An open letter to my Muslim brothers and sisters

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1942. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Hussaini visits the Muslim storm troopers of the Bosnian SS.

The world condemned Nazi Germany for trying to conquer the world. But it affirms and accommodates Islam which commands Muslims to replace the nations with a global caliphate.

The world condemned Adolph Hitler for believing that Aryans were the master race, created by God to rule the world and who considered all others to be Untermenschen, racially inferior. Non-Aryans were pollution, garbage to be swept up and shoveled into landfills and incinerators. Yet the world ignores a fundamental doctrine of Islam that lists “disbelievers” amongst “types of filth and impurities” which include “urine, feces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs and pigs.”  1

The world condemned Hitler as a racist who systematically slaughtered as many as 17 million Jews, ethnic Poles, Romani, Soviet civilians and POWs, disabled people homosexuals and political opponents in six years. But despite its vow of “Never again!” it sticks its head deep into the oil-soaked sand and pretends that Islam has not turned the world red with innocent blood for more than fourteen centuries.

Hitler publicly condemned prostitution, yet ordered Himmler to establish brothels for German soldiers, forced laborers and prisoners. 2 Muhammad established one moral code for Muslims and another for himself, one that allowed him at the age of 53 to take a nine-year-old child to bed as his wife. 3 Yet, how many of you today dream of such a thing for your little girls? And if not, are you greater than your Prophet?

Muhammad declared it. The Qur’an mandates it. Yet most Muslims deny it.

How can this be?

The “great masses,” Hitler wrote, ” . . . more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.” 4

Point for point, the Prophet and the Führer agree. Point for point, Mein Kampf nods to the Qur’an.

Hitler was a terrorist. 5 So was Muhammad. 6

Hitler murdered those who opposed him. So did Muhammad.

Stop believing the Big Lie, my brothers.

Be furious with me for what I am saying. Fill my blog with outraged comments quoting suras that contradict those that I cite here, as evidence that I am wrong. They will only prove that I am right. The Qur’an, which all Muslims must believe to be the infallible word of God, is riddled with contradictions and factual and historical errors. No? Go to and read for yourself what Muslim scholars say, verse by verse, about their holy book.

You who are outraged, how well do you know your Qur’an? Have you read it, studied it? Do you understand it? For centuries, Christians knew only what their priests told them. They did not have access to Scripture. Martin Luther changed that in 1522, when he published the New Testament in the language of the people. Nevertheless, even with the abundance of resources, translations and paraphrased versions, half of today’s Christians do not know their Bible. 7

Unfortunately, it is the same with most Muslims.

What is Islam to you? Culture or life? Divine truth or superstition? Something you know or only believe? Your faith or just your inheritance?

A “moderate” Muslim is not one who is not violent; he is one who is simply uninformed. It is not that he is not an extremist; it is that he is apathetic. The God of the Bible says, “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” 8 The god of the Qur’an holds the same opinion.

Please stop being lazy. Begin showing love for your families and your neighbors by reading your Qur’an and your Hadith, and asking the inevitable questions.

The Prophet and his book are not merely mistaken; they are wicked. Hitler killed countless millions on the battlefields and in his extermination camps in six years, but Muhammad has been killing steadily since the seventh century—Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. The Qur’an commands even the slaughter of its own.

You are the only hope the world has of crushing the Big Lie. Christians cannot stop it. The secular world is afraid to try.

Your weapon is truth. First, you must love and respect your religion enough to learn the truth; then you must love your neighbor enough to share that truth.

*  *  *

1. “Muslim students ‘being taught to despise unbelievers as filth,’” Sean O’Neill, The Sunday Times, April 20, 2006

2. “Secrets of Nazi camp brothels emerge in German exhibition,” Reuters, November 7, 2007

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8. The Holy Bible, NIV, Revelation 3:16

  1. Keep speaking the truth, dear one. You have been given a blessed mission here on Earth to bring the truth of the deception of islam to the nations. I pray a hedge of protection around you to keep the forces of evil at bay. God bless you, Mosab! I look forward to hearing and seeing you speak again one day soon!

  2. Musab
    Muslims know about islam and profet muhamed(peace appon him)better than the jewish who writing assays to you.
    Profet Muhamed was married with 10 y ears old girl and NOT ripe children like yours godfathers in the churches.
    This girl became mother to all muslims and leder of ismlaic nation after muhamed dead.

    • so ten is better than 8… glad to see the islamic faith views this matter so lightly…. rape children, behead the innocent who refuse to convert and commit suicide in the name of a person who was merely a prophet and not a god…..

  3. Bravo. Please, Muslims, question what you’ve been taught. The truth is out there, especially in our information age. Look to the fruits of fear and coercion and then question why these should be necessary to protect something that is true. Know that God loves you and has provided a way for you to be with Him forever. Forgiveness is available, whatever the sin. We cry out for your freedom, both spiritual and political.

