Up the revolution!

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“In a revolution, as in a novel, the most difficult part to invent is the end.”

Alexis de Tocqueville

Go to the BBC. Go to Al Jazeera. Go to Facebook, Twitter or any of thousands of blogs. What do you see?

The beginning of the end of Islam.

The violence and deaths are terrible. The Libyan massacre is criminal. The transitions are dangerous. Yet, the revolution is good news.

Two years ago, FOX produced a six-part documentary called “Escape from Hamas.” At the end of the first part, I told Jonathan Hunt that “I believe Islam is collapsing already. It looks from the outside like it’s growing. But from the inside, it’s completely collapsing. It’s not giving answers to the people. It’s not improving their lives. It’s not helping them at all. Within ten years, that’s it, Islam’s going to be over.”

I didn’t have inside information. I just knew the transformational influence that Al Hayat TV’s Arabic-language programming had on my life in Ramallah. Today, Al Hayat reaches 95 percent of the Arabic-speaking world. At any given time, between 20 and 50 million Arabs watch its informative and motivational satellite programs. They hear indisputable facts about Islam and the Prophet that no one in their communities would dare even to whisper, truth that is toppling the pillars of Islam.

I also knew two years ago that everybody today is plugged in. Information that has been hidden from Muslims for 1,400 years is suddenly at their fingertips with the click of a mouse. And anyone can pull a phone/mini-computer the size of a cigarette pack out of their pocket or purse and talk to one another across the street, across town, at the other end of the country, on the other side of the world.

With every news update from North Africa and the Middle East, the region emerges a little more from the Dark Ages.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church collapsed into a socio-political theocracy like Islam. Only priests had bibles, and few could even read them. For Christians, like Muslims, life became mindless obedience to man-made dogma and superstition. When Martin Luther nailed those ninety-five theses to the door of All Saints Church, his hammer echoed beyond Wittenberg to the remote corners of Europe. The Reformation would have dawned much sooner if he could have posted a few bullet points on Facebook.

Islamic political regimes cannot survive exposure. They cannot suppress informed people. They can’t fight social networks.

For 14 centuries, Islam crouched inside towering walls of isolation and ignorance. But the information and technology revolutions are shattering them like trumpet blasts before Jericho’s gates.

And the lies come tumbling down.

One of the biggest lies that has kept Islam alive is the belief that there is a difference between radical and moderate Islam. Islam is one, no matter where someone stands on the ladder between culture and jihad.

Another is the nature of Muhammad. Today, 1.5 billion Muslims follow a man they don’t know. Modern Muhammad is the creation of their imaginations. He bears no resemblance to the vile man who built a self-serving dynasty by oppressing his people and killing, in God’s name, everyone who opposed him.

On the other hand, today’s despots bear a striking likeness to the true Muhammad. Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad are Islamic leaders who get their strength from Islam and maintain their iron grip by Islam. They are the same stripe as caliphs from Muhammad and Abu Bakr to Al-Mustansir Billah and Abdul Majid.

But most Muslims do not understand this. They think, like Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, that the solution to all their problems is to return to Islam. They are like my father, who wants change but does not understand that the strength of the system he hates comes from Islam itself.

So what can we do to hasten Islam’s destruction?

We need another revolution. A second revolution against Muhammad and the Qur’an itself.

Al Hayat TV is systematically undermining the foundations of Islam. At the same time, on websites like, Islamic scholars—not Western theologians—disassemble the Qur’an and its variant readings, word by word, verse by verse, sura by sura and expose every historical, grammatical, social, political and scientific error and contradiction in what its followers are taught is a flawless, inerrant holy book.


The young men now in the Middle East, this confused generation, are angry and hungry and trying to bring down their political systems. They need to understand that their real fight is not against systems but against the ideology that spawned the systems. Only when Muhammad and the Qur’an are exposed will the people of North Africa and the Middle East have freedom. If we fail to reach them with the truth, they will rebuild far worse regimes than those they tore down.

When Christians understand the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, they become different people. And when Muslims understand the fraud that has oppressed them for centuries, they will look for a different way. They too will have the opportunity to become different people, free people. And the leaders that emerge from a free people will promote and protect their freedoms.

After we expose the true nature of Islam to the Muslim world, we must open the eyes of the rest of the world that tolerates and accommodates Islam.

If we join the information revolution alongside our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, it will not take ten years to destroy Islam. Islam will not survive even two more years.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prophesied that “the wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.” I believe him. But the global revolution will be against Islam, not of Islam.

  1. This is by far the greatest perspective on the current situation in the Middle East and North Africa. We must seize this moment and not let this window of opportunity close! There is a generation longing for freedom that can’t be found in Islam. I pray that the
    Church will arise and God will use us to be lights shining in the darkness. False religions, and corrupt political systems hide in darkness and enslave people by keeping them ignorant. I am committed to helping you Mosab to spread this message of TRUTH so that billions of people can be free. I share the vision that you see: This Islamic stronghold will be brought down, and the Prince of Peace…JESUS CHRIST will be exalted in every NATION!!!!
    Blessings to you BROTHER for committing to one of the greatest causes and movements of our generation.

  2. These are indeed exciting times! Pray, Pray, Pray! God is moving and we need to keep up, so we can minister when the occasion arises! Stay informed and be a witness with your hearts, mouths and lives!

    • I so glad you said that because we need to form a chain of enlightened beings in order to defend ourselves from the Muslim terror that is growing in our country, and the world, every single day. Blessings and love.

    • and most important is to keep the love in your heart even when you see all that hate around you, all that ignorance of defending the hate, and still keep the love and not allow anger to overtake you

  3. The G-d of Islam is the same G-d as the Christians and Jews so yes expose Islam but be carefull not to turn people away from G-d.Democracy is flawed and is an illusion of freedom.Mankind’s biggest problem is they want freedom.Freedom to do as they wish and to disregard the true teachings , that Kings and leaders of the nations of the earth are oppointed by G-d himself.Now most of the nations on earth choose their own leaders by democratic vote.When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords comes to rule the earth what will mankind’s responce be? REV0LUTION? FREEDOM? It started with the very first sin wanting to make decisions on our own and disobedience towards our master and creator.The only purpose we have is to have fellowship with our father and creator that is why we exist. Our so called freedom has caused our death. It is Human nature that is flawed not Islam.

    • Michelle,

      The god of Islam is not the same God as Jews/Christians.

      The pagan Arabs worshipped the Moon-god Allah by praying toward Mecca several times a day; making a pilgrimage to Mecca; running around the temple of the Moon-god called the Kabah; kissing the black stone; killing an animal in sacrifice to the Moon-god; throwing stones at the devil; fasting for the month which begins and ends with the crescent moon; giving alms to the poor, etc.

      The Muslim’s claim that Allah is the God of the Bible and that Islam arose from the religion of the prophets and apostles is refuted by solid, overwhelming archeological evidence. Islam is nothing more than a revival of the ancient Moon-god cult. It has taken the symbols, the rites, the ceremonies, and even the name of its god from the ancient pagan religion of the Moon-god. As such, it is sheer idolatry and must be rejected by all those who follow the Torah and Gospel. PLEASE RESEARCH: moongod.htm

      • Abdulla means slave of Allah. Prophet Mohammad’s father’s name was Abdullah, that is before Mohammad attain prophethood. That Allah was a pagan moon god Allah. Mohammad used the same Allah for his new relegion. It is not the same God of the Bible.

    • The God of Christians and the Jews is not the same God as Islam, where do you get that from ? The God of Allah is Satan.

    • Michelle,

      With respect to you, you are wrong if you believe that Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are the same pathway to God. They may have similar roots but they are NOT the same religion.

    • Michelle, allah is not the same god as the G-d of the Hebrews and Christians. He (allah) is an update of the moon god of Arabian pagans in the 6th and 7th centuries. Mohammed was a homicidal psychotic whose basic philosophy was my way or the caravan road (highway). And if islam is not flawed then there is no reason to pay attention to you anyway because simply by being female your beliefs are only worth half of any man.

    • NO the god of islam is NOT the same god as xtian & jewish gods

      only muslims & theologically ignorant asswipes claim this b.s.

      only xtians claim their god is the same as jewish god

      and of course, jews disavow both xtians & muslim claims about deity’s heritage

    • No. The God of the Bible and Allah ARE NOT THE SAME. That is why the entire Islamic religion is a rotten mess of contradictions and lies. What’s crazier is that when you study, compare and contrast the characteristics of God and Allah, ALLAH BEHAVES, THINKS AND TALKS LIKE THE BIBLICAL SATAN!!! And the Islamic messiah “Mehdi”, like the Biblical Antichrist!!!

