What’s the media afraid of?

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People who heard me say that Islam will cease to exist before 2019 always ask me, what can we do to help make that happen?

As I’ve said again and again, truth is Islam’s worst enemy. My people have been in the Dark Ages for fourteen centuries. They desperately need an Islamic Reformation like the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and other church fathers.

The key now, as then, is truth.

What the printing press was to the ignorance of the 15th century, the Internet, smart phones, and the social network are to ignorance in the new millennium.

But by far, the most revolutionary development to take place since Muhammad is Yet, virtually no one has heard of it.

The media appears to be terrified and won’t let me or anybody else connected with the project on the air to talk about it.

Why? Even FOX News, that followed my story—including Homeland Security’s attempt to deport me—when it was politically incorrect to do so, won’t put me on to talk about Policy-shaping men and women who know the truth about Islam are afraid to show the Islamic world where it can go to learn that same truth.

It breaks my heart, because everyone connected with the project has sacrificed everything, even risking their lives, to expose the countless lies and errors in the Qur’an and liberate 1.5 billion people who have been taught that Islam’s holiest book is from the mouth of God who cannot lie or be wrong.

For years, project has been painstakingly developed by scores of former Muslims and passionate Islamic scholars representing a variety of Arabic and Middle-Eastern cultural backgrounds, as well as educational specialties in the field of Islamic studies. They include Islamic researchers, academic teachers, scholars, writers, editors, and translators and span several continents.

This project is not a bunch of Western Christians dissing Islam’s holy book. It’s former Muslims, just like me, who have the courage to challenge the system. Who said, okay, if our Qur’an is the word of God, it should easily stand up to scrutiny. If God said it, there will be no mistakes in it. So they examined it, and they discovered the truth.

No one has ever analyzed the Qur’an like this. Only 25 percent of the world’s Muslims speak, read or write Arabic, So they can’t even understand it, much less criticize it.

As for the rest, they chant the Qur’an five times a day with no idea what they are saying, what it means, or how it fits in the context of the rest of the book. Because it is chanted, it takes on a mystical aura of holiness that captures their emotions and their hearts. They are indoctrinated from birth that their religious leaders are not to be questioned, and those who dare are scolded, ridiculed, even beaten.

Can you begin to see why is so important?

Any Muslim on the planet can click on the site in complete privacy and examine the Qur’an, word by word, line by line, sura by sura. Every scientific error is noted. Every historical error. Every grammatical error. Every geographical error. Every contradiction. The site also includes scholarly articles and analyses.

And now, The Qur’an Dilemma, Volume One (the first nine suras, or chapters) is available in a beautiful, fully-annotated hardcover book!

The research text was translated from Arabic to give English-speaking readers the opportunity to see the Qur’an through lenses that are not fogged by propaganda or missionary zeal.

The Qur’an Dilemma presents the text of the Qur’an with parallel commentary, addressing important issues that Muslim scholars have wrestled with for centuries, shedding light on their attempts to resolve them, and giving an overview of the various schools of thought.

This book is for non-Muslims who want to unravel the mysteries of Islam and for Muslims, who want to decide for themselves their intellectual and spiritual paths. And even though Volume One covers only the first nine suras,* it is more than enough to prove that the Qur’an is not God’s words, is not infallible, is not inerrant—and to cast serious doubt on the validity of Islam itself.

So, you want to know what you can do to hasten the Islamic Reformation?

Buy the book. Buy multiple copies, and give them to your friends (you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and informative gift).

Do you have Muslim friends, neighbors or coworkers who have talked to you about Islam? Present them with a copy of the book. In Arab culture, gifts are received with great appreciation, and they are likely to read it if only to honor you.

Please visit, where you can purchase copies of The Quran Dilemma. Or, if you wish, you can purchase both the English-language and Arabic-language edition at on Amazon.