  4. Sadly you are promoting a message of hate, not love. That’s not a good example of a good Christian and follower of Jesus.

    Your claims have been answered thousands of times. You are welcome to cite Quranic verses that order Muslims to kill the Jews and Christians. You should know too well that there is violence in every religion for those who want to find it. The truth is that the Bible has orders to kill all kinds of sinners, approves of genocide, etc. I will put it in its historical context and will not blame Christianity for the 2 World Wars or the shameful crimes of the Romans even against their fellew Christians. Everyone is free to follow the religion they wish. What we need is mutual respect and cooperation. You should know better than calling Muslims to leave their religion will not work. Focus on results instead of sensational talk.

    “Those who believe, and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Day of Judgment, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
    Quran, 2:62

    • [9.30] And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!

      [5.51] O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

      • 5:51. The word friends is not accurate. Allies or protectors is the word. Just for the accuracy of the translation. That has its context, do you want me to give you some crazy quotes from the Bible too, far worse ( Also this verse does not order Muslims to kill them, which does not exist anywhere in the Quran. The Quran is full of verses about dealing kindly and taking them as friends as long as they don’t attack or harm the Muslims. Which makes sense, who would take the agressors as friends? Like any other religion, people chose different interpretations. Read my comment again!

      • I checked out your blog, Mohamed and it looks interesting!

        Regarding your comment below:

        “who would take the agressors as friends?”

        Luke 23:34
        Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

        Matthew 5:42-44

        “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

      • I had thought this was in the Qur’an but I was mistaken, it is hadith:

        “The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Servants of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” (Sahih Muslim 41:6985)

    • “Violence is in every religion” that is true because we are all sinners. But you missed the most important thing, true Christianity is not a religion (in today’s sense). Christianity is not about following a set of rules and be good and then you can go to heaven. No, Christianity is about knowing God through Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. Receiving His life and Spirit in us, so we can be new creations! “This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent.” John 17:3
      Yes, the Old Testament talked about wars and executing sinners, because it is the Law of God. the Law of God is immutable. Sin has to be punished. Sinners shall die, both physical and eternal death. That was the Old Testament. Now Jesus brought grace, mercy and salvation through the cross and sin has been punished, and the law is fulfilled, justice is fulfilled. God solved the problem of sin (the cause of all our problems on earth) once and for all.
      Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear. Jesus is waiting for you to know Him!

    • Abrogated

      “Surely those who believe, and the Jews, and the Christians and the Sabaeans, those among them who believe in God and the hereafter, and who works righteous deeds, will receive their recompense from their Lord, they have nothing to fear nor will they grieve” 2:62


      “Whoever seeks other than Islam as his religion, it will not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be with the losers” 3:85

  5. I just want to say how thankful for what you are doing. It takes a lot to post something like this. I thank God you have to courage to say things that others are all to quick to overlook. I will continue to pray for you and hope that through love,bravery, and the Gospel of Grace that you with God’s help are able to soften hearts, open eyes and ears. May God continue to bless you as you bless others.

  6. The Qur’an is confusing, deliberately so, because the sura’s are not in order, they are arranged from longest to shortest. Arrange them in chronological order and the principle of naskh (abrogation) becomes clear. Muhammad’s milder Meccan phase comes first, followed by his violent Medinan phase. The latter more violent verses from the Medina phase abrogate (cancel out) the milder verses from his Meccan phase. As it took over twenty years for him to put the words to paper, he is considered wiser and more knowledgeable in the Medina phase and this is why they cancel out verses from his early Meccan phase. By mixing the sura’s up and arranging them in order of length rather than chronology, the deception is set. Search Google for websites with the correct chronological order, then read or re-read the Qur’an in the correct order. You’ll see this is why so-called “moderate” or mild Islam does not exist, having been abrogated. Imam’s keep this secret to themselves. Source:

    • Well… to be fair, I don’t believe there is a consensus on what the exact chronological order is for some of the suras. At least when I was taking classes about it that was what they taught us.

      • Knowledge of the exact chronological order is not necessary to see the clear trend of violence abrogating “no compulsion.”

  7. mosab, i’m thankful for your willingness to speak the truth because it is the truth but also because you love your people and all people for whom Christ died. love and forgiveness thru Jesus Christ the Lord is all that can make life on earth worthwhile and secure us a home in heaven with the Lord God! the quran has a “fickle”god full of half truth(which is a lie)-therefore no forgiveness-no love-no redemption. i’m praying for eyes to be opened and the lies exposed and hearts to be saved of every kind of people in this world in the Holy Name of Jesus. stay strong my brother!

