In the footsteps of their father

In HAMAS, ISLAM on April 15, 2011 at 23:56

Huweida Arraf, one of the leaders of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) called the hanging of ISF activist Vitorrio Arrigone (36) a “senseless killing.”

And it was, absolutely. But not for the reason Ms. Arraf cited.

“Vittorio was really loved in Gaza,” she told reporters. “I didn’t think there was even a 1 percent chance they would kill him. It was a complete shock.”

Yes, he was loved. Ever since his 2008 arrival in Gaza, Arrigone had identified himself with the plight of the Palestinian people. He shared our pain, wept for our children, and opposed Israel, convinced that Zionists are responsible for all of our troubles. On April 5, thousands of Palestinians turned out to a Hamas rally to honor the Italian militant.

And now he’s dead—a “barbaric murder” and a “vile and irrational gesture of violence on the part of extremists indifferent to the value of a human life,” said the Italian Foreign Ministry. Killed by an al-Qaeda-inspired Salafi group that sees Hamas as too tame and too slow.

Mr. Arrigone is dead, not in spite of the fact that he loved and was loved, but because he did not understand.

ISM activist Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer in southern Gaza in 2003 because she did not understand. That same year, a British ISM activist was shot to death by an Israeli soldier because he did not understand.

Senseless killings all.

These compassionate Westerners, along with the pro-Palestinian activists aboard the Mavi Marmara a year ago and a thousand more in the 15-ship Freedom Flotilla that plans to test the Israeli blockade next month, rush into the Palestinian territories like bulls—backs arched, heads down, committed, determined, righteous, and ignorant.

They pour into Gaza to condemn and ease a non-existent humanitarian crisis. They come to bully Israel and shame the international community. They wrap black and white kefiyehs around their necks, drink strong coffee, march, and shout through bullhorns. And they die. Victims of the movement they don’t understand. Of the very religion they defend. Of the politics that manipulates them like pawns and shrugs when they are sacrificed.

Their hearts are too big for their heads. They stop their ears when we warn of the complexities of the Middle East conflicts. They get a little sand in their shoes and lamb in their bellies and think they understand. But they know nothing of the oceans of blood soaked into Middle Eastern sands over fourteen centuries, shed by Muslim swords.

They cannot or will not see that the Salafis follow in their father Muhammad’s footsteps, killing infidels wherever they find them. A caption on the YouTube video that showed a bruised and blindfolded Arrigoni called Italy “the infidel state.” To them, Mr. Arrigoni was an infidel, no matter how much he was loved by the Palestinian people.

They cannot or will not see that Hamas follows in its father Muhammad’s footsteps, playing politics when it suits them, building schools when they need to, blowing up school buses when they have the opportunity.

The good, bad, and indifferent are all Islam. And Islam, more than a religion or a cultural or political system, is an excuse. Anything and everything is justified in the name of Allah, reflecting the countless contradictions and errors in the Qur’an itself.

Unless Westerners open their eyes and ears (see, and begin to act with their heads as well as their hearts, Islam will devour more victims like Vitorrio Arrigone.

More flotillas will challenge the Israeli blockade, some bringing food and activists from Western nations, others bringing long-range rockets, surface-to-air missiles, and sophisticated anti-tank weapons and explosives from Iran, Syria, Russia, and China.

And Islam will advance unopposed to fill the leadership vacuums in Egypt and throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

  1. Amen, my fellow Jesus Christ follower.
    Our prayers are with you, your family and all of ISLAM, that they will see the Light. Stay strong my brother.
    JCLU Forever.

  2. Yes. ):

  3. Nice to see a new post from you. I hope you are well.

  4. …..and then the end will begin.

  5. Brother Mosab, good to see another post ! Keep speaking it out.


  6. Its the ignorance of ideologically driven education in the West which produces people like Rachel Corrie and Vittorio Arrogoni. People who claim to study the issues and yet are blindly ignorant to what is actually going on. I pray that God opens up blind eyes in Western and American college campuses to what is really going on in Palestine, Israel, and the rest of the countries surrounding them.