*The second volume of The Qur’an Dilemma (suras 11-114, is in production and will be available both in English and Arabic in 2012

  1. This is wonderful. I’m linking it on my blog.

  2. This book looks very informative. Thanks to everyone who took the time to put it together.

  3. I want to start an organisation that sends messages of hope and “The Good News” to the people of the Middle East.Could you help with the translation to arabic. My first message is : May G-d bless me, indeed and increase my territory. May the hand of G-d be with me protecting me from all evil so that I may cause no pain.

    I intend to approach the churches here for funding then I want to print messages the size of a business card in arabic on one side and hebrew on the other side. It will have a picture of a rainbow on it to remind people of G-ds promise.

    Please could you help me.

  4. The current hot issue in Indonesia is about ‘the Islamic Revolution Council’ that will try to build Islamic Nation. Am I worried? Nah. Am I afraid? Nah. Am I paranoid? Nah. Why? Simple…
    Yo’el 2:32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YHWH shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as YHWH hath said, and in the remnant whom YHWH shall call.
    HE has manifested His word through the only Messiah… the Redeemer… the Adonai… Yahushua… the lamb of Elohim…
    HalleluYAH… Praise be to YAHushua… Shema… Adonai Yahushua Hamashiyach…

  5. Mosab,You are doing a great job of contending for the Truth and the faith!!!!!!I just looked up what Muslims pray,we need to pray their prayers to be bound by Yehsua in HIS authority Matthew 28:18 and cancelled..I have read the qu’ran..there is nothing holy about has a strong spirit of deception and confusion, you see one thing,when you read it, hate and a worship of sex..The REAL HOLY book, The Bible, shares this…2 Tim.3:16 All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness….2 Peter 1:20 Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation.THAT IS THE TRUTH..!! FIGHT ERROR WITH THE TRUTH…you are a “WATCHMEN” sharing what is coming,thank and bless you for that …!! We, that love and serve Yeshua, need to ask for the fire of God to burn up all prayers to false gods and to cast them down and let them bear no fruit,bind all false prayers and words with your authority Yeshua and over ride them with your intercession..(Matthew 28:18 And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.)LET ONLY THE PRAYERS AND WORDS INSPIRED by the HOLY SPIRIT REMAIN..!! BLESS Mosab with continued truth,wisdom,knowledge,understanding and the best decernment to keep in sync with the HOLY SPIRIT..!! PLEASE KNOW THAT THE GOVERNMENT WILL RISE UP AGAINST GOD’S KINGDOM…!!! BE IN THE WORLD NOT OF THE WORLD. DO NOT COUNT ON THE GOVERNMENT TO CARE ABOUT WHAT GOD’S OPINION IS..!!! THE CHURCH IS SEPARATE FROM THE KINGDOM OF GOD.!!!

  6. Emailed this to some friends. Here’s one response: I am going to get the book–several copies. I think Son of Hamas should contact Michael Medved or Dennis Prager. I’m quite sure either would be happy to invite him to participate in one of their radio programs.
    I would add that Greta Van Sustren would be another person who might be interested. She often responds to my emails to her at This sounds like something that would really interest Glenn Beck, but I have no idea how to contact him.

  7. thanks for sharing!! Let us pray continually for all the saints doing this work until the Lord takes us home!

  8. Halal ben Shachar is Satan’s name . It’s only written out in full one time in all of scripture and found in the Great Scrolls of Yasha’yah/Isaiah . Of course Islam promotes the eating of “Halal Foods” The diety’s name Allah is also contained in the ancient Hebrew word for terrorism (ballahah) . With that I will share a Paleo Hebrew amplicication from The Great Scrolls of Yasha’yahu :

    On a high mountain you have arrogantly put in place and fashioned , raised up and advocated your own bed and death bier . And indeed, you have quickly become witnesses for, lifting up Allah/the perverse and unrighteous one , killing the living in an act of religious worship to gain the favor of a deity ” (Yashayahu / Isaiah 57:7)

    Of course this was written way before any Diety named Allah or any slave trader named Muhammad so once again its proof that the Hebrew scriptures are inspired 🙂 Do you think that YHWH is making some sighns for us to read ?

