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Another Muhammad Movie in the Works

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Son of top Hamas leader to produce epic historical account of the prophet Muhammad despite controversy surrounding Anti-Islam film.

Mosab Hassan Yousef, author of the NY Times bestseller Son of Hamas, condemns the film Innocence of Muslims, on one hand, and the ignition of violent protests throughout the Arab world, on the other.

Innocence of Muslims is clearly not even worth mentioning,” released Yousef, the son of a top Hamas leader who turned his back on his father’s terrorist organization and worked to save the lives of many innocent people from terrorism. “While I personally find this Anti-Islam ‘video’ tasteless and insulting, it is the price we pay for democracy and freedom. This video is obscene and offensive to both Muslims and non-Muslims and to make matters worse, political and religious parties are taking advantage of this state of chaos and confusion to push their agendas. And when governments submit to their will, they reward and legitimize the terrorists and threaten everyone’s freedom to hear the truth and openly express their opinions. Our freedoms cannot be hijacked by violence.”

Brushing off the accusations across the Middle Eastern media that Mr. Yousef played the lead role in the video he commented,“Anyone with the ability to see with their eyes, can see that these are unjust lies spread as a smear campaign against me. Another form of terrorism. More importantly, I am saddened by the murder of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three American security guards in Libya,” he added, “which Al-Qaeda as it turned out, had plotted to execute on 9/11 regardless of the movie. My condolences to the victims’ families.”

Recently back from his trip to Israel where Yousef announced his plans to make an epic $30M film version of the Islamic leader, Yousef said his vision will not insult Islam nor be a religious film, but be based on historical facts taken from the most trusted Islamic resources. “Islam deserves to be represented in this arena like all other religions. We cannot expect religions to peacefully co-exist if we do not have some sort of equality in how we can celebrate all religions and question their beliefs.”

Unlike convicted felon Nakoula Bassely Nakoula, aka Sam Bacile, the man behind the film Innocence of Muslims, Yousef was born a Muslim, the grandson of an Imam, and the son of an Imam who also founded the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. Yousef is now casting the film and promises that it will be at par with some of the most respected Historical movies produced in Hollywood and around the world.

In the footsteps of their father

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Huweida Arraf, one of the leaders of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) called the hanging of ISF activist Vitorrio Arrigone (36) a “senseless killing.”

And it was, absolutely. But not for the reason Ms. Arraf cited.

“Vittorio was really loved in Gaza,” she told reporters. “I didn’t think there was even a 1 percent chance they would kill him. It was a complete shock.”

Yes, he was loved. Ever since his 2008 arrival in Gaza, Arrigone had identified himself with the plight of the Palestinian people. He shared our pain, wept for our children, and opposed Israel, convinced that Zionists are responsible for all of our troubles. On April 5, thousands of Palestinians turned out to a Hamas rally to honor the Italian militant.

And now he’s dead—a “barbaric murder” and a “vile and irrational gesture of violence on the part of extremists indifferent to the value of a human life,” said the Italian Foreign Ministry. Killed by an al-Qaeda-inspired Salafi group that sees Hamas as too tame and too slow.

Mr. Arrigone is dead, not in spite of the fact that he loved and was loved, but because he did not understand.

ISM activist Rachel Corrie was crushed by an Israeli army bulldozer in southern Gaza in 2003 because she did not understand. That same year, a British ISM activist was shot to death by an Israeli soldier because he did not understand.

Senseless killings all.

These compassionate Westerners, along with the pro-Palestinian activists aboard the Mavi Marmara a year ago and a thousand more in the 15-ship Freedom Flotilla that plans to test the Israeli blockade next month, rush into the Palestinian territories like bulls—backs arched, heads down, committed, determined, righteous, and ignorant.

They pour into Gaza to condemn and ease a non-existent humanitarian crisis. They come to bully Israel and shame the international community. They wrap black and white kefiyehs around their necks, drink strong coffee, march, and shout through bullhorns. And they die. Victims of the movement they don’t understand. Of the very religion they defend. Of the politics that manipulates them like pawns and shrugs when they are sacrificed.

Their hearts are too big for their heads. They stop their ears when we warn of the complexities of the Middle East conflicts. They get a little sand in their shoes and lamb in their bellies and think they understand. But they know nothing of the oceans of blood soaked into Middle Eastern sands over fourteen centuries, shed by Muslim swords.