  4. Mosab,
    Again, I thank God for you. God bless you and all of your dear ones. Amen.
    Most sincerely,
    Elizabeth Ann Kirby

  5. Really well written! I was wondering where you’ve been!

  6. Dear Mosab,
    I admire your clarity. Whereas our politicians and media go out of their way to condone all terrorism as having NOTHING to do with the underlying ideology. You see clearly, and identify the ROOT CAUSE of it all.
    However, that being said, I view current World events as being equally likely to result in the formation of TRUE ISLAMIC Caliphates that will in my opinion lead to severe bloodshed in a Religious war to come.
    I wish it were not so, but I believe a large core of TRUE MUSLIMS, perhaps 10’s of millions, will have to be drowned in their own blood for ISLAM to cease to exist. Again, I can only hope that most MUSLIMS see original ISLAM for what it is and rescue themselves out before they are forced to partake in her sins.

    Yes, I believe ISLAM will collapse, to the benefit of mankind, but it will not happen without a lot of suffering. Both to MUSLIMS and to the rest of the World.

    Long-term Optimist, Short term realist.

  7. “On the other hand, today’s despots bear a striking likeness to the true Muhammad. Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ben Ali, Ahmadinejad are Islamic leaders who get their strength from Islam and maintain their iron grip by Islam.”

    I didn’t quite get this as I was under the impression that Ben Ali was quite secular and,in fact, made wearing the hijab criminal for women in his country. So why do you call him an Islamist?

  8. Mosab, I see no hope, none at all, in these uprisings in each country. Islam plows on apace. I got a private e-mail day-before-yesterday, from a great missionary in the field, who also gathers funds to give to indigent preachers in the field, and to rescue the tortured as well as those in danger of being captured –as well as smuggling Bibles. He said that in each spot, there is no strong un-Islam person around, and that now is the window of opportunity to flood the areas with Bibles, since, when Islam asserts itself in each place, the borders are going to be shut so tightly as they “gain control” of each populace.


  9. Dear Mr. Hasan
    We need some help here with children of a marriage between a jewish girl and a muslim guy, if you can contact me at the email above, thank you much

  10. Joseph
    I would like to think you are right about Islam being on the way out. But after reading former PLO terrorist Walid Shoebats book “Gods war on terror” -Islam,Prophecy and the bible. I don`t think you could be more wrong.


  11. Mosab,

    I’m greatly enheartened to hear this from you. I believe that Islamists are a threat to our country but after this post I can see that maybe they aren’t. If Islam is failing we need to concentrate on helping to get God’s word to the people and our government needs to help the new governments get set up in such a way that they will help provide prosperity and hope for their people. You need to be in the US government as an advisor to our president!

  12. I pray you are right. If so then we must hasten to reach these Loved of God, with the Truth the Gospel, before the door is closed. Do you have knowledge of an effective way of doing this?

  13. Mr. Mosab Yousef, I just found out about your story. I am very grateful to the Lord for getting you to America.

    I am very excited about all the people of many nations that are standing up and demanding freedom and democracy. It is such a hopeful thing. By the Grace of God, all the people reaching for freedom and democracy will achieve that goal and use their freedom and democracy wisely.

    As a born again Christian, I have respect for Islam and Muslim people.

  14. Hi Mosab,

    Good article. I agree with you Mosab. And I just finished reading your very interesting book last night. Prior to that I also read “The Blood of the Lambs” by former Muslim Kamal Saleem. Mosab, I am so sorry to hear that your father disowned you (as it says he did right before the book was published). That must have been a hard blow. I hope you remain safe. May the Lord be a wall around you, may He go before you and be your rear guard also. I hope you are doing alright. You are very courageous.

  15. P.S. No, Michelle, the god of Islam is NOT the same as the God of the Holy Bible. They are completely different. The god of Islam is a god that man made in his own image: a god of lust, hate, and murder to satisfy his own lust, hate, and desire to murder which was and is in his own heart. It is the same “moon god” that ancient pagans worshiped. That is why they have a crescent moon on their flag.
    The God of Christianity teaches us to do the very opposite of what our soul nature wants; He is a God of love, Truth, forgiveness, self-sacrifice, gentleness, kindness, purity and holiness. He does NOT require us to jump through religious hoops and perform silly rituals, but simply to REPENT AND BELIEVE on His only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who gave His own life as ransom for all for the forgiveness of SINS and Who rose from the dead to give us eternal life.

    • Sorry most of the comment are completely wrong. The crescent has never been an islamic symbol. It was imported by the ottomans after Constantinople conquest. The crescent was an ancient symbol of hellenic bull god. On the top of all the ancient mosques especially in the Mafghreb you will never see a crescent. Most of you do not really know islam and simply follow the overwhelming propaganda that goes against. Even Mosab, and even his father and hamas and alike do not know islam either. We, true muslims are strong in our fait in justice, in dignity, and in our GOD Allah creator of evrey thing no matter how you call HIM. We beliive that war and violence is only permissible and eventually mandatory in case of self defence. Unjust agression are absolutely forbiden in islam. But obviously no one of you know that. We do not care how you judge us. We care about how the ALMIGHTY judge us. That’s it! This is bull shit! it is only political propaganda. And we know to whom’s benefit. On GOD we rely.

  16. Mr. Mosab Yousef,

    I have a great deal of respect for you, Sir, for your courage to speak out as my Brother in Christ. Something you said stuck with me. This quote,” They need to understand that their real fight is not against systems but against the ideology that spawned the systems.”

    Sir, I admit that I do not know that much about the Middle East. I have been watching the Egyptian Revolution and now the Libyan Revolution. It seems like Mobarak persecuted and oppressed Muslim people. It also seems like Gaddafi is not really trying to be a Muslim, but self serving.

    One of the things that struck me the most in the Egyptian protests is when men were praying and being sprayed by water cannons as they prayed. I felt compassion on them and solidarity with them (despite our different beliefs), because their praying while being persecuted reminded me of how often Christian people act in the face of persection.

    Sir, I don’t think Islam was behind Mobarak’s attacks on his people or Gaddafi’s attacks on his people. As a Christian, I appreciated how Christians and Muslims united to stand for Freedom in Egypt. I will be honest with you, Sir, my hope is that Christians and Muslims get along with eachother. Yes Sir, I pray for everybody’s salvation. I just hope that by not being judgemental against other beliefs, Love can work in people’s lives.

    Sir, I think the “love of money” and power was behind Mobarak’s treatment of his people and Gaddafi’s treatment of his people.


  17. Mr. Mosab Yousef,

    Sir, I was writing a note to a gentleman, who I care about, in Egypt. I finally, understand what you were saying regarding Islam. Sir, here is a copy of the note I wrote, if I may.

    The reason America is prosperous and enjoys a lot of freedom is that America was founded to be a Christian Nation. Some of the first people to come to America made a covenant with the Lord, stating the mission of America is for the Glory of God and the Advancement of the Christian faith.

    Here is a quote from what is called the Mayflower Compact. The signers of the Mayflower Compact stated: “Having undertaken for the Glory of God, and Advancement of the Christian Faith…”

    “The Mayflower Compact was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. It was written by the colonists, later together known to history as the Pilgrims, who crossed the Atlantic aboard the Mayflower. Almost half of the colonists were part of a separatist group seeking the freedom to practice Christianity according to their own determination…”

    Honestly, anyone in any nation can have prosperity, protection and favor from our Creator. I saw the story of a man in China who started off living with his family in a small room, all of his family in a small place. He got born again, then the Lord started helping him. He got a bicycle and started his own business in China. Now, years later he has a big business in China. I heard about this man from China from a ministry. I watched him tell his story. That to me proves that anybody, anywhere can be prosperous with the Lord.

    I believe the Lord is why America is a prosperous nation. I believe that as long as America reverences the Lord, America will be a prosperous nation. I believe anyone in any nation can be prosperous if they reverence the Lord. I believe I can be prosperous in any nation, and protected in any nation as long as I reverence the Lord.

    Freedom and Democracy are not why America is prosperous. The Lord is the reason why America is prosperous. Americans get Freedom and Democracy because we reverence the Lord. The Lord is way into free will. The Lord is the reason we have freedom in America.

  18. Mosab,

    I can seem to understand where you come from, but when you say a war AGAINST islam, you are claiming for a war against 21% of the world’s population, and the only way to describe that is racial discrimination. I am totally against you on that stance. yes, perhaps Muslims today are dealing with the world’s issues in a way that is controversial, but Hamas’ war is not an Islamic one, it is a political one, and it is to be justified by religion to gain its support. Mubarak is not a “Muslim” leader but rather a corrupt Western influenced leader. Sometimes I read the Quran and question if I believe in certain aspects of it, but at the same time I question the same ideals of the other 2 holy scriptures. The problem isnt religion itself, its what we do with it, how we justify our actions with it. Waging a revolution against a whole race of people isnt the answer, because at the end of the day the majority of Muslims are just normal human beings who have a lack of interest in politics and dont care to “spread their divine words,” but simply have a firm conviction in their belief in God. Not a bunch of people out to get the world, as you and many others claim them to be.

  19. wondering what everyone thought of this letter from Muhammad to Muslims about the treatment of Christians

  20. Mosab,

    Have you viewed the film, “Little Town of Bethlehem” a Ethnographic Media film? It shares the human story of 3 Middle East men from different sides of the conflict who make a courage choice of nonviolence. I highly recommend it. Go to to see a preview and order a copy.


