govern because its agenda has never been to serve and protect the Palestinian people. It always has been the destruction of Israel, using any means, any people at its disposal, whether using human shields against tanks and heavily-armed troops during the al-Aqsa Intifada or using images of Palestinian suffering as photo ops to destroy Israel’s reputation and economy. The agenda of Hamas is that of the Qur’an, which defines Jews as sons of pigs and monkeys and mandates the death or oppression through excessive taxation of all non-Muslims.

It was not fit to govern because it is led by men like Ismail Haniyeh. Though he was elected  to serve as PA Prime Minister, his only leadership experience was as head of the maj’d, the security wing of Hamas, that fabricated evidence against its own members and tortured suspected collaborators in Israeli prisons.

Hamas was unfit to govern because it refused to respect or honor previous international agreements made with the PA. Hamas continues to reject any negotiation, compromise or agreement with Israel. At best, it may agree to a truce. But to Hamas, a truce is nothing more than an opportunity to stockpile weapons and expand operations.

A truce also gives Hamas the opportunity to script another public relations campaign.

In 2008, for example, Hamas continually violated its truce with Israel by firing hundreds of rockets across the border at civilian targets. All the while, its leaders knew from decades of experience that this would eventually force Jerusalem’s hand. Hamas taunted Israel with threats that, should Israeli Defense Forces enter Gaza, their troops, like Gilad Shalit, would be abducted. It boasted of projected Israeli death tolls. It sent messages in Hebrew to the mobile phones of Israeli citizens warning, “Rockets on all cities, shelters will not protect you.”

The result was Operation Cast Lead, which left 1,400 Palestinians dead, hundreds of businesses and factories destroyed, and tens of thousands homeless. But that mattered less to Hamas leaders than their huge PR victory. By September 2009, hundreds of complaints had been filed in the Hague calling for investigations into alleged war crimes committed by Israel during what was now being referred to as the Gaza War.

Last week, Hamas launched another clever PR campaign.

The so-called Freedom Fleet, with 10,000 tons of humanitarian cargo and 700 pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli activists was warned repeatedly that it would not be permitted to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza harbor. But Hamas’s media machine was already running at full speed.

While the ships were being loaded, Hamas provided reporters with photo ops showing hard-working, hopeful Palestinians laboring night and day to prepare the harbor, moving sand, paving roads, erecting light poles. The hope and the sweat were very real, but my people were only being used by Hamas leaders who knew that no ship would ever pull in to those waters.

Prime Minister Haniyeh tipped his hand when he told reporters, “The flotilla’s message is clear. . . . The meaning of the flotilla is that the entire world opposes the siege on the Gaza Strip, and if Israel behaves like pirates and sea-terrorists—we will win.”

And they did—at the cost of nine innocent lives, pawns in a deadly media game.

What did it win? Arab streets throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia ablaze with hatred. Global condemnation of Israel and sympathy for Hamas and its suffering people. The Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, sealed since it seized power in 2007, reopened like a pressure release valve by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

The Reality behind the Hype

I am sorry, my Palestinian brothers and sisters, but Israel has the right, like every other country in the world, to protect its borders. Every time they were open, weapons and enemies poured in, just as Iraq’s enemies poured in before its borders were secured after Saddam’s fall.

Israel had every right to inspect the flotilla’s cargo before letting it into Gaza. What government would do otherwise? What guarantee did Jerusalem have that the ships did not carry long-range missiles from Iran like the ones sold to Hezbollah, even warheads with biological weapons?

And even if Israel could trust Hamas, which it cannot, there are now tens of thousands of al-Qaeda-like Salafi terrorists in Gaza who see Hamas as too wishy-washy and tame and who would not hesitate to detonate a nuclear device, even if it meant their own destruction along with Israel.

No, Israel cannot open its borders or lift the blockade. If Israel removes the naval blockade, we will see what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called “an Iranian port on the Mediterranean,” and, given the close relationship between Hamas and Hezbollah, Iran, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups, within five years a war would break out that would devastate Europe and the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands would die.

But the deeper issues in Gaza go far beyond humanitarian needs, military strength and national security.

The members of Hamas can never be free as long as their minds and hearts are prisoners to Islamic ideology. And non-Muslim Palestinians can never be free as long as they define freedom in terms of borders and self-determination. At best, they would be prisoners in an independent state. Still driven by anger, hatred, and revenge. Still controlled by an angry, intolerant, vengeful god or believing in no god at all.

If they do nothing else, I pray that the Hamas leaders would at least have the courage, compassion and wisdom to set aside their ideology and begin to care about their brothers and sisters, instead manipulating and abusing them as a means to an end.