  7. “They pour into Gaza to condemn and ease a non-existent humanitarian crisis.”

    Really? I didn’t know that was a lie. Hmmm

  8. Please Read Obadiah…

    Verse 21 says that, in the last days, “Saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the LORD’s.”

    The mount of Esau upon the mount of Zion can only refer to the al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. And completing Obadiah’s identification of Edom as the Palestinian people is his mention of the emblem of the Palestinian Authority.

    “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.”

    The PA’s official emblem is the eagle.

    But how strong a case does Obadiah make for ‘Edom’ being representative of the modern Palestinian people? The word rendered in English as ‘violence’ in verse 10 is translated from the Hebrew word ‘chamac.’

    From the Strong Concordance:

    2554 chamac khaw-mas’ a primitive root; to be violent; by implication, to maltreat:–make bare, shake off, violate, do violence, take away violently, wrong, imagine wrongfully.

    2555 chamac khaw-mawce’ from 2554; violence; by implication, wrong; by meton. unjust gain:–cruel(-ty), damage, false, injustice, X oppressor, unrighteous, violence (against, done), violent (dealing), wrong.
    ‘Chamac’ translated into modern Hebrew, is pronounced, ‘Hamas’.

    Chag Sameach Pesach… May the world know who the true G-d is! He is the G-d of love! Blessings in the name of the Messiah Yahshua… Awe mein…

  9. Thank you for continuing to swim upstream when it would be so easy to just let the current take you where it will. It’s not easy. It is necessary. I could cry myself senseless watching, reading, listening to the propaganda and the media’s biased reports. They are fuelling the fire and are supposed to report the truth, but they blatantly refuse to do so. I know that your stand has been very costly for you and I appreciate you and what you’re doing.

  10. Really excellent points and well writtren. You nailed it once again, Mosab. I hope you have a seder to go to, and have a blessed Easther, too.

  11. I would like to translate this article or maybe part of it into Chinese and post in my blog. Can I do that with a referred link?
    May you walk with the Lord everyday and experience His presence and protection always.

  12. Mosab,
    I just finished reading your book. It brought me to tears. You will be in my prayers. May God give you strength daily.

  13. Mosab, I don’t know if you read the comments, but I write this. It might be true about the Salafi group, but it’s their version of Islam that is the problem, and not Islam in itself. As you wrote, they don’t support Hamas version of Islam, so there are different versions of Islam. I think that your views of Islam seem narrow-minded, and to me it’s difficult to understand why you have narrow-minded opinions, I guess that you think that Hamas are narrow-minded as well? Then why be narrow-minded yourself, if you don’t like narrow-mindedness?

    I think that they are narrow-minded and I don’t support them, but I have thought about them since 2003, not all the time, though, and I’m 23 now.

    With my respect.

    • Narrow! What a good word! Narrow-minded, and narrow-visioned, too! Jesus the Christ Himself said so! “Narrow is the path, and narrow is the way, to life with Me eternally, and few there be that find it. And wide is the way, and wide is the path to eternal destruction, to eternity apart from Me.” Mosab has chosen the good path. I am delighted. I will get to meet him someday, when we both will be with Jesus the Christ. Can-NOT wait! : )

    • Hi, Hanna. Have you read or ever tried to read the Quran? It is true there are different branchces of Islam, but they all base their viewpoints on the Quran. And that is the problem–the Quran itself. It does not allow for development in a positive direction.

      The Bible allows for such a development for humankind, but the Quran does not. Is it narrow minded to acknowledge this? Try reading the Quran, if you haven’t. I got about 1/3rd through it before I had to put it down. It seemed horrifically wrong. “Let he who does such-and-such be punished in an excrutiating manner.” Page after page lists various “sins” and the command that the violator be punished “in an excrutiating manner.” The harshness commanded begins to seem sadistic.