  21. Mosab, May the Lord Christ bless you. I will start following your blogs more often. I love your perspective on things especially that I am an arab myself who was born and lived in the middle east. Your book was amazing…God bless.

  22. Dear Mosab,

    I read your book. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. Then last Wednesday I visited the church in Auburn where you were interviewed by the pastor in front of a large congregation there. Someone asked what we should pray for on your behalf, and you mentioned praying for the movie you are making, that it might be done well and be successful.

    Just a thought: If you make the movie for the purpose of freedom of expression, I believe you will have a measure of success. If you do it to try and convince Muslims to your point of view, you are bound to be disappointed. The old adage, “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still,” applies here. No matter how the facts are presented, the river of religion runs deep. Its course is not easily diverted or changed.

    I just thought I’d share that with you. You are a special person with a special mission. I very much enjoyed your book and the interview you did with Pastor Denham in Auburn. Take care & G-d bless.

  23. Mosab,Thank you is not enough to convey how much I thank you for all that you do to share the truth..I enjoyed the time we got to tag team on Facebook together…I still use your You Tubes to share your story..many as you well know are getting saved and are having a walking relationship with Yeshua..I pray for you daily that each day you get closer to Yeshua,and keep in sync with the HOLY SPIRIT…!!!

  24. This is a great teachng to back up what Mosab is sharing…PRAYER is a great weapon that we have to help make it easier to get people set free from disception…Mosab my prayer for you will always be that you will be in sync with the Holy Spirit and that the NEW COVANENT(YESHUA AND HIS WORD) will be so deeply rooted in your whole being..BE BLESSED..!! IF YOU NEED ANYTHING DEAR BROTHER JUST ASK OF US AND WE WILL HELP YOU AS THE LORD LEADS US.!!!

  25. since you wrote this on my birthday, I felt I had to answer, the fact that Islam is 21% of our population should not have any affect on anything. majority does not make it right, or racial. If Muslims made up 50% of the population would that be racist? if Islam made up 1% of the population, would it make any difference? No. fact is Hamas is a Muslim organization, even if they are also political, Hamas is a terrorist organization too. Of course Islam is connected to them in a big way. We all know that not every muslim is a terrorist that belongs to Hamas, but every member of hamas is a Muslim. So we should just let them kill people because some muslims are not terrorists?

    • I’m against Hamas and their version of Islam, but I’m not against Islam. I agree with Shayna that they are mainly political. Islam is not why they have their opinions about Israel and Palestine.

      • As Mosab is always pointing out there is no such thing as “the Islam of Hamas”, radical islam vs moderate Islam. The “Islam o Hamas” is the TRUE Islam, the Islam of the Quran, a disgusting book that teaches nothing but hatred and violence.Islam is the root cause of all evil in the Middle East. Islam and Christianity are VERY different from each other, not just because Muslims don’t believe in the divinity of Jesus. I mean MORALITY. Even though Jesus is mentioned in a few verses in the Quran, His moral teachings are completely omitted. In fact they are constantly contradicted throughout the Quran. Mohamed should be the model for Muslims. What did he do? Mass murder, terror, rape, child abuse.
        Islam is a CANCER that must be erradicated, just like illiteracy.

  26. I am a Christian Arab and lived my first 18 years in the middle east. I am Praying for the stability of the region. My fear is that the Muslim Brotherhood will somehow manage to take over a bigger role in the coming governments. This will make matters even worse.

    • that is my biggest fear, and the writing on the wall is that it would be very easy and possible for them to do that, and if they do, the lives of all those people will only get much worse.

  27. It has been foretold that the gospel will be preached to all nations. Our God is merciful and that’s why he’s showing himself to some people in the Middle East and North Africa to preach it (gospel of Christ) even when preachers find it difficult to reach them. He’s given humanity wisdom to advance in technology and also using it to his advantage as the gospel is preached through satellite TVs. Glory be to God, the King of Kings, the one whose words will never fail.

    I am also excited that Joyce Meyer’s teaching is on ‘Al Haya’. Her teachings are practical and helps new believers to grow in their walk with Christ.

    This is to encourage Christians to study the bible and help spread the gospel. Many of us are born into Christian homes but are not Christians. How can become a better person or spread the gospel when you don’t know what it says.

    It’s time for many so-called Christians to be serious Christians

  28. With all respect. I write this comment not only as a reply to this post but to this blog. To be against Hamas is different than to be against Islam. I don’t like Hamas, but I think that your opinions about Islam are narrow-minded. Why be narrow-minded if you don’t like narrow-mindedness? You don’t have to believe in Islam, neither do I, but Islam in itself is a religion. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has one version of Islam, and that is only one of all versions of Islam that exist.

    I’m a 23 year old woman from Sweden and will apply for Islamic Studies, I have cared about issues about Islam for a long time. I don’t understand how some people can distance themselves from narrow-mindedness, but at the same time, be equally narrow-minded. I don’t know you personally and I don’t mean this as an insult. I criticize a lot of versions of Islam, but I don’t think that Islam in itself is bad.



    • Hanna, I am an Arab Christian too by birth. What versions of Islam are you talking about? Islam is ONE version!! This the biggest lie Muslims do to westerners to convince them that Islam is somehow compatible with western values. Don’t fall for this. The Quran says to cut the thieves hand, what version of Islam does not follow this? If there is a “Muslim” nation that does not follow it, then they are really following Islam. Islam in its core (Quran and Hadith) has no room for different versions. It’s as clear as the sun in the sky. It’s violent, intolerant and vicious. What’s funny is that Muslims keep saying that the Quran speaks favorily for Christians and Jews, which is not the case as it sometimes does and other times it doesn’t. As Mosab says, you can find whatever you want in the Quran depending on the situation. If Muslims are weak, they love everyone, if they are strong, everyone is an infidel. What’s even funnier is the Other religions on earth, How does Islam treat those? Those are infidels no matter what and they should be killed or come to Islam. this stupidity called different versions of Islam is something I’ve never heard of in my 18 years that I’ve lived in the middle east and does not exist. It only exist in the West to deceive the westerners into thinking that Osama is not a Muslim. Osama is a real muslim who follows Islam to the teeth. Osama represents the true Islam and everything he does comes from Islam so stop deceiving yourself with all these so called “versions” as they’ve never existed EVER!

      • Here is some about Islamism, which is political Islam.

        There are different versions of Islam and people have different interpretations. I have read much about Islam and I hope to study Islamic Studies, and I don’t believe in Islam. The problem are fundamentalist beliefs among both Muslims and non-Muslims. Osama bin Laden could have been a religious Muslim and have a totally different version of Islam if he had other political opinions.

        You find what you want to find. Even Christianity can be used in a oppressive way if people want to use it in that way. But the problem is not the existence of Christianity. Neither is Judaism the reason why Yitzhak Rabin was killed by Yigal Amir, but the problem was the political opinions of Amir. He could have been a religious Jew and have other political opinions than those that he had or has.

        And the same is for Hamas and people that belong to them. I have discussed with a Hamas member as well and I don’t support them, and would never support them. But Islam is not the problem, it is their version of Islam.

        Hanna, 23

    • With all due respect, the defenders of Islam need to first learn about Islam because its like saying a gun is not bad in itself. Of course that is a given, but a gun can kill if you give it to a murderer, or even as an accident. Islam is a misguided religion,or maybe its not even a religion. Before you defend it, please go study what it REALLY is teaching. I used to think the same way you did, until I found out the truth…. and I can’t say i didn’t pay the price because I did and I still am. Stop defending the terroristic notions of our society and join the million of us who are now seeking to live in a world of peace and love.

      • With my respect, but I have cared about this issue since I was 15, and I always react to peoples narrow-minded opinions. That is partly why I read about Islam, because I can not just believe what some people tell me, Muslims or non-Muslims.

        There was a program about the Koran that was sent on the Swedish Television last year, and it’s called “Koranen”, but I don’t know if it exists in English. It brought up different versions of Islam and also pointed out that people have different versions of Islam and that they have those because of different reasons.

        People find what they want to find, Muslims and non-Muslims. You can be a religious Muslim and support peace, such as an imam that I saw on the BBC that was interviewed about the Community Center in the New York City. You can be a religious Muslim and support Islamism.

        If people are against narrow-mindedness and fanaticism, then why be narrow-minded and fanatic? I think that several of the comments to this post are narrow-minded, and most of the people who commented here are probably against the narrow-mindedness that they think is in Islam.

      • I don’t defend terrorism or violent versions of any Religion, and would never do so.

  29. Islam is a problem, and comparing it to Christianity or Judaism is like comparing apples to oranges, because at this moment in history Christianity and Judaism are not actively promoting terrorism. Islam is actively promoting terrorism. The problem is Islam, and the Quaran, or Koran, lol (I dont know how to spell it)but it is the problem. Until when will you keep defending the religion of terrorism? is it until they knock down your door and murder your entire family? Please open your eyes before its too late. It may already be too late. But I sure hope not.