If they were no longer determined to destroy Israel, they would be able to apply their time, efforts and resources to providing the Palestinian people with food, medicine, and education, strengthening their society, rebuilding their infrastructure.

If they would talk with Israel and the international community while respecting former agreements, at some time in the future there might no longer be a need for naval blockades and closed borders.

  1. If only the World at large could read this, but I am certain it would do little to change their biased minds. It all needs to happen for the rest of what is prophesied to happen. Thank you for your bravery and courage to speak out…this is not hearsay…it is straight from one who knows…who has inside knowledge. Our government would do well to listen to you and not try to dispose of you. My prayers are with you, my brother in Christ.

  2. Love you, sir.
    I pray all day, and in the night, too, every day, for yourself, and that hearts of stone will become hearts of flesh.
    God can do. 🙂
    –Ma Sands

  3. (Sigh…) If only a thousand of your people read your book…You are right; Love and Forgiveness are the only answers to that mess.

  4. God bless you, Yousef. I plan to be in San Diego for your hearing on June 30. You are in my daily prayers. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ will draw your father & mother to Him.

  5. You are welcome in Canada anytime. We have a subversive jihadi element here that needs your rebuttal. The public money funded Palestine House.

    Just for a little background…

    Stay cool…

  6. Thank you for continuing to give of your insight. As soon as I read about the Freedom Fleet, I knew that Israel would be in for a PR fight. It always happens that way.

    I am continuing to let people know about the battle with Homeland Security. Keep your chin up! God knows what He’s doing. I just wonder what He’s up to, that’s all! 🙂

  7. Well written,sir…saying that takes a certain quantity of guts to say the least…not to mention a modicum of intellectual honesty…a commodity that is in woefully short supply in certain quarters these days…my compliments

  8. Hello, thank you for continuing to write the truth. May God give you strength and peace of mind as you continue in His perfect will. My prayers are also with you and I am also trying to spread the word regarding your plight with Homeland Security, if nothing else, to get more people praying.
    God bless you.

  9. Your wise and insightful comments have not fallen on deaf ears. If the “Freedom Flotilla” had nothing to hide,why not allow the Israeli soldiers to inspect the boats? Needless deaths when surely peaceful tactics could have been employed. I believe there is an element of fault on both sides of this tradegy. If only good mothers were in charge – things would be handled differently and you’d probably see an end to all wars.

  10. Whenever people deal with ideology instead of reality things go wrong. People are just pawns in the game Hamas is playing.

    I am a little confused, I thought the Palistinians control the Gaza Strip? Isn’t that why the international community was angry when Isreal were trying to build settlements there?

    Al-Qaeda & Hama sound like politicians in 3rd world countries who give a bag of of rice to the poor during election time so that they will get more votes. The key is they want to keep the ordinary people poor so that they don’t have any choice but to accept what little they are given. Money is power and empowerment. That us one thing that is universal in this world.

    Keep writing and educating us Mosab.

  11. A truly excellent and courageous piece. That the State Department is stiff-arming you shows that it is benighted and does not know who our true enemies are. I pray for your safety and good success in Christ.

  12. Please sign this petition for Mosab by June 15 at midnight!!! Pass along the link to others. Thanks!

  13. This was a very good article. I appreciate your insight. Hope things go well with the ICE hearing.

  14. I read your book..what courage you have my friend..I pray that God will continue to use you and your common sense to promote peace world wide. I worked in the media for 30 years and I witnessed how many people used it for their own gain and how corrupt the media is..that is another book!! God bless you

  15. if anyone needed anymore proof, this is the “Humanitarian aid” found on the Mavi Marmara. Why is that israel is always seen as the bad guy?

  16. Another great write-up. I could see how Hamas had used and sacrificed those people, some of whom probably didn’t even realize what was really going on… (even before reading your book.)

    It has been on my heart to pray for Christians being persecuted in other countries and especially converted muslims. Then I found your incredible book. I have played the audio file of chapter 1 of when you were 17 to my 17 year old boy and he wants to read it now. He has been called into ministry and I believe the Christian persecution that is happening all around us in other countries is on it’s way to the US. It’s time for people to chose sides (God’s or not God’s) and share the Way, the Truth, and the Life, in love, with as many as will possibly listen. You & God have given us a powerful tool with your life & book to do that with. THANK YOU!!

    p.s. If your seeking asylum happened during our previous administration and actually went smoothly, there would be less coverage which would probably mean less people reading your story and becomming Christians. God knows what He’s doing and his timing is perfect, but it’s also obvious that time is getting short!

