Behold the face of Islam

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Wherever I go in the world, people ask me about ISIS. And I advise them to ignore the endless debates about the peaceful versus violent nature of Islam and take a long, hard look at the Islamic State. ISIS is Islam, exposed in all its cruelty and ugliness, unchanged since Muhammad.

The atrocities committed by ISIS are merely an extension of the atrocities committed by Islam’s prophet.

The true Five Pillars of Islam are: Slaughter, Intolerance, Oppression, Hatred, and Global Dominion, because Muhammad was a slaughterer, intolerant, oppressive, hateful, and drove his armies to destroy everything and everyone that stood in the way of his establishment of a world caliphate.

Muhammad said to the people of Mecca, “I have brought slaughter to you,” then he beheaded every Jewish male, young and old.

Anwar Tarawneh holds a photo of her husband Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, before he was burned alive by ISIS.

Anwar Tarawneh holds a photo of her husband Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, before he was burned alive by ISIS.

ISIS immolated Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, because Muhammad burned people alive.

When the leader of the Jewish Bani al-Nadir tribe refused to reveal the location of his tribe’s treasures, Muhammad ordered his soldiers to “Torture him until you extract what he has.” So a fire was built on the chest of Kinanah bin al-Rabi. Again, when some of his men resisted Muhammad’s planned attack against the Byzantines at Tabuk, the prophet commanded that they be burned alive in the house where they were meeting.

ISIS enslaves and rapes women because Muhammad did, even when he took a six-year-old little girl as his wife and consummated their union when she turned nine.

ISIS mutilates and crucifies men, women, and children because its prophet did. When ISIS hurled a homosexual man from a tower, and the crowd waiting below stoned him to death after they saw that he had survived, they were only following the example of their prophet who stoned homosexuals.

The only difference between 1,400 years of slaughter by Muslims, who follow the practices of Muhammad, and the carnage carried out today by ISIS is that today’s atrocities are broadcast throughout the world by social media.

Unexpectedly, social media has also made ISIS a blessing to the Muslim world, enabling Muslims to see the true face of Islam.

Hatred is what your religion requires of you, not just ritual washings. Slaughter is what your prophet demands of you, not just daily prayers. To follow Islam is to commit your life to jihad, to the destruction or subjugation of all non-Muslims in the name of the god of Islam.

But thanks to ISIS, you can free yourself from the lies of Hezbollah, Hamas, and Al-Jazeera, if you have the courage. They cannot protect you from a western conspiracy, because there is none. Your enemy is Islam, not America.

When you recognize that ISIS is Islam, you free yourself from the naiveté of world leaders who tell you that ISIS is an anomaly of Islam, leaders that, I am sorry to say, include US President Barack Obama, who told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently that, “There is an element growing out of Muslim communities in certain parts of the world that have perverted the religion, have embraced a nihilistic, violent, almost medieval interpretation of Islam.”

But it is those who deny that Islam is “nihilistic, violent, almost medieval” who have perverted the religion.

ISIS is Islam. Religion by the sword. Religion by intolerance and violence. Religion commanded by its prophet to conquer the world, behead apostates, mutilate thieves, crucify nonmuslims, and stone everyone that engages in sexual relations that disagree with Muslim laws and practices.

ISIS has torn the mask from Islam, giving the Muslim world a choice for the first time in fourteen centuries.

Choose Islam, and you choose ISIS, because they are indistinguishable. Reject ISIS, and you reject Islam, because they are one.

ISIS must be stopped, yes. It is a threat to every nation’s security. More than that, it is a threat to the evolution of human consciousness. But it is not the sole problem of America and the West. It is, first and foremost, the responsibility of Muslims and Arabs. And the armies of Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and others are well equipped to deal with it. Western intervention will only create more chaos and reinforce the illusion of a Middle East/Western conflict.

Like Libya and Yemen, ISIS is a tribal conflict, not a political one. The Islamic State is the Sunni backlash against domination and persecution by minority Shi’a Muslims in Iraq and the ruling Alawite minority of Syria.

Islam hates everything that is not Islam. And just as fresh water and salt water cannot flow from the same spring, love and goodness cannot flow from a religion that is established on hatred and violence.

As long as Muslims refuse to take a strong and aggressive stand against terrorism, they must share responsibility for the continuing atrocities. The hour has come for every Muslim to choose to be human or inhuman, noble or criminal.