  8. It is very unfortunate that Mosab is trying to be anti-Muslim more than anti-Muslim Westerners themselves. Even many God-fearing Western Christians who have been in the Muslim world and got to meet many of its people can easily detect the cheap propaganda Mosab is trying to spread.

    Someone would at least hope from Mosab to be like a bridge that will promote more understanding and tolerance between 2 different sides. However, so far, everything Mosab has been doing was to clearly further damage the image of his people and to support the prejudice against them in the West. I want to ask everyone, is it really a coincidence Mosab is saying the very same things you WANT to hear from him about the other side? Can you really trust a person who keeps talking about how evil his original people really are?

    • Arab: So far Mosab has not said anything about how “evil” his original people are; rather, he has realized that his original people are giving their hearts and souls to an evil lie. He speaks the truth because he loves them. It is Muslims who ignite prejudice in the West against themselves, not Mosab nor Christian believers. Let that be clear.

    • Cheap propaganda? After this has cost him everything he has? That doesn’t sound especially cheap to me.

      Disagree with the man, but I think your disrespect is cheap.

    • If ISLAM is evil, then Mosab is being LOVING toward Muslims.

    • What do you think he had to gain? Money? Power?

  9. you are my HERO! Please continue speaking the truth. Jesus Christ is love, and he is truth, there is no other. He is the truth, the way, and the life. No one comes to the father except through Christ.

  10. It takes a lot of backbone to tell the truth, my brother. May Christ keep you strong.

  11. Mosab, Your testimony is true and your heart is pure.

  12. Musab
    Every time i read what is you writing ,increase my faith in ALLAH and his Profet mohamed.
    Musab,beleive me,before you i was very lazy with praying and fasting and faith,but after your bok and your blog,im very god muslim because i discover the fact and true every day.
    Thank you musab

  13. Musab
    Every time i read your writing ,increase my faith of ALAH and Muhamed.
    Musab ,believe me,befor you i was very lazy muslim.but after you im very god muslim with praying and fasting and faith because i discover the true with every bok and blog from you.
    Thank you

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  15. Mosab, You always lift my spirit and give me hope. Anyone with the courage and boldness that you have will win many souls. People are hungry for the Truth and when you speak it goes down into the very soul of man. I pray the angels of the Lord will contunue to surround you and and keep you strong. Never give in! God bless.

  16. I love your Challenge, it is true all Muslims should read their Quran and then see if they actually believe what it says. Keep challenging and pushing people towards the truth my brother.

  17. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on a letter from evangelical Christians to Muslims. It speaks of the common areas of the two faiths and how we need to seek to live in harmony with one another. I have to admit its quite alarming.

    • I agree. I don’t think this letter is written by true Christians who knows the Lord. There’s nothing the true faith of Jesus Christ have in common with Islam. None! Islam may say they believe Jesus is a prophet from Allah, but that is what true Christians believe. First of all, Allah is a pagan Arabian Moon god. Allah is not the same as Jehovah, God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Jesus is not a prophet of a false moon god. He is the Son of the Most High God. Jesus is God. Islam denies this truth, and so even if they believe in the rest of the Bible, they still share nothing with us. With out Jesus we have nothing!

  18. Please pray for this berave man. Speaking like this will earn him the murderous intentions of many greived and offended religionists. I speak this from experience. Pray that the Mighty Arm of God stretches out against those who would harm him, and that Christs white light of truth would continue to burn bright in Him. May many millions of Muslims turn and be saved.They do not know, most of them that Christ unlocked the door to their prison, He paid the price of the key in His blood. Let your hearts be melted Muslims, no longer hardened, for you are called, not rejected. Come in to the Fathers House through the Door of Christ.

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  21. Mosab, how does your schedule look for the Fall? If you are going to go on tour to promote your book, we will arrange to have the business and governmental leadership in Milwaukee join together to listen to you share your testimony. We will promote a book sale and signing opportunity as well. We have organized events with Tyndale in the past including the annual Pastor’s Appreciation Breakfast and the Wisconsin Governor’s Prayer Breakfast. Please get back in touch with me. Bob

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  24. Please listen to Mosab all Muslims who are reading this. He is not trying to cause trouble or anger you – he is showing immense love in that he is willing to endanger himself to save you from the wrath of God.

    Read the Quran, read the Bible, attend a Bible study to know it deeper. Christianity is a religion of love, Islam is a religion of hate. Muslim martyr’s die hating their enemies – Christian martyr’s being killed die praying for their enemies.

    May God grant you the grace to see your sin and repent before his glorious throne.

  25. The ultimate irony is in the Google Ad after the post that says: “How to convert to Islam: How to convert and become a Muslim with Live Help by chat.” 🙂

    I liked your post.