    • Cindy: I completely agree that Christian persecution is on its way to the US. It is already happening in subtle ways, such as the Christian student from University of Georgia, who was told to either take sensitivity training for her beliefs that homosexuality is a choice and a sin, or be expelled from school. In a nation that strives to be “politically correct” and “tolerant,” it is sad that the intolerance is mostly directed at Christians. This will only get worse.
      For some reason, your reply to Mosab’s blog touches me. I love where it seems your heart is at. Beautiful. 🙂 I pray you and your family are richly blessed by our Lord and Savior!

  17. TO: Mosab Hassan Yousef
    Shalom or Salaam, I was born in Haifa,
    I never felt any Animosity to and from the Arab population. I don’t hate Arabs; I don’t hate Muslims Arabs, or Christian’s Arabs or Jewish Arabs. I do hate ignorant people that hate without any real reason .that let themselves to be manipulated by their leaders / media, etc…
    I am proud of Israel, I am proud that I came from a country that is in constant war
    And yet don’t teach their children to hate, that are more democratic under war then most countries, I know that a lot of Israeli Muslim’s do feel the same way, but they won’t say it. In my family was never hate to Palestinian‘s, I did feel at times anger that they let their leaders lead them to misery, and the countries around use the
    Palestinian‘s for their own agenda, there are so many examples, we all know them
    Sometime I imagine that Sadat, and Rabin are still alive and the Palestinian‘s get a leader that really want to build a country, not to destroy, can you imagine?
    Between Egypt, Israel, Palestine & Jordan. It could be amazing!!
    Am I going to see it in my life time? I hope I do
    Mosab, you have a calling, you have to go back to Palestine and create a party
    So people who don’t won’t to vote for Hamas, or PLO will have a new young
    Democratic Party.
    Only people like you will bring peace to that area, and if you love Palestinian‘s
    As much as I felt you do when I read your book then they need you there
    You are a born leader with the right ideas

  18. Mosab, your book absolutely moved me, so much so I am praying for you and your fight for truth and freedom for your people daily. God has brought you so far in this amazing journey and there is still yet so much He has in store for you to do, so keep pressing in brother!! He will preserve you for His name’s sake.

    Please keep blogging updates so we can keep praying God’s power and favour go before you in all you do for Him!!

    Blessings 🙂

  19. hello mosab,
    your message is already going around the world … we got your book in germany now! thank you so much for sharing all this! my friends and i love you for writing this and giving so much insight! i am praying for you. blessings.

  20. Mosab, thank you for your book for your service, and for your lucid view into the minds of Hamas. I was very moved to read your accounts of events that we watched unfold from a great distance. As a member of the Jewish community our people always search beyond the restricted one-sided American media to find the story other Americans are not seeing. It was a pleasure to have the accounts we read from the Jewish, Israeli side of the press validated by your book.

    The world has much to learn from you and others like you. You can be proud of your accomplishments. Unfortunately it seems that our myopic Homeland Security department just doesn’t get it. What can we do to help you through the issues with your immigration status?

  21. Amen! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I just had to post this link to facebook for a friend of mine who was sympathizing with the Palestinians from some media hype on youtube. First I told her that I didn’t know much about the history of Israel and Palestine so clearly until I read your book. Then I figured I’d check the blog and praise God for this opportunity to spread the truth again! Your testimony means so much especially now as the coming of the Lord draws near.

    Always in my prayers



    • No problem, Cheri, the hearing address listed at the end of Mosab’s blog post above.

      • Oops, I mean, in the previous blog post, the one announcing the deportation proceedings. Sorry.

  23. In case you missed it, Mosab’s hearing venue has been changed: Court date June 30, 2010. Time: 8:00 AM. Location DETENTION FACILITY, Right on the Mexican border. Address: 446 Alta Road, San Diego. Court is OPEN to public! 45 minutes from downtown San Diego!!

  24. Mosab: There is nothing inconsistent with honoring your Palestinian roots as a Christian. It is unfortunate that you did not connect with the ancient Palestinian Christian community which dates back to the birth of Jesus Christ before you were taken in. If you want to know more about the unswaying devotion to the teachings of Jesus Christ in the face of a brutal and oppressive occupation

  25. Hi Mosab, thanks for writing your book. I finished reading it just this morning. It is amazing how God works. I am sorry your family are hurt. One day they will understand. Meantime I pray God protects them, and I also pray things work out for the best for you on 30 June.

  26. Yeah, it’s good, very useful, thanks 🙂

  27. Insightful reading – Keep it up. And the more you grow in Christ – the more you will feel the need to cling to Him, which is absolutely fine! Cling each moment and find shelter in the shadow of His wing. He is real to me too, though I have completely different experiences to you. We are together in Christ is that I know – because He is I AM that I AM. We need not lean on our own understandings and we can only boast of Him. What a joy, what an honour. What a privilege. Amazing Book by the way – I’ve sent it out to many of my church fellow members, asking if they can pass the info on, of your website too. May His word not return void! Thanks for the insiration. love, Sarah, sister in Christ.