    • Several parts of the Koran can be used in order to legitimate it, and parts of the Bible as well. Parts of the Koran can be used in order to be against terrorism, and parts the Bible as well. It’s like that. You don’t have to believe in Islam and you don’t have to like Islam. But it’s not that simple.

  30. Protect our planet from terrorists and their notion. Earth needs us today more than ever. Stop defending that which should not be defended.

    A poem by Hina Kehkashan Behleem

    Love and protect our earth
    Our earth is our home
    Our earth is our life
    She gives us shelter
    She endows beautiful sights
    Our earth Eden is suffering
    You can see it all around
    she has given us too much
    she needs our care now
    love and protect our earth

  31. A nice poem! I would never defend terrorism though, and have never done so.

  32. Hanna Bard, I see what you are saying. There are many versions of Christianity, probably as many as there are Christians. Each person has their own interpretation of the Bible.

    Some Christians believe in healing, some don’t. Some Christians believe in prosperity, some don’t. Some Christians believe in deliverance, some don’t. I could go on.

    Some Christians have strong faith and some just go through the motions of going church and doing the Christian thing.

    The thing I have been learning the past few years is how important love is in the Christian walk. The Bible says that without love, all it is a bunch of noise.

    I am hoping that if I am loving towards people they will see that my God is Love.

    I do appreciate people in the Muslim world, the Arab world. I see people with beautiful hearts, warm hearts who are open to being friendly with Christian people. I want to meet them with love and not judgementalness. Just like I appreciate all the people who let me be me with my faith and don’t judge me, I want to do the same with others and treat them with the same respect.

    I appreciate that the Muslim people I have met have not been judgemental of me for my beliefs. I appreciate their warmth and kindness.

  33. Yikes, Shayna. Did not Jesus say that He is the door, and unless oneself comes through Him they cannot see the Father? Would you let your beloved Muslims pass out of this life without you letting them know that?

    • Ma Sands, I pray for people’s salvation. I don’t have to hit them over the head with the Bible. I pray for peoples’ salvation. I be loving towards people in my life, hoping they see Love in me. I trust the Lord to work in peoples’ hearts. Whether I have friends who are Liberals or from other faiths, I want to meet them in love not judgementalness.

      In college I have been around mainly Liberals and then I have meet people from all over the world. I pray for people. I do my best to treat my friends with love no matter what their beliefs are. Most of the people who have come through my life are Liberals or just Americans who have never really heard of the Lord.

      I pray for people and do my best to treat people with respect. I trust the Lord to work in peoples’ hearts. There are so many people who have come through my life that I love. I pray for them and trust the Lord to work in their hearts. “Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved.” I believe that.

      I hope people of different faiths see Love in me.

      • @ the new, pretty name of “Shaynaleilani” : )

        Within your own words, you reveal a fear to speak…..
        Here is what your words brought to my mind, as an answer to you:

        How then shall they call on Him in Whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in Him of Whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?
        — the book of Romans, in the Bible; chapter 10; verse 14

  34. Shayna, thank you! Yes, there are many interpretations of Christianity as well.

    Ma Sands: Don’t you think that there are Muslims with equally narrow-minded opinions about Christians, and who say similar things about non-Muslims, as you say about Muslims?


  35. @ Hanna:

    Opinion. Not opinion, dear, but Jesus’ own words: the door IS narrow –He said so…….and not many shall find it. He said that also. Rives my heart, seeing how many of us there are…..

  36. I’m sure that some Muslims say similar things about Islam. You have a right to believe in Christianity and Muslims have right to believe in Islam.

    • @ Hanna…..

      It is quite obvious you do not know Him as saviour……and eternity is such a long time… I ache for you!

      Am praying Jesus the Christ will cause your heart to yearn for Himself.

      • @Hanna, you have no clue what Islam is and what Christianity is! There is no such thing as different versions of the core Christian belief that Jesus is God became man and died for our sins on the cross to fulfill the prophecies in the old testament. The core to all Christians is this belief. Yes, they differ on the small things, but not the core faith. Christians follow Christ and we all know Christ’s teachings from the NT. That’s how you should behave. Let me show you the difference between Jesus and Mohammad. What were the last words spoken by them? Mohammad said to fight everyone until the become Muslims (surah 9-5 and 9-29). Jesus forgave the people that crucified him! How can you even argue that you can justify violence based on the Bible? The OT is not ours. I keep hearing this like we should follow WHAT THE PEOPLE did in the OT like we don’t have Jesus at all!! NO CHRISTIAN HAS EVER COMMITTED A CRIME SAYING “IN THE NAME OF JESUS” I do so and so. Muslims on the other hand are constantly shouting “Allah Akbar” when they do their crimes and “smite their heads off like the prophet did” Stop hiding like you’re not a Muslim, we don’t care. You can study Islam in a university if you like, we don’t care. You really think that you know better than Mosab? Mosab said “the worst terrorist has more sympathy in his heart than the god of Islam Allah”. When he says this, who the heck do you guys think you are to come in here and try to defend Islam and tell us what “real” islam should be and so forth. I’ve lived in Syria for 18 years, and I’ve never EVER heard this stupidity about different versions of Islam until I moved to the US. This idea that Islam can somehow be in different versions is only new to the West. Tell me, When Allah said to cut the hands of the thief, What version of Islam is this that can deny that? ANSWER ME……oh yeah, the version that completely ignores it…OK. Stop trying to tone Islam down to a version that’s ok with today’s standards. God creates standards that are compatible with all times like the teachings of Jesus. If you don’t like Islam nor Christianity, then convert to some other religion or have no religion at all. Islam is not the answer. Islam is the most dangerous threat humanity has ever faced. Luckily, the Saudi’s are dumb enough not to have nuclears or we’ll be all dead by now or Muslims.

      • I respect religions, but not every version of religions, such as extreme beliefs and values that don’t accept other peoples religions.

    • the difference is hope that we will not kill muslims for what they believe, and who they are, but muslims will kill us for what we believe and who we are, especially if we jews. Your idea of a right to believe is not a comparison at all, I wonder why you defend islam so much, are you Muslim? or just ignorant of what Islam is?

  37. i love you so much Mosab,everything you say is so true,may God protect you !!!!! You are a bless for the world.
    You are a brave man and you must continue spreading the truth…

  38. I was on Jerusalem post commenting in the past. Some Jewish people are still hurt by some things that Christian people did to them in the past. I believe it was the Crusades that Jewish people mentioned. “The specific crusades to restore Christian control of the Holy Land were fought over a period of nearly 200 years, between 1095 and 1291.”

    It was hard to be confronted with what Christian people did to Jewish people in the past. All I could do was apologize. People of all religions have done wrong.

    • Shayna, the miracle of christians standing with jews in Israel is in fact amazing. Yes Christains have killed jews in the name of Jesus, but that was in the past, in the present it is muslim’s that are killing jews now, so the past is not relevant to the present. Muslims need to be stopped from killing NOW,

  39. Hanna, Thank You for your very kind words.

    Hope, I was just talking about what I was confronted with when I was on Jpost. Some Jewish people are still upset about the past and don’t trust Christians because of things in the past.

    I think people in all religions can get carried away. I am not prepared to judge a whole race of people because of a few. I am inspired by the people of Egypt. In Egypt Muslims protected Christians as they prayed. Christians protected Muslims as they prayed. I think love is what is needed between Christians and Muslims.

    I believe Christians and Muslims can get along. I believe Egyptians are a good example for the world. If their hearts are open for love, others’ hearts can be too. I think if we let love run its course people would be amazed.

  40. Shayna, I repeat…..

    Time is so short…..if you love them, you would not let them be!

  41. Ma’am, I can pray for people, individuals and nations of people, in the privacy of my own home. And I can go out into the world and love on people. My God is Love, if I am not exemplifying love, then how will anyone see my God? If there is no love, then all they will see is religion.

    I am around Americans who have no idea of the Lord. If I am loving toward them they have a chance to see my God. I can pray for people in the privacy of my own home. It is the Holy Spirit that works in peoples’ hearts. “Anyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved”.

  42. @ Shayna…..

    You are absolutely right about that, dear. It is so much a relief to know you are not leaving them as you find them. : )

  43. Ma’am, I don’t want to be rude, but it bothers me when you say “them”. It is like “them”- insert the race. “Them” are people who are no different than us.

    Today, I read a racist comment on an Arab blog. That is no different than white people saying “them”. If you get to know Arab people then you find out that they are good people, family people.

    In Egypt Muslims and Christians have been able to get along, in general. Muslims and Christians even got together and ousted a dictator, with minimal blood shed. Muslims protected Christians while they prayed. Christians protected Muslims while they prayed.

    My generation of people around the world talk to eachother on the net. The interconnectedness of the web gives me hope that people in the younger generations will see past race, creed and nationality.