    “‘Was not ‘Esaw (‘esaw – from ‘asah, ‘ashowq, and ‘adomny to work, to be extorted, to oppress, and to be blood red) a brother of Ya’aqob?’ declares Yahuweh. ‘I love Ya’aqob, and I hate ‘Esaw. I have caused his mountain ranges to be lifeless and desolate , and his inheritance a desert for jackals and serpents .’” (Mal’aky / Malachi 1:2-3)

    The Hebrew word for “jackal” and “serpent” is the same, suggesting that while ‘Esaw’s mortal existence would be lifeless, desolate, and impoverished, his eternal destiny would be with serpents-which is to be incarcerated with Satan in the Abyss.

    While there are many paths which lead away from YHWH, most share four things in common-all of which are described in ‘Esaw’s name. Religions are ‘asah: “works based.” In Islam, a Muslim earns paradise by killing for Allah. The victims who wander away from God are ‘ashowq: “extorted and oppressed.” Such was the case for a thousand years under Catholicism. And man’s religious paths are predominately ‘adomny: “bloody red” and deadly affairs. So, in the name of the one man God says He hates, He has provided a multi-level picture of religion.

    I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Messiyah’s Qur’anic name isn’t Yahushua, but instead Issa, an Arabic transliteration of ‘Esaw. While this mistake proves that the Qur’an wasn’t inspired by God, it also strongly suggests that it was inspired by Satan.

  9. Don’t worry Mosab, what God has said he will do, that he will do. He will open doors for you, ex-muslims and christians to show the way. The media is in his hands and he can chose to use them anyway or use other means that are not expected to share the truth.

    Our duty is to pray ”for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” Eph 6:12

    God bless

  10. The media is not afraid, they are just bored with you and have moved on. Welcome to America.

  11. Ok Mosab. I will go ahead and purchase a copy on Amazon in English. Thanks. I love you my Friend.

  12. Awesome! This is very helpful! Thanks to Mosab and all the others who have made so many sacrifices. The media is not bored with Mosab, they probably think it will create too much controversy…but God has other ways:)

  13. The Media is afraid of the possible “outrage” among Muslims that would result if this project were promoted. A cartoon of Mohammed caused a hugh uproar. Muslims believe every word of the Quran came directly from God. So even to question the Quran is a sacreligious act according to their faith.

  14. Dear Mosab, I read the Abridged Koran:
    This koran puts the Meccan and Medinian suras in the right order, so you can see how the writer progresses from manipulative methods to violence. What gave me the shudders was how the imagined ‘god’ of this book refers to himself as “we”. It sounds psychopathic. Also, the frequent references to putting a “veil over the hearts of non-muslims”, when it is clear that this very book does the opposite: it has already put one on muslims, and it reveals its true nature to the unbelieveres.

    As for an Islamic Reformation. Please read this eye-opening article called “They ARE the Reformation”:
    Durie points out that the Christian Reformation happened when the New Testament was actually read, and it contradicted what the priests had been telling people. It was a “going back” to the text that reformed Christianity and also Europe. But going “back to the text” in Islam, you will end up with the Taliban and Alqaeda.

    Finally, please read a story I was written here:

  15. The members of your Facebook fanpage sends lots of ‘likes’, best wishes and blessings to you at the link to this article.

    My guess is that these topics are just too in-depth theological for FOX News… What about other networks, and most importantly middle-eastern TV?

  16. I attempted to register for the site but was NOT permitted. Continued to give error code stateing my e-mail (which I’ve had 20 yrs now) is NOT a valid e-mail! PLUS there is no “contact us” or other means to get hold of someone to sort out the problem. Very frustrating. BUT it’s a good site.