  26. I think that what Mosab has wrote here is truth. He knows the Muslim religon well and he also knows what our Saviour has taught us. I think the examples he gives here are appropriate. I also think that most of us have forgotten that most of the Muslim world lies under the curse that God put on some people. They are blinded from the truth of Christ, thier hearts are hardened. It is only by loving example of how Christ wants us to live, patience, and most importantly prayer, that we can begin to unveil the truth of the love that God wants to bestow on every human.

    Mosab-you don’t know how badly I wish I could talk to you in person and get advice from a former Muslim to give to the Muslim in my life. Hes break my heart when he calls my Lord a mere Prophet. He also couldn’t tell you the entire depth of Islam. Its based on what has been handed down through the generations.

    My prayers are with you and the entire Muslim world. I pray that the love and peace of Christ is shown them before it’s to late.

  27. What really makes me angry is the christian idiots who think that their religion is better. No, Christianity is not better. Nor Judaism (and you hear this from a Jew).
    Every religion is bad. Every religion is Nazistic in some way.
    This is why Religion must die so mankind could live.
    It’s almost certain that there is no God. No Heaven or Hell. No Angels, no Devil. There is just this. Stop believing fairy tales and focus on the real world.

    • This is your response? EXamine what you believe! Why just because you are raised in a society is it wrong to deny belief in its ideology??!! Being raised in your religion means from birth being TRAINED to NEVER LEAVE NEVER QUESTION no matter what. How can you hate someone who broke out of his ideological prison? Ask yourself the question(God will NOT strike you dead or condemn you to hell) “WHAT IF WE ARE WRONG?”

    • From the beginning of the world men have refused to give God credit, love, and adoration, that’s why we r in this crooked messed up soup of sin. If we want proof that man is bad lets not look any farther than our own hearts. Each one of us knows of the wickedness that lies there. If we think its only a mistake, lets take the scientific approach, every group of people everywhere commits atrocities, in war time and peace. The Bible says God allows our minds to become darkened as we harden ourselves to His worth. TomEL, If you have even the slightest glimmer of light that God MIGHT exist, seek with all your heart. There is a Path, there is an Answer, and it is the only way out of this terrible jungle of our own making. Jesus said those who were seaching for Truth would come to the Light. Are you running to, or away from truth? Your call to just ignore God, leads to nothing. No answers, no hope, and according to atheistic history, more proof of the absolute wickedness of man, and his need for a Savior.

    • TomEl, you are exactly the same as those you criticize – you have your own set of beliefs which you think are the best.

      You’re quite a hypocrite.

      There’s nothing unreasonable about thinking your beliefs are best, otherwise why pursue them? And yet you have the balls to say everyone around you is stupid because they disagree with you.

      • Sorry… I think I could have been less snarky in that last comment.

        Although it was my intent to just apologize, I did think of one thing to add, which is that the most evil, genocidal regimes have usually been atheistic, not religious (case in point, the Nazis).

    • “It’s almost certain that there is not God”

      I think it is more certain that there is no TomEl!!!

  28. I read your book and I’ve felt a desire to throw up. How could you? They’re your family, your people, your blood! F*ck you!

    • He didn’t do what he did out of selfishness. He did it despite the fact that he loved them, because he knew it was the right thing to do. If your own mother has murdered someone, should you not turn her in?

  29. I’m glad to see a former Muslim speak against Islam and urge his fellows to closely examine the Quran and their beliefs. Islam is no less a lie than Christianity or Judaism. The god of Abraham — whether we call him Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah — is a tyrant and a monster. God is the enemy of mankind, and we must kill him by refusing to worship him or believe in his existence.

    • If He’s the enemy of mankind, why did He die to save us? Or if that’s a lie, why did he create us? And if he created us to have fun torturing us, why are there so many blessings?

  30. Musab
    Every time you writing you increase my faith in ALAH and muhamed.
    Beleive me musab,I swear ,befor you i was very bad muslim with not praying,not fasting,i was careless about muslims issues and dangreas and hate of jews and chrstians against muslims.
    Musab you change my life.
    Thank you

  31. Keep on going Mosab. God is using u in a great way. All christians around the world are praying 4 u. Imagin im a teacher at a christian school in Puerto Rico and all of my students (#80) r praying 4 u every day.

  32. Mosab, we pray for you and your family daily…we pray you will be encouraged to continue what the Lord has begun in your life…we share your book and testimony with those we talk to… God has done his amazing work or grace and love in your heart and it’s so awesome to see…stay in the Word and you won’t go wrong…
    thank you for standing for Jesus…

  33. Hey,

    If I said I love you would you believe me?
    If I died on a cross in your place would you then believe me that I love you?