  1. So how do we, as Christians, confront ISIS? It is not only a Middle East problem- it is obviously a religious one.

  2. Thank you for this eye opening article. I am sending it out to everyone I know.

  3. A strong call to action to all Muslims and Arab nations to stand up for human decency and fight the evilest expressions of Islam. It is sad that this major religion has a narrative which includes and embraces such inhumane acts in its history. But don’t you think that modern interpretations of scripture can bring morality to the narrative and make Islam more humane? Judaism, for instance, has abandoned animal sacrifices and slavery, despite their role in scripture and ancient law. Islam could similarly apply modern interpretations of the Koran and discredit what are now criminal acts. This is a challenge, of course, because parts of the Koran and Mohammed’s life are so seriously flawed and contrary to basic human morality, as you point out. Yet Wahabism in Saudi Arabia and Islam as taught in most Madrasas are very close to the fundamentalism of ISIS. This is why it is so challenging for the Arab nations to fight ISIS, because in religious school the kids were taught that Jihad (war, not personal struggle) is holy. It’s got to start with the kids. Give them a decent education and hope for the future; shut up the evil Imams and cut their funding. Let Muslims examine their history critically with a moral lens and come up with a new interpretation of the narrative. Reform Islam. Is such a thing possible, or is Islam a hopeless death cult that cannot be reformed?

  4. Good — for — you to stand up and tell the truth. And you, unlike so many who open their mouths anyway (eye roll), know what you are talking about. May the Lord bless and protect you.

    Glad to see you post! I stopped checking back here over a year ago … .

    Praying for you (for years, now) and for the movie (Is it coming? DON’T compromise on the accuracy and scope of its content, nor on the quality of the writing/acting/directing/cinematography! God will provide the BEST for you if it is meant to be (I asked Him to! :)),

    Your Sister in Christ,


  5. I am so grateful to get this email from you. Your book and movie are very important to me and I desire that you meet more American Jesus followers that can bless your life. My husband and I do a home church…for the last 7 years in fact….and I want you to know that you are invited ….it starts at 11am and then we eat after taking communion at 1pm…every Sunday….we live in Pasadena….thank you Mosab Hasan Jusef…Joseph.. for your witness and life testimony…we are proud to have you live in this country….I am involved too in Jewish ministry.

  6. As always, you bring clarity to situations that are difficult to understand without having the intimate knowledge of Islam and Middle East conflicts that you do. Thank you for your thoughts and perspective Mosab. All the best to you, enjoy your yoga 🙂

  7. Good to hear from you again, Son of Hamas! God bless you!

  8. Nice and true article.islam is all about destruction

  9. I am so proud of son of Hamas,I am praying for you bro,that you live as long as God protects you,to declare the works of God in Christ Jesus. God bless you abundantly in Jesus name.

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  10. Your views are very interesting and I agree that the Islamic state is an Arab problem. Hopefully the Western countries will not get involved.
    I wonder if there is just one single moral value that all human beings share and that might be the foundation for a better world.

  11. Wow! Very thoughtful and intelligent response! So many times people get so emotional which is understandable but then they risk losing the ability to think rationally and making a terrible thing even worse! God bless you and we are praying for the wisdom of God to saturate them in Jesus name.

  12. “15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing,
    but inwardly they are ravening wolves.
    16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?
    17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
    19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.
    20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

    Matthew 12:33-37; Luke 6:43-45 KJV

  13. I agree with all you say and thank you for saying it. My only question to you is whether or not you are against Israel and her people, the Jewish people? Do you support a ” palestinian” state in Israel? Thank you

  14. But what of events within the U.S.? How can we say it is not an international problem when cells are embedded all over our country?

  15. You have always spoken The Truth : May the Sonofhamas live long to declare the works of the Lord in Christ Jesus. God Bless you brother.

  16. dear Mosab. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you. May you please write to me at to let me know what evangelic Christian organisations there are among the Arab people in Israel and Jordan to support. So far I have put much of my financial support into Open Doors, but they serve worldwide, and I would prefer to support a more regionally focussed group.

  17. Thank you so much for the news letter!!!! You are exactly right!!! I am standing with you and I am so glad you are not afraid to speak the truth….it is a very rare thing these days!!! You are a blessing!!!!!

  18. What Isis did to Muath will haunt every person with any good within them forever. The horror on earth that is Isis is beyond the comprehension of the entire word except those who have been brainwashed and corrupted to believe night is day and evil is good. Any god who could wish for any of his creation to suffer so horribly is unworthy of any respect and I wish the people of the world would allow their own innate knowledge that violence and causing pain to others is wrong to triumph. Don’t make any excuses, cruelty, domination, bullying, causing pain, imposing a view on others: all inexcusable. Any religion which denies the right to question, to criticise, to deny has something to hide and needs to be challenged.
    Mosab, I am an atheist but I have so much respect for you- I have your book and know your story and I hope that you are happy and well. You give so much hope to mankind because from a most unlikely place you have proven that human decency can overcome all obstacles. I wish that everyone could recognise the journey you took came from a place of sweetness and kindness and you have sadly been treated badly by many but I hope you know how beloved you are by many all over the world. Religion is a powerful thing and can cause incredibly good humans to do incredibly bad things by warping their perceptions and manipulating their emotions. However, anyone with any degree of logic can see your journey as a complete inspiration and wish you nothing but happiness.

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