    I love your generation of women, you teach the younger generation how to be ladies. I am hoping the younger generation will teach the previous generations some things, too.

    • shayna: how old are you?

    • @shayna, For God’s sake, Muslims and Christians get along in Egypt?? where do you live? I lived in the middle east for the first 18 years of my life. I asked one of my Egyptian friend about the treatment of Christians in Egypt. He said “if your name is George, you’re not likely to get a job anywhere”. There is also a great deal of problems such as the Muslims hijacking Christian girls and forcing them to convert to Islam then marrying them to Muslims and the cops don’t do anything about it. Ask any Christian Egyptian and they will tell you how horrible it is in Egypt for them. In my country Syria, Muslims and Christians get along very well, but that’s because the government is secular and is not Islamic.

  44. Shayna….you are correct…..”them” is not descriptive enough……for the purposes of which I am speaking to you, here, I could say, instead, the people you love who do not yet know Jesus as Savior. : )

  45. @Hanna, I pray for you that may the Lord Christ open up your heart to him to have an everlasting life like he did to Mosab. I pray that you see Islam for what it is and I pray that you become one of our Lord’s followers like many other Muslims I personally know. I love Muslims, but I despise Islam. Again Hanna, I pray for you, Please Lord open up Hanna’s heart to you so she becomes a true follower of yours. Thank you Lord.

    • And I would pray to G-d that people would be less narrow-minded. If I were a Christian, I would not think that Islam in itself is bad. I don’t think that any religion in itself is bad.

  46. This is not an accurate analysis of the various uprisings and political situation in the middle east. The uprisings are against secular governments, not Islamic governments (who themselves are no better), and no the leaders of the secular governments do not get their strengths from Islam anymore than the despots in South America or Africa got his strength from Christianity just because they have a Christian background.

    The problem with the Middle East is not because of Mohammed or Islam. The middle east was a mess before Mohammed was born, before even Jesus was born and continued to be a mess after their deaths.

    The Middle East was filled with strife and hatred when the region was predominately Christian and Zoroastrian before the advent of Islam, and continues in the same manner after becoming an Islamic region. This region is a hopeless place for many reasons, namely because of their dysfunctional regional tribal based political culture-one that neither Jesus nor Mohammed could heal.

    No one else has a problem creating reasonably humane societies such as those found in Malaysia, Senegal or Indonesia or Albania or Bangladesh(muslim majority countries). Even Pakistan has some semblance of democratic institutions albeit an imperfect one.

    Neither communism nor Arab Nationalism, nor Christianity nor Islam has been able to bring law and Order in this region. Maybe secular Jeffersonian democracy?

    The Middle East needs Christianity like a bullet in the head. If they became Christians, they would simple revert to crusading against each other and the world.

    Somebody else, please come up with a better analysis and better suggestions than simply ranting about Mohammed and Islam.

    What is it about you Arabs that make you go from from one extreme to another Mosab?


    • Safiya, Hi, I respectfully disagree. I have tremendous hope for the region. I am so touched by the people of North Africa and the Middle East reaching for democracy and freedom. By the Grace of God, they will achieve democracy and freedom and use it wisely.

      I believe it is our job to be supportive of them.

      • Shayna, Hope is great, and I am glad you have it for the people of our planet, and I hope you are right, but obviously you have no clue what is really going on there. As of today, supporting the revolutionaries, we still dont know who they are and what they want, they have so far been against the civilian gov and for radical, but, soon very soon you will find out who REALLY takes over that region, and of course you will blame the US , but thats the way the media spins it. But if I am right, the uprising in the middle east will result with totalitarian gov. much worse than the one in power now.

    • Safiya, I am an Arab Christian by birth and lived in Syria for 18 years. I respectfully disagree with you. You have made many points with absolutely no supporting evidence. Christians in the middle east had never been at war with each other, absolutely never! Only when the Muslims came the middle east, wars started to happen. the sunnies and shiates have always been at war for 1400 years and that will not stop ever. The Arab Muslims until this day fight within each other. It happens very often. A sect of palestinians, not too long ago, called out HAMAS as traitors because they supposedly “respected Israel too much” and a fight broke out that ended with Hamas coming in and killing like a 100 of them. Yeah, you heard that correct, some sect called Hamas “infidels”. My Dad and I were watching TV together when this came on the news, and we laughed so hard. We just couldn’t believe what we were seeing! Islam is the problem in the middle east. To take Mohammad as a solution means to not have any sort of democracy in the middle east ever. Mohammad killed anyone who criticized him and ruled exactly as today’s dictators do. Where do you think all of these dictators came from? just out of the blue? Islamic Khalifas throughout history have always ruled like this. Mohammad was poisoned, Omar was killed, Osman was killed, and Ali was killed also (3 out of 4 first kalifas in “golden” age). Then history also reports the same thing happening to many Islamic khalifas as well. They then started to have someone taste their food for them before they eat it and so on (Saddam had one too). The Islamic history is filled with blood, murder, assassination..and so on. Dictators didn’t just come from out of the blue. They came from a long Islamic history of the khalifa being scared for his life from assassins and people trying to kill him. The Christians on the other hand had never been at war with each other in the middle east, and they were long established before Moe.

      • Hello William, I enjoyed reading your point of view as one who has lived in Syria for many years. I traveled there in early 2009 and enjoyed the country and people very much. What you wrote is interesting, however, I never would have considered Saddam and other dictators on par with the Muslim caliphs. Saddam, Mubarak, Assad, Bin Ali and so forth seem much more secular, but maybe I am wrong in thinking the first caliphs were very religious men.

        I think Christians can be as mean and nasty as any other group, but if one truly follows Christ he or she cannot. That’s why labels seem so cheap. I don’t think you can be “born Christian,” but must make a personal decision to follow Christ. Those who are Christian in name only or cultural Christians often do horrible things. Actually any of us who say we are Christian often do horrible things when we start doing what we want and stop following Christ.

        Thanks for sharing your perspective as an Arab Christian.

      • William: I totally have seen the history and the current situation of Islam, you are totally right. Comparing other religions to Islam is one of the most rediculous things that people do. Problem is that so many people think it is just another religion. I think that is the biggest problem. However, people that have lived with Islam, one way or another, they know the facts, they know the real danger, and it is our duty to educate the ignorant masses who really just dont know. That is the only thing we can do, and pray they listen. However, it is not our job to MAKE them listen. The jews in europe and Germany were warned many times about what Hitler was doing, but those who didnt listen, died, those who listened some of them also died, but most of them were saved. somebody told me today that she saw on the news an Isreali guy who thought he was smart and went to the Palestenians in Ramalla to offer peace and tell them that he was on their side. There is a group of Israelie’s who have turned against israel and support of Palestenians. I call them mentally ill. Do you know what happen to that guy? as will happen with any Israel or american who is Idiotic enough to offer a peaceful hand to the muslim enemy. The muslims, killed him. lol, I say he deserves to die for being stupid enough to turn against the victim and go kiss butt to the murderers. I say that everybody who thinks that Islam is a peaceful religion and compars it to all other religions, should go to a country run my muslims and offer a helping hand. Maybe then, if they are lucky enough to come out alive, they wlll know the truth. Otherwise we can sit here an do nothing about the terroristic Islam, and one day soon they will come knocking on our door too. the it will be too late, like it is in France.

  47. Hi Shayna, Hope you are right and I am wrong.

  48. What I meant to say- I wish for you to be right and for me to be wrong.

  49. Tikva McCaddem, It is odd hearing people say what you said. Do people think that maybe, maybe, maybe people in the Arab world and North Africa might, just might want human rights and freedom like other people?

    I apologize if that sounds rude, but I am tired of hearing people say that. People in the Middle East and North Africa are human beings like us, and it is not surprising to me that they want to have basic human rights.

    A female in Bahrain is on a hunger strike to get the Bahrain government to release her dad (a Human Rights Activist), her husband, brother in law, uncle and cousin. Her dad was severely beaten and hauled to prison, by masked men, with the other men, because they spoke up for the political prisoners in Bahrain.

    Do Westerners and Americans think that maybe people in the ME and N. Africa might want to be free from oppression and regimes that have had a history of torture?

    There is a Proverb that says, “Fear of man will prove to be a snare”. What I see is Americans and some others reacting in Fear to the events in the ME and N. Africa. That more than likely is a snare. “Fear of man will prove to be a snare”. I find it best not to fear man. If we are wise we will support people who want freedom, and oppose governments like Bahrain who have human rights violations.

    • I didnt say that people in the middle east do not want peace as much as anyone else. We are all human and we all want the same things in a deeper level. I also believe that we aer all children of one God, and therefore we are all connected and in essence we are all one. Whatever happens in the middle east is directly what is happening to us. I want all people to live with love and freedom and joy.
      I said that you do not understand the way that Islam works, and you are seeing it as a different perspective. Perhaps you should go to the middle east and help the rebels, than you will come back with a reality view of what they want and how they think. That is if they don’t kill you.
      I do not wish for anyone to be hurt, or to suffer any more than you do. I just know that society from close up and I know how they work and what they do. Perhaps you should get that education first hand.