      The Bible, on the other hand, though given in terms of maximum punishments possible, as Jewish writings explain, the maximum is not the intended result. Mitigating circumstances are taken into consideration and repentance and reform are the desired result. This leads to a progressive moral and cultural evolution. Just some thoughts to consider . . .

  14. I don’t think that it’s narrow-minded to be Christian, I think that it’s narrow-minded to think that there are no other versions of religions than the narrow-minded ones.

  15. Hanna,

    Hamas and Salafists are both terrorist groups, they share a common view about how to handle infidels, they differ only in tactical questions: Was it good for us to kill this Italien infidel at this peculiar time, or would it have been more useful for us to keep him alive yet?

    The freedom to interpret Quran and Hadith is not as high as you might think. The interpretation of the Quran can’t be compared with the interpretations of the Bible. A muslim has to believe that the Quran is word by word dictated by Allah, it’s not authored by men (contrary to the Bible which is authored by many inspired people) but by Allah and hence of eternal, unchangeable validity. The narrow-mindedness comes from this fact.

    The same with Sharia, the law of Allah, the only law that is allowed to be respected by a muslim. Let me quote from the blog “political islam” about the “evolving interpretations of the Sharia” ( )

    Sharia is the interpretation of the doctrine of Islam. Of course, the interpretations change, but they keep being drawn from the same 1400 year old texts. The Sharia circles the sun of Allah and Mohammed, so the evolution of Sharia turns out to be an orbit. The Sharia becomes looser and tighter over the course of history, but it is still the same Sharia and still obeys all of the fundamentals found in the texts of Koran, Sira and Hadith.

    For these reasons, I am sorry I can’t believe that any “reform” or “new interpretation” of Islam will change these affairs substantially: the mutilation laws, the honor killings, the treatment of women as possession of their men, the humiliating treatment of unbelievers, of Christians, of Jews, of Zoroastrians etc. as “Dhimmis” in muslim countries.

    Only an “implosion” of the complete thing, as predicted by Mosab, may bring real change. Such an implosion could possibly evade, as he is obviously hoping, if many Muslims would study all the ambiguities, contradictions, etc. in the Quran itself, using a honest and critical source like


  16. God bless you Mosab. I can not express how much I appreciate your words, thanks to you I have re-found my faith in Christianity. Also after reading half of the quoran (I couldn´t read any more, it was making me sick). I´m very happy that I have been born in country with christian roots, and I´m trying to spread the truth about Christianity and Islam, and how they are not from the same God. I pray for you, for your family and for all the people oppressed by Islam in the world. May God help us all.

  17. the problem with Judaism, Islam and Christianity is when they get mixed in with politics because politics is naturally corrupting.

    God is the creator of the Universe, he transcends human kind. When we believe that he takes sides with one people over another over something as land we have debased him.

    Religion should only be for spirituality, for a moral and ethical order and finally for the purpose of creating a community of worshipers.

  18. Dean M.: I read parts of the Koran, but I have watched a program called “Koranen” (The Koran) that was sent on the Swedish Television, and they talked about different versions of Islam. I have read about it as well. You don’t have to believe in Islam, neither do I. Benazir Bhutto wrote about Islam in her book “Reconciliation”. She had been the Prime Minister of Pakistan and she was killed in 2007. Anyway, she wrote about the Koran and interpretation, that people can interpret it and that Islam allows people to do that. I think that her book is interesting because she was a Muslim and she had liberal values, supported democracy and she based those values on Islam.


    So which is it? Do you condemn Hamas for blowing up school buses only in English? In Arabic, it seems, you have a different set of convictions, per the above link.

  20. Yousef — You are being accused of being a double-agent and a fraud.
    Please respond. Thanks.

    • The one making the accusation is Walid Shoebat. He claims to be a Muslim convert to Christianity. He has been accused of making unsubstantiated claims before. The evidence he presents against Mosab is from Arab-speaking sources. Non-Arab speaking people will not be able to verify any of this.