    That is what Christ Jesus did for you and me, no matter if you believe in him or not. That is what Christianity is all about (READ 1 COR 15:1-5).


  34. Thankfully the Muslims I’ve met have mostly been welcoming and kind. It’s sad to read about those who have been taught hate. I think we all need to guard against this tendency.

  35. You Mosab are truely meant for this mission. I pray the Lord’s angels protect you from the evil that will surely rise as the days pass, as he will sense the children of the light are also gaining strength by the grace of the power of Jesus Christ.

  36. While what you say has truth I encourage you to look at something. The history and progression of Christianity’s image has some parallel to Islam today. The history of Christianity is riddled with actions that contradict the humanism you hold. There are even some inconsistencies with what Christians today would call moral when comparing that with literal interpretation of some verses from the bible. I feel it is impossible to live in a world without religion (though I am not religious), impossible to live in a world with only one religion and impossible to even live in a world with all religions but one, especially one held by over a billion people. Instead, just as Christianity changed its militant persona in the past, so to this must happen to Islam.
    I believe you are right to encourage people of both faiths to actually read their scriptures. But I would say it so that they examine the inconsistencies with basic ethical understanding in order to reshape it so that it is a more beautiful thing.

  37. Beloved Muslims,

    Mosab is telling you the truth about Jesus Christ. As an individual, listen to him and open your heart to God’s otherwordly love and the truth.

  38. Mosab,
    This post makes me think of Ezekiel, especially the “Watchman” in Chapter 3.

    Praying for you and also for your Muslim brothers and sisters whom I know you deeply love, that they will know the truth and the truth will set them free.

    May God keep you strong and give you peace

  39. Recently read of a massive wedding in Gaza involving 450 muslim single men, who all wore the same wedding suit and each were given $500 each as a dowry gift. They married pre-puberscent young muslim girls dressed as brides. These men were just copying Muhommad’s evil i.e. sexual assualt on children, in the name of Islam. Crimes like this happen regularly against young girls in Islamic regions. It’s against the United Nations and it’s against God’s law which says we are to bless children and not harm them. I was sickened when I read this and asked God (through Jesus) to forgive these men. I prayed that somehow the girls would be freed from this inhumane life and that muslim families would protect their children and not sell them into a life of sexual torture.

    • oh,yes.but these muslims and their profet muhamed just married with girls and both sides are agree.
      What about rape in the churches to children by your godfathers in the churches?.IM going to be sick for your hykelri .

      • Ahmed,
        Are you saying it’s ok for grown men to marry girls if the man and the girl’s parents agree? Is this what it means to be Muslim?

      • I suppose no one asked if the young muslim girls themselves wanted to get married at the tender age of 10 and then have forced sex i.e. rape! They were pressured by their islamic families into “agreement”. Thank God, Western civilisation doesn’t allow this – as we know this is against humanity and the law. Why do you think there are so many muslim refugees coming out of these third world countries – to flee this terrible life. The victims of paedofiles in the Catholic (& other denominations) church are seeing justice through the law courts. Pity these child muslim brides don’t get justice for child sexual abuse, because the parents agreed to it. Hypocrisy and evil. Thank God many muslims are seeking the truth and coming to know the true peacemaker, Jesus Christ – who is coming soon.

  40. Glad to call you “Brother”, Mosab. Keep the faith.

  41. In the Islam,girls(not only family) must be agree for marrige to be accomplished.
    The age of marrige og girls changes with when we speaking about 1500 years ago ,the girls are mature enough at this time because environment and klima totaly diffrent.
    In the present time,no muslims girl marry before 20 (RARELY may be in afganstan which is only few fammlies dont respect this role and this only few of miliar muslmims)
    The girls have been i this wedding in Gaza ,ALL ARE ABOVE 20 ,AND ALL are agree in the marrige ,but because you hate muslims ,you couldnt see the fact.just like when you said muslims come to westren countries because of islam

    really the come to westren countries because your heros(for exsampel G.W.BUSH destroy our countries because only he hate muslims just like you.

    • Ahmed, I do not hate you. I hope God will show me how to love you better! But Love means saying the truth sometimes.

      It’s interesting that Mosab wrote in his post exactly what you have just said. You know in your heart that it is very wrong for adult men to marry young girls. You would not want that for your own little girl who still plays with dolls and swings. Yet Muhammad took Aisha when she was still a child, 9 years of age.

      If you know it is wrong, why do you give your life following someone who engaged in such an offense? You have a better idea of right and wrong and are living a better life before God than the prophet of your religion. Mosab is saying, “Does this make sense?” and “Why are you justifying it?”