  17. […] People who heard me say that Islam will cease to exist before 2019 always ask me, what can we do to help make that happen? As I’ve said again and again, truth is Islam’s worst enemy. My people have been in the Dark Ages for fourteen centuries. They desperately need an Islamic Reformation like the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and other church fathers. The key now, as then, is truth. What the printing press was to t … Read More […]

  18. Thank you…I have posted this to my Facebook wall and will also send it out on Twitter, and hopefully it will multiply…30, 60, or 100 times.

    “Still other seed fell on good soil. It came up, grew and produced a crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times.”

  19. What a blessing! I pray God to allow the book to be translated into PORTUGUESE. Here in Brazil many are deceived by an Islam that does not exist. They preach an Islam of peace, but do not examine what the Koran does not say that.

    • Shepard Smith too, though he’s such a good reporter, it may blow his cover as non-biased., however, it could go the other way too leaving folks scratching their heads! It’s 2014 now, I’ve been renewing “Son of Hamas” from the library, unable to finish it. Now I’m buying it and anything Youseff pens just for extra financial support. Love this blog. What guts, I only hope I would do the same…he is a potential martyr for the facts, and God! As far as the media, we need something more like this blog. I actually befriended a muslim who is not a total nut, and have a friend from the Ukraine. Both say the news, that we Americans look at as “the free press” only tell partial stories that are interesting to them, or politically unable to publish. I rather listen to a real front line person in the midst of the battle, even thoughbit is at the price of a young man being in fear for his life, and excommunicated from all friends and family

  20. Thanks for your work, I have a copy and have read it all, mostly thanks for your heart of compassion! A great song by recording artist Jeremy Camp,” You Never Let Go”
    is inspiring me to move with compassion and strength to win the hearts of my Muslinm
    community to accept Isa as the Lamb provided.

  21. i am profoundly impressed with your story and your mental turmoil and courage….I have only one question: If you can betray the father you loved so dearly (and to most of us it would be betrayal) why would you not betray others? The reason you found Christ is His forgiveness, but in the real world (however you want to describe it) there is no such luxury.

  22. Mosab I am a 35 year old woman living in Australia and I watched your story on youtube last night for hours. I was so touched and moved and inspired by your story. I definately will purchase your book and I cant help to feel how lucky and blessed you are that you came to know the true love of God and of our saviour Jesus Christ. God bless you my friend. I hope and pray that I can be a great example to my family and friends like you have for Im sure millions of people around the world.

    Your courage and determination mirrors the spirit that our Saviour Jesus Christ did when he was persecuted. I know he was with you and you couldnt have done it without him. Like one of the great versus in the bible says ” I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” May God continue to bless and guide you in whatever that you do. I pray for your family and for the Palestinian people and for Muslims and for all non believers that they come to know Christ. As long as there is love there is always hope.

    Knowing and watching everything unfolding on T.V about the middle east made me so angry sometimes. It made me detests Muslims. After hearing your story it opened my eyes. How can I be mad at people whom are blinded and led by evil? We have to educate them and show them the light. We must not give up on them and we have to continue to fight for all people. Jesus helps those who are sick.

    To my christian brothers and sisters lets all lead by example like Mosab here. God works in mysterious ways and he has chosen people like Mosab to get through to Muslims and non believers that anyone can change through the power of Jesus Christ. He can change the harden of hearts. I love you Mosab. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you all.

  23. Can’t open this site in my country, lndonesia, l think the internet authority here has banned this site…so sad,l really want to learn from this site. I’m a Christian. A minority in a country with the biggest moslem population in the world. This kind of site is truly a game-changer for religious debates here.

  24. Mosab,

    I really appreciate and admire your desire to share the Truth with people who have not heard…. I love the Muslim people and I have some Muslim friends. I was wondering: if I were to give one of my friends a copy of this book, would it be seen as me trying to tell her that her religion is wrong and that mine is better? Obviously, I don’t want my friend to feel like I’m disrespecting her culture or religion, but I want to share with her the truth about the Quran. What would be the best way to present this book? I want to prevent offending her as much as possible, but I realize that the Gospel is offensive, so some will be offended. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts! Thank you so much

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