  50. Hope, Hi,I don’t think I need to go fight with the Opposition to understand people. However, if I did go fight with the Opposition, I would trust the Lord to protect me. He always does. If it was in the Lord’s will I would go fight with the Opposition; however, I think I can accomplish more for them if I pray for their safety.

    I know people. If you approach people with love, and not fear, or aggression, people tend to respond favorably. Of course, that could also be the Favor of God, which I rely on heavily.

    I am learning to go through life rejecting fear. In studying the Bible it is easy to see how fear can be a snare. I think to approach people with love.

    I know that the Lord protects me and mine, so I don’t have to fear people down the street or across the world. Think about it, if we really trust the Lord to protect us, then we don’t need to fear people. (There are promises of protection in the Psalms, Psalm 91 is excellent prayer of protection.)

    If I remember correctly, the Bible says “blessed are the peacemakers”. I have met Muslim people who are open to discuss issues with Americans on the blogs.

    I have been inspired by an Egyptian man in my age group. I was so impressed that he and other Egyptians, like Christians and think good about Christians. That inspires me.

    If you listen to the tv all you hear is bad about people. But if you actually get to know people of other cultures you find they are really the same.

  51. I found the scripture that I was reminded of. Matthew 5:9. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” I remembered that scripture one day and I thought, “Yes, I want to be a peacemaker”.

    Because people have been oppresses and impoverished by dictators, some of which have been US supported, some in the Muslim world think like you do about them. Some think the same way you do, but about Americans.

    I hope, by the Grace of God, that people in the Muslim world can see people who have love and see that we are okay people. We have had godless leaders who have done godless things to people. But if people in the Muslim world can see that we are not bad people, then maybe by the Grace of God, we can find peace with eachother.

    Yes, you can read the end of the Book, but the end of the Book could be 100, 200, 500, 1000 years from now. I think to live in the meantime and hope my children have a better world to live in.

  52. Shayna, Shayna, Shayna……ya gotta separate politics from people reacting to people from God’s Word to us. You’ve got ’em all mixed together, and the mish-mash blinds you to His clear command to “go”, blinds you to the suffering one must endure, by His power, in order to love as Jesus the Christ did.

  53. Oh and by the way, I did a disseration on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. To sum it up, I am reminded of the Proverb 25:21(also Romans 12:20)that says feed your enemies.

    I practice that Proverb. I have found that sometimes enemies become friends and sometimes people just leave you in peace. Either way is good, but it allows the Lord to work in the situation.

    One last thing, a lot people in the younger generation in the ME tend to like America. I think this is an opportune time to work towards being friends with people in the Middle East.

  54. Ma’am who must endure suffering?

    Maybe that is the problem with some of our leaders. They put the Lord in a box, and deal with things in the world seperately from the Lord.

    No, the Word is a light unto my feet. The Word should guide us, not man’s thinking on politics.

    • @ Shayna…..

      You, dear, and all who would truly follow His Word.
      Your words all, all point to caring more than anything, that they like you.
      Your “way” shows fear, fear of them not liking you.
      You are letting your fear allow them to not hear the vital message: this life is but a breath compared to eternity, and the best place to spend eternity is with the One Who took on human form, and shed every drop of His blood, as payment for our sins, but is only good for each one of us if we accept that sacrifice from Him, to wash away our own sins, each one of us.
      You are afraid to tell them that is the only Way, and that it is a narrow way, and that Jesus the Christ said few will find it. –He told us to tell them.
      There is only one other place they can go, after leaving this life –and you are not pointing them away from that!

  55. Ma’am I don’t have fear of people not liking me, I try to tell the truth in love. When you find out how oppressed and impoverished people are in the ME then, then I feel compassion on them.

    I want America to get along with people in the Middle East, North Africa. I believe we can be friends, I truly believe that. If you could see people’s hearts you could see that their is hope for America to have good relations with the Middle Eastern people.

    Most people in the world are family people just like us. Give them a chance, give Love a chance.

    • Shayna: all your books and research into the middle east, does not mean much in a way of undersatnd their ways. You need to go live with them for a while, and dont be afraid, if they kill you it will be fast. God will not allow anyone to kill you before your time, However, I dont think you will ever understand, I will not even attempt to make you understand any more, because I give up on you. Now it is up to God to show you the truth. I am sure God will take care of you and protect you, if you like it or not.
      blessings and love

    • Oh, Shayna, Shayna, Shayna –you sound so much like the hippies of the 1960’s….. : )
      You have no concept of history, nor of the human condition, nor of Jesus Christ. That is sad.

      • ma sands, the art of a conversation is knowing when it is not going anywhere, Shayna has no clue, it wont matter what you say, she will keep spouting her jibberish, I say just bless her and pray that the light should shine on her and let her see the reality of what is going on. Either way if she is living in a bliss denial then its not so bad either.

  56. Tikva McCadden, Hey, By the Grace of God, the Lord will open your hearts to love instead of fear. I know I can go anywhere and do anything and I got my God to protect me.

    What is interesting is that on the blogs I talk to people from the ME. Some of them have more willingness to give Americans a chance, some of them have hearts more open to love others not of their faith. I find that very interersting.

    I believe there a people in the ME/North Africa that want peace with America. If your hearts are closed to love then how can we make peace?

    • honestly Shayna, you dont know what you are talking about, so there is no point for me to speak to the wall, but still, I
      bless you

  57. Ma Sands, Lord Jesus lives in me. I know Him very well. Some people have religion, I have relationship. God bless you.

    Where do you think I get the Love from. The Lord is why I can love people who are different than me. I can love liberals, I can love people from other countries and races. It is the Lord who lives in me.

    Paul said without love it is just a bunch of noise. I don’t want to be just a bunch of noise. I AM a daughter of Love. That is my Daddy, LOVE.

    If you remember back when Ishmals mom was sent away and in the desert without water for her son, her baby. Ishmals mom put the baby to die because they had no water. What did the Lord do, what did Love do? Love made spring in the desert for Ishmal.

    How much more will LOVE make spring in the desert for Ishmal’s decendants? If the Lord did not love Ishmal and his decendants, it would have been very easy to get rid of Ishmal back then when no water was available for him.

    No, the Lord loves people in the Arab world. Many hearts are open for Love.

  58. Thank You, I like blessings. I am a Very Blessed girl. Thanks for the spelling. I am going to reread that story tonight.

  59. I am reading. Ishmael means “God hears”. I like that. I think that is appropriate.

  60. I apologize if I got out of love with anybody. My prayer is that all of our eyes are open to hope.

  61. susanne430, I am a real Christian, and I accepted Jesus into my life as my savior and a way to the father, but yeah you’re correct in that many people being labeled as “Christians”. Syria is a very nice place to travel to and very safe as well, unlike what many people would think.

    Tikva McCaddem, I know what you’re saying, but the only thing we can do is pray for them and hope we can skip a war. The biggest enemy to Islam is education! The problem in the Middle east is that people aren’t exposed to anyone being able to criticize Islam.It’s plain ignorance. The day we’re able to send some enlightening books to them and educate them about Christ is the day we’ll see them leave Islam. This is already under way by channel Al-Haya TV and the Internet. My hope is that the Muslims get educated and learn that Islam is not the truth, but that Jesus is. At the end of the day I think Islam is very easy to be exposed. The Quran has way too many problems for what it claims to be (word for word from God), and Mohammad is easily shown to be a non-prophet, so I pray that with today’s information revolution, we’ll be able to see more Muslims get educated and come to Christ or even leave Islam all together.

    • William : I appreciate your sentiment, but its not all we can do, there is much more we can do. The first people that need education is not the muslim it is us as Americans and the rest of the world. Of course France already got a harsh education about islam, but for France it is truly too late, they are now in a place where at least 250,000 cars are being blow up by muslims every single year. Now they already know wht they must do. The rest of the world is going to be just like france if we dont wake up and start to take action. Of course we need to educate islam that would be the second step

  62. What if it is the Lord behind all the Revolutions in the Arab world and North Africa? Let’s see Freedom and Democracy. Humm does that sound like satan? Freedom who could that be? Could it be the One who is way into Freedom?

    Tikva McCaddem, please cite your source for 250,000 cars and over what period of time.

    “Fear of man will prove to be a snare.” Proverbs 29:25

    “New International Version (©1984)
    Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.”

    It does not matter if anyone listens to me. I knew recession was coming, so I prepared. It does not matter if Americans miss their, perhaps God given, chance to show the Arab world Love, because some are so wrought up with fear and loathing.

    I am going to be a daughter of Love to the Arab world and the rest of the world. I am not going to miss my chance to show the Arab world and North Africa Love, as I am a daughter of Love.

    • Shayna, you speak so much nonsense due to lack of information, you really need to go there and spread your love among the people of the middle east, as for my source on France, it is not a secret, just check out the news in France and you will get all the statistics you need. I saw it on the news.