      There is a God who loves you, Who gave his Child in your place, Who wants to forgive you and bless you.
      Because God is aboslute justice, our wrongs must be punished. We can never be good enough to be with God who is compeltely perfect. So Jesus came to live the perfect life in our place and take the punishment we deserved so we can be forgiven and free. God does not want anyone die in hell, but desires everyone to have life forever. In order to accept his gift, we have to be honest about our wrongs and ask Him to forgive us and be our Lord.

      2000 years ago, Jesus came in love; the next time it will be as righteous Judge of all living souls whose destination will be either heaven or hell…not too popular these days, but true.


      • Elizabeth
        Im not saying muhamed are wrong but I said :life are changes from 1500 years ago.
        I would like to explain at I follow muhamed because he change our communtiy from darkness to light.
        Before muhamed everthing was wrong ,girls was kiled by fathers just because she was girls.
        I cant follow and pray to God who have son or person who is God.this is difficult for me to eccept this


  42. Ahmed, we do not hate you. We (Christians) LOVE you! That’s what our faith is all about – Love. The love our Father has for us, an abundant love so deep and faithful that he sacrificed His Only Son so that we could have salvation. We love you and want to share the truth of Jesus Christ with you. Christ taught us to love everyone – not just our brothers and sisters in faith, but also … especially … those not of our faith so that they too could see and have faith in the Truth, the Way, the Life of Christ so that they too may be saved.

    George W Bush loves you too – he did more than any other American president ever did to save Muslim lives! Mosab loves you too! He gave up EVERYTHING so that he could embrace the Truth and bring it to his people so that they too may be saved!

    Pray to the One True God to reveal the Truth to you, open your heart to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, ask God for the Truth – He will show you Jesus Christ!


    I doubt you have a chance to read all these comments obviously but on the off chance you do would you be able to write a blog post about the kind of Islam in the story from the web site above.

    Thank you.

  44. Ahmed,

    I ordered a Quran that I am now beginning to read through in an attempt to understand this better.

    Maybe just reading the life of Jesus would be good for you? I think you accept Jesus as a prophet, correct?

    God is absolutely perfect, supreme and holy. He cannot be around sin, nor can he allow it to go unpunished. We have all done wrong against God. We can never be good enough to be with Him because his standard is perfection. Our wrongs must be punished and his perfect justice requires Him to send us to Hell.

    But God also loves us *very* much and he still wants to be with us (amazing!) He created us to love and worship him. He has compassion and tenderness for us.

    God’s words say that Jesus came to accept the punishment in our place. Jesus switched places with us and this is how our sin can be forgiven and we can be with God. I agree with you that it is somewhat mysterious and incredible!

    In any case, I am so glad to be able to talk with you Ahmed.
    I hope God will richly bless you and your family.


    • Elizabeth, I read the Quran a couple months ago and wrote about it extensively on my blog. Some Muslims replied on many of the posts to add more understanding. It was interesting to finally have read it for myself. 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      Of course ,I accept jesus as profet.In Islam :no faith without concept at jesus er profet just like muhamed.

      I Will do this.
      Thank you Elizabeth,i learnt from you many thinks espesially how to do nice dialoque and understand the others inspite of we are not agree.

  45. Mosab, Your book has impacted my life deeply. I am a devout Christian but you have by your example, your humbleness and sacrifice of shaming your family forever changed the way I will think. The apathy here in America is so strong and all you went through to come to Jesus is amazing. Don’t ever doubt that God has surely called you for this work. I pray for you.


    Why would someone give up everything they know and love because of writing a book? I am sure most Muslim would agree that it’s because Mosab would make a lot of money and gain recognition among the Christians, right? Wrong!

    Someone only gives up his life because he/she has been convicted by GOD Himself. Only the power of GOD is able to bring about such a radical change in someone’s life.

    Mosab’s devotion, honor, and love to his earthly father is obvious. His love for his father is honorable, it has been posted, and documented for the all the world to see. Why would this man leave his father, mother, sisters, brothers, and other family member? I am sure many Muslims think this or think to have an answer for this. However, know that only GOD himself can change a man’s heart and reveal the truth to him.

    John 8:32 says, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    Think about it, if he left for the money, he could have easily continued to work safely under the Shin Bet who vowed to protect him by building a million dollar facility to set up a disguise to hide him.

    Think about it, if he left for position, he was positioned already high up in the ranks underneath his father.

    Think about it, if he left for power, he also had this while working as a spy and while working under his father.

    There is only one reason why a man would leave his family, and that is because they are so convicted in their heart, mind, and soul. They could not continue on living in a lie, pretending to ignore truth.

    PLEASE MUSLIMS!!! Understand that we love you; our hearts aches because we realize the ERROR that has been taught to you. Know that the pictures you see on TV are not from our God. Know that America is not a CHRISTIAN nation. There are many people who say they are CHRISTIANS but have no clue who CHRIST really is. THE CHRISTIANS (EVEN SOME i KNOW) do not read their bible, get caught up in the lying TV shows, and are deceived as well.