      I think Walid may see Mosab as “competition” since he claims for himself to be the former Muslim terrorist turned Christian who is now the expert on this subject. He is mentioned in Wikipedia, has his own website. There is a business aspect to this.

      • Dear Dean M, Mosab really has expressed some anti-Israel & pro-Palestinian political viewpoints, even appearing with keffiyeh in one of the videos I’ve seen, but Mosab has never suggested that being against violence means he’s for Israel’s political agenda — and that’s why he’s not a fraud — it’s not like he said one thing here & another there. The issue is not whether Mosab supports Zionism, but whether failure to support Zionism automatically makes a person a fraud and double agent as Walid concludes Mosab to be. There is a matter of reading the heart going on, an imputing of motivations & malevolence to what could just be a well-meaning difference of opinion. But then Walid has not hesitated to make false accusations against God himself (see for ex, last month’s raptureforums article “The False Teaching of Walid Shoebat” written by Sean Osborne, a guy that Walid had previously gone ballistic on, calling him “pinhead”, etc).

      • True! The Islam-bashing business is very market-driven and can get out of hand with all these people looking to fear/hate/suspect Muslims eager to read the next book that verifies what they already “know.”

        I recommend Christian men such as Nabeel Jabbour and Carl Medearis who love Jesus and love Muslims. They will not urge you to fear Muslims, but radically love them. As Jesus loved us!

        Don’t live in so much fear when “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” Let love for others overcome your fear of Islam! 🙂

    • Yousef may well be responding against Walid’s accusations by praying for his accuser & turning the other cheek. (Now I would think his publisher and/or his agent may want to sue for libel, but that’s another matter.) What Walid did is rather tricky — he mentioned some true things, about Yousef expressing political views against Zionism, but Yousef himself has said as much, that doesn’t make Yousef a “double agent” just b/c he doesn’t agree with Israel’s politics, nor should it be any surprise since Yousef has been upfront about this even in English. But Walid has made false accusations even against God himself (see, for ex, last month’s “The False Teaching of Walid Shoebat” by Sean Osborne), so this is no surprise to hear such coming from him.
      Yousef: Matthew 5:11-12

    • Yousef may well be responding against Walid’s accusations by praying for his accuser & turning the other cheek. (Now his publisher may want to sue for libel, but that’s another matter.) What Walid did is rather tricky — he mentioned some true things, about Yousef expressing political views against Zionism, but Yousef himself has said as much, that doesn’t make Yousef a “double agent” just b/c he doesn’t agree with Israel’s politics, nor should it be any surprise since Yousef has been upfront about this even in English. But Walid has made false accusations even against God himself (see, for ex, last month’s “The False Teaching of Walid Shoebat” by Sean Osborne), so this is no surprise to hear such coming from him.

  21. Sorry I could not find a better spot to put this , but Happy Birthday!!!!

  22. May the Lord strengthen you, brother Yousef, as you are being misrepresented & misunderstood — such was the case with your namesake Joseph son of Jacob, such was the case with David before he was King, & such was the case with our Lord Jesus. Though I disagree (though with empathy) with your viewpoints about the land, I respect that you have been up front with them, and I trust in the Lord to guide all of us who believe. Much love.

  23. This is addressed directly to Mosab himself/yourself and not to any other person speculating on the veracity of the claims that you are only posing as a supporter of Israel and that you actually have a hidden agenda:

    I read your book with great interest, even admiration, and believed you to be a sincere individual. I would like to hear your version of the interview you gave on Arab media. I am sure I am not the only one. Please respond promptly. The longer you wait, the more doubt will be sowed. Thank you.

  24. test

  25. “I recommend Christian men such as Nabeel Jabbour and Carl Medearis who love Jesus and love Muslims. They will not urge you to fear Muslims, but radically love them. As Jesus loved us!”
    I really must second this statement. The christian community has become all too suspicious of Muslim persons. I was too at such a place before.