      • Hanna Bard: Islam in itself is bad, because their prophet Muhammad was a murderer and a rapist. Therefore, when you follow a rapist, your religion has to be bad. He killed so many people who were in his way, if you compare to the christianity that follows a man that only spoke of love and instead of killing his enemies he was willing to die, if that is who you model, your religion has a chance, and even with jesus, people have killed in his name, can you imagine how evil Islam is when their prophet is a murderer? I suggest you study Islam before you form opinions based on what people tell you. Islam finds it honorable to kill jews and be killed in the process of killing them, how can you say that it is not the religion w hen you should be seeing plain as day all the evil deeds that Islam is now involved in?

      • The Lord is behind everything.

  63. Tikva McCaddem, Ma’am if you quote a source, it is right that you provide the source. That is just the only way to make a valid argument to cite the sources you use. The reader should not have to go looking for the source you cited.

    Ma’am, maybe one day I will get to go to the ME/NA and meet and greet. I like people from all countries. I have meet people from all over the world. It is cool.

  64. Martin Luther was an anti semite. Trading one inconsistent book for another isn’t the answer. It’s a continuation of the problem.

  65. Islam in itself is not bad because one doesn’t support everything that the Prophet Mohammad did. Neither do I think that people should marry or have sexual relations with nine year olds, but at the age of the Prophet Muhammad, a girl was probably seen as a woman at the time when she got her period. I read about Aisha in a book by Siba Shakib, I don’t know the English title, but it’s something like “To Afghanistan God only comes to weep”. There are different versions of religions, for example there are differences between Shayna’s version of Christianity and some of the others that I have read here.

    • Islam in itself is bad. You need to understand that before you run around supporting Islam. How can Islam be any good when their prophet is a murderer and rapist. He married a jewish girl named sophie, did you know that he killed her father, her husband and her entire tribe then he raped her all night and then he married her. its only his story, find out about islam before you speak about it.

  66. Tikva, the Italian activist that was beaten and hung in Gaza for being a son of love to Islam and the Hamas. He worked to support the movement against Israel but it did not bring any good, only torture and death. He was an infidel according to Islam. So you can spread your love to them, but love without truth is not love, it is fear and compliance. Speak the truth in love is what Jesus said. Seek the truth and you will find it.

  67. I have studied about Islam. But just because you don’t like everything that the Prophet Muhamamd did, that doesn’t mean that you should think that Islam is bad. You don’t have to believe in Islam, neither do I. I don’t support everything that is written in the New Testament, but I don’t think that Christianity in itself is bad. And I would never think that a religion in itself is bad. There are versions of Religions that I thin are bad, but not the Religions in themselves.

    • Because of my love for the Muslim people as humans, and because I believe that we are all connected, I wish for the muslim people to see the light of their bad religion and have the opportunity to be saved. Islam is bad, your studies are obviously flawed, What do you think makes Muslim people justify killing their own woman? It is because they are followers of a BAD religion. If you care about humanity and you care about love, you need to first understand the evils of Islam.

      If you really care about the people, you would want to shed the light on the fact they are misled by their own leaders and religion.

  68. Tikva McCadden, since you are looking at the speck in someone else’s eye. May I ask this, what justifies 1.3 million abortions in this predominatly Christian nation? Since you are asking what justifies some Muslims killing women (what who cheat?), then we should ask ourselves what justifies Americans killing unborn babies, 1.3 million a year. Probably more than the women killed for cheating.

    I know a lot more about Prince Charles than I do Muhammed. I just went and looked up when he was. Wikipedia says 570, I assume that is 570 AD. The thing is in the BC times and medievil times people did things different. When you read the Old Testament, you will notice how the Israelis and others used to makes slaves out of people, including women. Sometimes, they would take women home to be a wife, concubine, or slave. They did not always ask the women want they wanted.

    I will give Muhammed this, at least he married the woman, you were talking about, that he did all night long. Dude, at least he married her, that is better than a lot of American men 2011.

    • Shayna: Islam is an evil religion, your defending their prophets action and defending Islam really doesn’t make sense in so many way, unless of course you are a Muslim, which I suspect that you are, and therefore you may be blind to the evils of Islam.
      here is what wonderful Islam is bringing forth to our world,

      “Muslims Throw Their Women Overboard: Overcrowded Refugee Boats Enroute to Europe!

      The opposite of the West is Islam. The opposite of humanity is the sharia. Remember the Titanic? When the ship was going down, the men put the women and children on the lifeboats and died like men. Here the Muslims throw the women overboard.

      Here is a horrific update to this story: New Muslim Immigrants Testing Europe’s “Unity”

      Now we know why we don’t see women among the thousands of Tunisian illegals flooding the Italian Island of Lampedusa BNI (hat tip Carl)

      To prevent the overloaded boats from Tunisia and Libya headed for Lampedusa from capsizing, young males on board have been throwing the women overboard, most of whom apparently drowned. This could partly explain the virtual absence of any women among the Tunisian masses invading Lampedusa every day now.

      Muslims must be saved from Islam. If you care about them as people, you should be working towards educating them on the evils of Islam and saving them into a better life. They must be shown the truth about Islam, that is the only hope for our planet and I believe it will happen. If people stay blind like you Shayna our planet has no hope, So I hope that God opens your eyes to their evil way, and evil seed called Islam and Muhammad. in his name blood shed is an honor, in his name suicide is an honor,, how are we going to save those people if we are not willing to see the truth and begin to save them from themselves????

  69. Hanna, “Islam in itself is not bad because one doesn’t support everything that the Prophet Mohammad did. Neither do I think that people should marry or have sexual relations with nine year olds, but at the age of the Prophet Muhammad, a girl was probably seen as a woman at the time when she got her period”. Your problem is that muslims take the prophet as their model for good behavior. I think (only think, not 100%) that this is actually in the Quran itself. I am a 100% sure it’s in the hadith. Anyways, taking Mohammad as a model for good behavior is a disaster for human kind. So your disagreement with some of things the prophet did put you of Islam completely as he is the ultimate model for every muslim for behavior.

    • The truth about what Islam is today. They have set out to finish the job the Hitler started. Islam is an evil religion and their goal is jenocide. Here is what they are doing, and if you wish to support them, then you are one of hitler’s soldiers.
      watch this and decide what side you are on,that way you can be clear on who you are, and what you stand for.
      this is Islam today;

  70. That is not Islam, it’s politics. I could write much more about this. But I’m against certain versions of Islam, not Islam as a Religion. And if you want to hate Jews and find stuff in the Koran that is against Jews, then you point those verses out. If you don’t have Jews and want to find stuff in the Koran that is not hateful towards Jews, then you point those verses out.

  71. The quote about Israel from Hamas charter is by Hassan al-Banna and he was not from Hamas. I have read their charter. I don’t support that sentence and I don’t support Hamas, but the quote of Hassan al-Banna was Banna’s personal opinion.

  72. I can not figure out why you guys are bullying Hanna. She is very brave to come to this site. I go to an Arab site and people are pleasant and respectful to me. They know I am a Christian. The people don’t attack my religion or try to change my beliefs.

    I really am embarassed at how you are treating Hanna. The way you treat her is enough to turn a person off of Christians. You are really not doing her any favors by attacking Islam. If you are really interested in Hanna’s wellbeing, then I think you would show her love and not judgmentalness.

    Hanna, not all Christians are judgmental.

    That is the thing about Christians, you got religious Christians, you got wolf in sheeps clothing Christians, you got go to Church on Sunday and act godless the rest of the week Christians…

    Sometimes, you will meet an older lady Christian who is loving and kind to everybody. There are Christians who are visting prisons, digging wells and feeding the hungry.

    In Christiandom you got Westboro lunes and Jones Quran burner-trouble makers who say they are Christian but are NOT. Just like American soldiers did evil things in Afghanistan recently and some did evil things in Iraq. There are always going to be trouble makers in all religions and races.

    I think if you want people to hop on over to your religion show them what your God does for you. Don’t attack their religion. Show them what your religion has got going for it.

    I know I am happy with the Lord because He grants all my requests. He protects me and my loved ones. He heals me and my loved ones. He has saved a number of lives that I know of. He helps people that I pray for. He defends me and my loved ones.
    He provides for me and my family in famine. He gives me new cars as per my requests. He helps me in relationships with people I care about. He gives me favor. He gives me jobs even when maybe I am not as qualified as others. He sticks with me even when I do stupid stuff. He covers me when I mess up. He keeps me from being snared. Needless to say, I am a happy girl.

    I don’t believe in running down other people’s religion. I think to be respectful. I don’t think pointing out the worst people in someone’s religion is productive. We got our own worst people in our religion that I hope don’t represent us, but to some people they do.

    I have found Muslim people to be pleasant, respectful and kind. Then I see Christian people being judgmental. I think we should be about our fruit. If our fruit is good, then that is the best advertisement.

    • Here is what your future looks like if you dont open your eyes and face the truth, rather then ramble on about love and compassion, of the murdering enemy.