    True followers of CHRIST hurt and cry out to God because of this. We realize how American is seen. We also realize that its self-destructing. We too know how much evil is spread across our own culture.

    Please know that Mohammad had good intentions and may have done good things, but he committed evil acts…. just like the rest of the world. Know that Mohammad plagiarized the Quran. Know that Mohammad was just a man. Why do you follow a man? Why do you believe all that he says? Could it be a lie?

    There is a reason why the Bible is the authentic word of God! There is a reason why we know it to be the true word of God. Why do Christians follow this? Seek and you will see the truth. Be courageous, God will be with you as search.

    We love you and pray for you, regardless !

  47. Dear bro’ in the lord,

    if thy quote Nr.

    4. Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 10, paragraph 31, Manhein translation

    is from a translation that happened in a german city, then you’ll have to spell it ‘Mannheim’, otherwise i’ve got to apologize.


    Num. 6: 24
    The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  48. Is Obama trying to insult us??? I am both very offended and disgusted by this:

    Brother Mosab, perhaps you would like to write a post commenting on this line from the above URL:

    “Al-Qaeda’s cause is not Islam,” he said, “it is a gross distortion of Islam”.

  49. Mosab – or do I now call you Joseph: I just finished reading your book and was glued to what you had to say. I am so glad that your new found faith in the Jewish Messiah is not just a belief system but even more so a relationship with the most amazing, compassionate, wisest, loving and most powerful person in the whole universe. No matter what we go through on earth, we have all eternity to share with Him, and each other. Someday I will meet you whether here or there and I want to give you a big hug.
    We recently were on a trip to the Middle East and got to go to Bethlehem where we met Palistinian Christian who found Yeshua while in Jail. This man is serving Jesus in that city. To protect his Identity I can only say His name begins with S. The reason I’m sharing this with you is that you may know Him. To all who reads these blogs – He also needs our prayers
    I also say – (Num. 6: 24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.)
    David C

  50. Goodness! The range of conversation here is quite intriguing. I am quite glad to see that many Muslims responded, and some of them make good points.
    Ahmed refers to “godfathers in the church”–which, to him, means that Catholic priests abusing young boys is equivalent to Muslim men marrying pre-pubescent girls. The priests who did what they did have, in some cases, been held accountable. When they have not, their “protection” by church hierarchy has been a stain on the church. All of them will one day be judged by God for it. No question about it–the Bible is opposed to abuse of others–whether children or adults. Is Islam similarly opposed? and if so, why does it permit or justify the marriage of old men to young girls. The girls are too young to have given consent.
    As for Matthew S, who generously allows that he does not blame Christianity for “2 World Wars” and is not going to bring up the matter of those Romans who murdered “their fellow Christians”——the Romans who killed Christians were killing them because of the Christians’ faith. They refused to worship the multiple gods of the non-Christian Roman Empire. The Second World War began with the actions of a man (Adolf Hitler) who was NOT Christian, who wanted a religion of the State not of any deity–though some of his advisors apparently wanted to return to the pagan gods of the ancient pre-Christian German culture. The atheism of the 20th century has led to more deaths and atrocities than anything else (Communism, socialism, Naziism which is also socialism). WW I began with an assassination–which is not an act condoned in the Bible, and I do not know or believe that the resulting war had anything to do with religion. Not all Westerners are Christian in commitment or thinking.

    • ROBIN.Im not saying that marriage with young girls are eqivalant to Rape in the churches.its to diffrent cases because marrige are both sides are agree inspite av age diffrence,but Rape are rape.


  51. Because he loves Me, I will rescue him; I will protect him because he acknowledges My Name. Psalm 91:14
    May God our Father rescue and protect you and your family. It is my prayer for you, Mosab.

  52. Hi Mosab, I am not sure if the problem is with Islam. I don’t agree with you. Being a Palestinian Christian is a blessing. Because I can see all 3 religions points of view. I don’t understand why you are attacking Islam that much? The problem is with our human mind. Millions died at the hands of Stalin – not in the name of God but rather to silence those who oppose his newly found ideology/ religion (whatever you want to call it. Wars have been waged since the dawn of “civilisation” by every nation that became powerful. The christian crusaders waged wars and killed thousands of Muslims and Jews in Palestine only a 1000 years ago.

    Moses ordered the killing of the unbeleivers in the desert. That day more than 3000 people died. Those who killed their own family members professed to believing in the one God. I don’t understand how one can say “I believe in God” but go on killing people justifying it that it’s because they don’t believe in “my God” and so are deserving of death.