    I thank you Mossab for shedding light to the insider Islamic world view. Before i did NOT feel an urgency to address the Islamic ideology, say, any more than the Buddist, but your book has changed my opinion on that. And honestly i confess i really need to make some progress in the reading of the Qur’an… i always think the best way to fight with text is with the same text. I saw a comment above that the god of the Qur’an wished evildoers for “excruciating” punishment. An omnipotent God would not need use such methods, yes evildoers do get themselves and implicitly choose miserable destinies, yet God did not invent it, but we as humans (and evil supernatural beings as well) can invent atrocities because of the perversion of sin secretly steeped within our DNAs, of which God is continually pleading with us to cry out to Him that He might begin surgery.

    Continue the good fight, but i also hope that you can address evil from God’s magnanimous stance. Yes the Qur’an might be evil in your sight, but is not the only evil book ever written, and i believe there are worse. I fear that if we are overly condemning of its evil, we might alianate persons with a chance, who will take the condemnation personally, feeling we are condemning them instead. James states “for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God.” James 1:20. And besides can we really condemn anyone? Though i myself do it, i ultimately believe that to condemn anyone or even evil is to consider myself higher than it, yet i know that i myself commit evil day in and day out (by doing evil or not doing righteousness), whether i know it or not, and does not matter how small the evil is, i still participate in it to different extent so long i am in this flesh.

    What amazes me most is that not even God expects us behave righteously especially at first. And He still loves us as selfish as we are. And did you ever notice that not even God teaches us all His righteousness with urgency? This makes me think that God is concerned more with our fellowship and trust in Him than our own knowledge and performance of righteousness, yes these are also important, but not the top priority. The top priority is trust and fellowship with and in Him. I remember when i first came to Jesus Christ, i felt how cherished i was by Him. I felt like the luckiest person in the whole world. But i can also tell you, in retrospect, how much of a sinner i still was even into a few years of my coming into relationship with Him. I was not at all righteous in my behaviors and actions. But the love was there just the same. It is really hard to forget such a beginning …

    I realize that the ideology needs addressing, but should we address ideology first or relationships first? I really think i admire your dad how you presented him, because i think he was so effective because he addressed relationship first and ideology second, and this is how he got so many on his side at least superficially. He loved the person regardless of his ideology, not only with words but also actions, and people could see that. I hate to admit it, but we humans are so selfish and self centered, we want to be served and taken care of, and when served above and beyond what others NORMALLY do, with joy and endless energy, we are amazed and then interested to know why and how they do it. We want to learn the secret of their success, at the very least show a little appreciation if nothing else. I think this was the secret of your father’s success: devoted and humble service. And we can certainly take that lesson from His example.

  26. I awoke one night at 2:00 a.m. when my back door blew open – after shutting the door – I put on the God channel and the most eloquent lovely Muslim young man was kneeling before a Jewish leader of some sort asking for forgiveness – this was The Call in Detroit on 11/11/11.
    i was told that young man was you so I rushed to learn all I could about you.

    I have just recently read your book (from cover to cover the first night because I couldn’t put it down!) I am concerned to see that you have stopped posting for six months now – we need your voice!

    I pray you are doing well and growing strong in the Lord – all God’s greatest blessings to you – you are a very special young man – please do not put down your sword!

  27. How do you love your enemies then? Love Agape love is an action. How do Westerners do this if we can’t have compassion for the people? What you wrote touched me opened my eyes to have a forgiving attitude toward pepple of Islamic faith. Which since 9/11 I have pretty much hated. Please help me understand. Thank you

  28. A fraud is a person that speaks one thing but does the other.Mosab saved the lives of thousands of people from terrorist attacks and even exposed himself so how does that make him a fraud.If Shoebat says that he loves Israel why from all people who are really against Israel he finds it necessary to warn the jewish communities from Mosab in his website.This only puts Mr.Shoebat in a very bad light especially after Mosab bothered to answer him back and explain himself.

  29. Your picture describes everything about you that you are not yourself but a person lost in dark
    and feared.

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