      Part 2: Facts about the Islamization of Denmark (Mannheimer)

      For decades Denmark has been one of the few worldwide examples of a truly peaceful community with a nearly perfectly functioning state social system. For Europe and for others, this little country has been the example to follow, for it has a strong environmental conscience, one of the best education systems, and a low crime rate. For decades this was the cornerstone of the liberal policies carried out by the Danish Social Democrats.

      However, in the ’90s disenchantment began to settle in, in parallel with the sudden explosion of immigrants from Islamic countries. The Danes came to a shocking conclusion as to how many Muslims already were living in the most important cities, and just how little if any desire they really had to integrate into Danish society. On the contrary, it became more and more clear that the leaders of the Muslims were beginning to attack the lifestyle of the Danes, using ever sharper language to express their contempt for so-called “Western decadence.”

      Only gradually and much too slowly did the Danes begin to comprehend that, with the Muslims, they had taken in a group that not only could not accept the core values of the Danes (belief in the freedom of the individual, freedom of speech, equality for women, tolerance for other ethnic groups) but also would attack those values with ever-increasing force. In the place of “Western decadence,” they would set up the archaic societal model of Islam, which they would institute over time in Denmark as the future and only model of faith and justice to be desired.

      Also, in Denmark as in other “lands of war”[j], [dar al-Harb] Islam is working on a massive infiltration of the country with the goal in the meantime of making Denmark into an Islamic state. The Islamic Party of Denmark is already declaring an imminent takeover of power in Denmark. The central and single assignment of the party is eventually to make Denmark an Islamic state through the occupation of important positions by Muslims. Moreover, they have threatened that a “wrong” treatment of Muslim children will be met with the unleashing of unrest on the part of Muslims living there. [My emphasis]

  73. Tikva McCaddem, Hi, it is late but I am trying to look for your source cited for quote. I don’t know that much about Denmark, so I would like to see the source for this information.

    I think a lot of Muslim people are family people.

    However, if people see a certain group as “dangerous” and treat them as “dangerous” and oppress them, because you think they are dangerous. Then it is kinda a self fulling thing. If you think a group of people are dangerous, then you treat them that way, and if you oppress them, then you end up with what you expect from people.

    If America will start acting like a godly country, then we really won’t have anything to worry about. If a person or country has the Lord on their side, then they really don’t have to worry. But if that country is being godless, then they might want to be concerned.

    Think about Israel in the BC times. When Israel was reverencing the Lord, no one could stand against them. But when Israel was off worshiping idols, then they were defeated.

    I think that is a lesson for us. If America is reverencing the Lord, she does not have anything to fear. But if America is being godless, then America is probably vulnerable.

    You should be more concerned about the people who try to make America a pagan/secular country than Muslims. If America reverences the Lord then she is safe no matter what others are doing. However, if America becomes godless, then America might be vulnerable.

    Muslims aren’t America’s threat. The liberals are. The liberals are the most dangerous people for America. As long as America is reverencing the Lord, nobody will be able to stand against America, but if America continues to accept things she ought not, then that makes America vulnerable, I think.

    America’s real problem is not Muslims, it is liberals.

    And by the way, America is not Denmark. If you take the God out of America, America will be just like any other nation. They took the God out of Denmark a long time ago, I think. From what I understand Europe is pretty secular/pagan. If Denmark had the Lord, then they would not need to fear anybody, but since they don’t have the Lord they are on their own.

    America is not Denmark, unless Christian people let America become like Denmark or Europe.

    And by the way, America and the West are pretty decadent. Let’s see: 50% divorce rate, 50% females parenting are parenting solo, premartial sex is common place, condoms for elementary school kids, witchcraft books read in schools- harry potter, exotic dancing bars on every other corner, homosexuality promoted…

    I admire that Muslim people have some standards for behavior. We lost our standards, apparently, in the West and America. I hope we get some standards soon. It is pretty bad in this country when people are using our military to try to normalize homosexuality.

    I look at America and think what happened to this country. You used to be able to watch nice shows in the 90s. Friends, etc. Now, look at the shows on tv. Csi, ncis… Awful stuff. I don’t blame Muslims for looking at America and thinking we need some morals.

  74. Go, Shayna!

  75. Thank you, Shayna! I think that you are brave as well, and I admire you for the fact that you are Christian and are not against Islam or other Religions. I know that many Christians are not judgemental, and Im not against a Religion, but I’m against narrow-minded values and it makes me sad to see how many people are agains Islam because of the most narrow-minded and extreme versions of Islam that exist. I’m agnostic and I pray to God sometimes, even if I don’t have any specific Religion. I hope all is well. T

  76. Thank You Hanna. I am glad I met you on here.

    I believe Muslims and Christians can have peace together. I believe fear is the barrior to peace. Even if peace lasts 20,50,100,200 years, I will take it.

    I think if we judge Muslims, we also need to be prepared to judge ourselves. I was surprised how oppressed and impoverished many people in the Arab world/North Africa have been. I noticed that some leaders oppress/oppressed their people because of fear of Ilsam or sect. Some of the leaders who oppressed/oppress are US “friends”.

    (I notice that most of the leaders in the Arab world have oppossed, oppressed and persecuted those in the Muslim faith. Gaddafi, Mobarak, Syrian, Bahriani leaders all oppose those who are leaders among Muslims in their countries. Muslims have been persecuted in their own countries by their own dictators, some who are friends of the US.)

    If America is in the business of oppressing people because of fear, then what do we expect but angry people? Look at Bahrain. People in Afghanistan have been in a war zone for 10 years and we don’t have any defined goals there anymore. There are other countries where we have supported leaders who oppressed people.

    If we are going to judge others we need to look in the mirror first. If we got angry neighbors, we might want to look at how we are treating our neighbors. I got this advantageous covenant because of Lord Jesus, but that does not give me the authority to oppress people or mistreat people. On the contrary, I am held to the standard of “feeding my enemies”.

    If America would get busy, feeding her enemies, releasing people from dungeons, helping people get free instead of oppressing people, we might have friends instead of enemies. At the very least, people would probably leave us in peace. Feeding my enemies works for me.

    My book says the righteous are as bold as a lion. I see people in the Muslim world bold to stand for freedom and for democracy. How some people can close their eyes to that cry for freedom, I don’t know. I tell you the truth, I have met some Muslim people with very kind hearts, good hearts, I consider them my Brothers and Sisters, too.

    We need to be about setting captives (political prisoners) free and releasing people from dungeons. We need to be about setting people free from oppression and not oppressing them. If America will be a godly country and treat people in a godly way, instead of a fearful godless way, that would go a long way towards peace.

    Also, if we are a godly country, then no one could stand against us. But if America acts godless then, it is not surprising some are fearing. Put the God back in America and get godly leaders and godly friends for America then people could be bold and not fearful.

    Americans need to look at ourselves in the mirror. Maybe the neighbors are not the problem. Maybe it is America’s godlessness that is the problem. We can’t oppress people and expect to have happy neighbors. We can’t act like pagans and expect to be a strong nation.

    Muslims are not America’s problem. America oppressing people is our problem. America having godless leaders and godless friend leaders is our problem. America being in debauchery is our problem. If America is treating people right and reverencing the Lord, then America will have nothing to fear.

  77. […] his thoughts that I’ve not heard elsewhere is startling: namely, that Islam is in the process of collapsing from the inside. He attributes this in part to the advent of the internet, social media and other alternative […]

    • I find it amazing that his intuition was that Islam is collapsing before anyone else saw that outcome

  78. Dear Mosab, I am from the UK. I very much appreciated your book, particularly having had a recent complete culture shock about a Muslim country even by visiting Morocco. Your book answered many questions I had about Islam. I warmed greatly to the people but was very shocked at the levels of ignorance, superstition, illiteracy and poverty and particularly the lack of self responsibility to change things. Generally speaking for many of us in the west, it is strange to speak about biblical characters in everyday life, our ideologies have moved very much down other paths.. I doubt the average westerner would give too much airtime to a political dialogue with a religious person. Our ideals of democracy, love and respect for the individual, nations and humanity, although stemming from Christian influences, have been informed by other influences, over a couple of centuries at least, from Enlightenment and other philosophers, writers and artists, and then in the 19th C by such disciplines as anthropology, sociology, socialism, psychoanalysis, psychology, natural history, science etc. And most of us believe that all we can really know is this life.
    But I guess you are more concerned with engaging Muslims in a dialogue than the west. And I applaud you for it. You are a very special person indeed.
    Thank you for your commitment to life and love.

  79. ‘A second revolution against Muhammad and the Qur’an itself.’ Perhaps a new prophet for Islam, unfortunately that is an impossibility since Muslims believe … If the violent part of the Koran could be removed altogether, or at least be interpreted in the context of historical events of that era. There is hope yet. Destroying Islam does not seem viable, all men need a religion. What religion is there to replace Islam, since most Muslim are unlikely to imbibe Christianity?

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