    The problem is not with Islam. I am sorry I do not share your view. Don’t get brainwashed. You need to read more books than the bible. Read history books, read about communism and how millions of people perished because they opposed it. Read about the crusades and the thousands of people they killed.

    Humans are extremely intelligent in creating ideologies and religions. Then use those same “noble ideologies” to wage wars on anyone opposing them. We are still primitive in our thinking. We can’t live with anyone who doesn’t share the same view.

    Read Genesis and understand how the Israelites wanted to take the land of Canaan by force and killed every living thing in Jericho. Why don’t you talk about that? Why don’t you talk about the Zionist ideology that wants the land only for the Jews? Why don’t you take a stand for your own people who have been suffering at the hands of a racist ideology for the past 100 years? why are you blaming everything on Islam?

  53. For Christians, the Bible is God’s holy, inspired, infallible Word. There is no more important book than the Bible.

    If you read the entire book of Genesis, you see God is administering perfect justice through the conquest of Canaan.
    Notice that He does not immediately give Abraham the land promised. In Genesis 15:16 God tells Abraham —
    “In the fourth generation your descendants will come back here, for the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure.”
    He will remove the Canaanites, using the Israelites when their sin is deserving. It will be 400-500 more years before this happens.

    Additionally, the people living there had heard great things about God and been given chances to repent and turn from their wicked ways. One actually did! – Rahab – and God makes her a great great grandmother to David thus including her in the family line of Jesus Christ. He is extremely loving and merciful, but also completely just.

    I think the 3000 killed in the desert refers to the “golden calf incident”. At this point in history, God is showing us that there are serious consequences for sin and disobedience —> Hell, in the NT. God is teaching us through his people that He is perfect justice and that the penalty for sin is death — in the OT it occurred “present time” (slaying of the 3000); NT the death penalty spoken of is Hell.
    It is important also to note that the God of the Bible does not sanction indiscrimnate killing of aanyone/everyone who rejects Him, as does the Koran (kill the unbelievers wherever you find them). You will not find that anywhere in the Bible.

    The most important point of the Christian Bible is that God knows we deserve hell and that we can’t rescue ourselves by being “good” but he loves us so intensely that He gave Jesus to die in our place. He made a way out for us.

    As others have pointed out, Jesus is not a political Messiah. We need to speak respectfully about injustices committed on both sides of the conflict, while realizing that peace (internal and cultural) will only come through forgiveness and love.

    One other very small point about the Crusades.
    During this time in history Muslim armies were attacking and overpowering the Middle East and Northern Africa and were moving up into Europe — forcing conversions, killing Christians/Jews, etc.
    The Crusades were a responsive effort by the Church, some of which went awry to be sure. We can debate whether or not they did the right thing, but history shows that the Crusades were primarily defensive and restorative in intent, to protect the people and reclaim lands.

  54. My friend, you are quite courageous. I read your book and was amazed at the touch of God in your life. I follow your site here every now and again, and this article here really caught my eye. I have a heart for Muslim people, particularly Palestinians. I too wonder at the idea that they do not read their own Quran, and suffer just like those under the Catholic Church suffered. I tried reading the Quran on my own, and I had not even made it through 2 Suras before I recognized ideas presented in it that did not compute with what I’ve learned from the actions of Muslims in the world. In the first few Suras, it talks about treating Christians and Jews respectfully. I am greatly confused by these obvious contradictions. I hope those Muslims who are being touched by the Holy Spirit to seek the truth will find your site and begin to wonder in their hearts about the god of the Quran. I pray peace and safety upon you, sir, and that the good Lord who kept you and brought you out of your life of lies will continue to keep His hand upon you and bring many to your website. Blessings, my friend.

  55. mosab-

    I just wanted to say that I recently heard your podcast interview with the International Spy Museum and think your story is incredible! I can’t imagine what you have been through! The Holy Spirit is at work through you. I look forward to seeing what will happen in the future and hope that peace will be found. God bless you, keep you safe, and give you strength! Never forget Psalm 23!

    from: a fellow Christian, age 18

  56. So how bout those Lakers?

  57. I have heard that Jesus is coming to Muslims in dreams and visions. Mosab, when I got your book I was anxious to see how you came to to believe in Jesus. I learned that it was by His teachings. I read your book twice. I was moved to pray for your family and especially for your beloved father.

    This is amazing: The bible (Old and New Testaments) contain 66 books. It was penned by 40 different men as God moved them over a period of 1500 years. From from beginning to end it meshes together and unveils the Messiah, the Savior Jesus, and the love of God for mankind.

    For someone seeking the truth, begin with the gospel of John in the New Testament. Many lives have been changed by this book. We can KNOW that we have eternal life by trusting in Jesus rather than works.

    Betty H.
    September 17, 2010

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