  28. Hi Mosab,I don’t usually post on blog sites, but I wanted you to know how grateful I am that you shared your story in your book. I was so moved by not only your amazing story of God’s grace in your own life, but also by the spiritual condition of muslims in general, I have made everyone I know read your book! My women’s bible study is praying for you and your hearing tomorrow. We also are now praying diligently for your family, and the muslim community here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is surprisingly large and growing. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers! God bless you! In Christ, Samantha

  29. Mosab,,,we are standing in prayer for your court hearing. It is peaceful to know God is far greater than Homeland Security. Thank you for the courage it took to tell the world what is going on~~~ your sister in Him.

  30. Hi musab,
    God is always bigger than the test you face.Maybe it’s good to get out of this now cursed land while you can ?
    It’s amazing how evil our Government has become.While the President sends $400 million to the Palestinian terrorists and secretly talks with Hamas, his henchmen punish any who stand with Israel. It’s no wonder our Gulf Coast has turned into a cursed filthy mess. More cursed things are on the way to this now cursed land.

  31. Congratulations on your victory today in court. I look forward to the day when you will officially be one of my countrymen. May the United States prove to be a safe refuge for you. You have earned it. I wish there were more men of your moral strength.

  32. Congrats on being able to stay in America! May God protect you and your family. You have so many people praying for you and your safety. Rock on!

  33. Hello Mosab, I just finished reading your book. It’s already out in finnish. Thank you for an absolutely stunning experience, I surely learned alot.

    Great to know you won in the court and may God guide you in future.

  34. Dear Joseph
    I pray the Lord surround you with His angels. I truly believe that there is a method to the Govt’s maddness. May the Lord bless and keep you.

  35. i don know if you will be read this comment because you get so much male but if… i want you to know what you already choos wise that for me you are a saint because you fight for the living for the sons of god which is me you arab jews everybody i and that the pont pf love ansd mercy compattion a shahid kill for somone that forced him to chanag his belive then he is allowd to react which is clearly not the subject this case. in my fate we all god suns,god give us world to live and control and take care it all man kind as one, if you where choose diffrend you where became a hero of hate destraction and dark, you gave up your safty and all you have for the living and loving of god i admire you, thank you.

  36. i dont no if you will be read this comment
    , but if… i want you to know that you are a saint, because you nave been choose to fight for thr live, not your,all lives, for the sons of god, which made us in love and gave us the earth to live as one in it and to love eachother thoogater. you represent god will for life. jhiad orignaly or eny kind of faith wars was allowd by god for defence of the belive whehen man was forced to unbelive but not as an act of attack and distraction and hate, hate was not remmberd in eny place even in war state. that is not the situation here i hop all my heart and soll that we will understand that we have a world to take care here intad of fight and the land we on it is to live and love as god wane as god sons, i admire you men wish you a peacefulness and true faith for all of us. yoram/

  37. i hope that you will read my comment because you probebly have a plent of male. but if… i want you to know that for me at least you are a saint and i tell you why; i iddentefy with your book becaus you gave up everyting including your life and saftey to fight for the living, all living that god gave us to live on this earth, for the sons of god which made us with love to live and love eachaother, it is allowd to fight for belive for deffending your beliveis wnen you forced otherwise but not as an act of hate and distractin that is darkness which lead to the empty and who is takink it he is son of darkness. we all sun of light son of god and commend to love and to live and take care this world as one because it is a gift that the lord gave us to give,live and love instad of fight, admire you not eneyone can make that saccrefie wish you true belivie and peaceness. yoram.

  38. thank for fight for sons of god which commend us to live in this earth to love each other, we have right to react when we forced otherwise but not to act in hate that lead to darkness that the way of darkness son not god soons that got a gift in shape of this land to live and love as he wish, you represend god ward in admire you, wish you true fait and paecefull, yoram.

  39. Hello Mosab,
    Everything is wired to the Middle East so many horrible wars. What we all need to do more is read, devour scripture and more. Our real battle is not with the flesh, as crazy as that may sound.
    He will manifest himself to us.

  40. I heard your testimony my brother and was filed with hope for those born in the islamic world oppression lost out side the wonderful knowledge of knowing Him. I pray God protects you as you spread His massage of love forgiveness and Life in His name! I also pray for those who follow darbys views and fuel the fire in your home land in our savior’s name that they too will study their scripture and darby to see how flawed this thinking is and the Evil it has pored on your lands by fueling war not peace we who believe in His name will do good to look at the sermon on the mount as you did and see that it says “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” and James 3:18 when he says “Peacemakers who sow in peace raise a harvest of righteousness”.

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