They cannot or will not see that the Salafis follow in their father Muhammad’s footsteps, killing infidels wherever they find them. A caption on the YouTube video that showed a bruised and blindfolded Arrigoni called Italy “the infidel state.” To them, Mr. Arrigoni was an infidel, no matter how much he was loved by the Palestinian people.

They cannot or will not see that Hamas follows in its father Muhammad’s footsteps, playing politics when it suits them, building schools when they need to, blowing up school buses when they have the opportunity.

The good, bad, and indifferent are all Islam. And Islam, more than a religion or a cultural or political system, is an excuse. Anything and everything is justified in the name of Allah, reflecting the countless contradictions and errors in the Qur’an itself.

Unless Westerners open their eyes and ears (see, and begin to act with their heads as well as their hearts, Islam will devour more victims like Vitorrio Arrigone.

More flotillas will challenge the Israeli blockade, some bringing food and activists from Western nations, others bringing long-range rockets, surface-to-air missiles, and sophisticated anti-tank weapons and explosives from Iran, Syria, Russia, and China.

And Islam will advance unopposed to fill the leadership vacuums in Egypt and throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

What’s the media afraid of?

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People who heard me say that Islam will cease to exist before 2019 always ask me, what can we do to help make that happen?

As I’ve said again and again, truth is Islam’s worst enemy. My people have been in the Dark Ages for fourteen centuries. They desperately need an Islamic Reformation like the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther, William Tyndale, and other church fathers.

The key now, as then, is truth.

What the printing press was to the ignorance of the 15th century, the Internet, smart phones, and the social network are to ignorance in the new millennium.

But by far, the most revolutionary development to take place since Muhammad is Yet, virtually no one has heard of it.

The media appears to be terrified and won’t let me or anybody else connected with the project on the air to talk about it.

Why? Even FOX News, that followed my story—including Homeland Security’s attempt to deport me—when it was politically incorrect to do so, won’t put me on to talk about Policy-shaping men and women who know the truth about Islam are afraid to show the Islamic world where it can go to learn that same truth.

It breaks my heart, because everyone connected with the project has sacrificed everything, even risking their lives, to expose the countless lies and errors in the Qur’an and liberate 1.5 billion people who have been taught that Islam’s holiest book is from the mouth of God who cannot lie or be wrong.

For years, project has been painstakingly developed by scores of former Muslims and passionate Islamic scholars representing a variety of Arabic and Middle-Eastern cultural backgrounds, as well as educational specialties in the field of Islamic studies. They include Islamic researchers, academic teachers, scholars, writers, editors, and translators and span several continents.

This project is not a bunch of Western Christians dissing Islam’s holy book. It’s former Muslims, just like me, who have the courage to challenge the system. Who said, okay, if our Qur’an is the word of God, it should easily stand up to scrutiny. If God said it, there will be no mistakes in it. So they examined it, and they discovered the truth.

No one has ever analyzed the Qur’an like this. Only 25 percent of the world’s Muslims speak, read or write Arabic, So they can’t even understand it, much less criticize it.

As for the rest, they chant the Qur’an five times a day with no idea what they are saying, what it means, or how it fits in the context of the rest of the book. Because it is chanted, it takes on a mystical aura of holiness that captures their emotions and their hearts. They are indoctrinated from birth that their religious leaders are not to be questioned, and those who dare are scolded, ridiculed, even beaten.

Can you begin to see why is so important?

Any Muslim on the planet can click on the site in complete privacy and examine the Qur’an, word by word, line by line, sura by sura. Every scientific error is noted. Every historical error. Every grammatical error. Every geographical error. Every contradiction. The site also includes scholarly articles and analyses.

And now, The Qur’an Dilemma, Volume One (the first nine suras, or chapters) is available in a beautiful, fully-annotated hardcover book!

The research text was translated from Arabic to give English-speaking readers the opportunity to see the Qur’an through lenses that are not fogged by propaganda or missionary zeal.

The Qur’an Dilemma presents the text of the Qur’an with parallel commentary, addressing important issues that Muslim scholars have wrestled with for centuries, shedding light on their attempts to resolve them, and giving an overview of the various schools of thought.

This book is for non-Muslims who want to unravel the mysteries of Islam and for Muslims, who want to decide for themselves their intellectual and spiritual paths. And even though Volume One covers only the first nine suras,* it is more than enough to prove that the Qur’an is not God’s words, is not infallible, is not inerrant—and to cast serious doubt on the validity of Islam itself.

So, you want to know what you can do to hasten the Islamic Reformation?

Buy the book. Buy multiple copies, and give them to your friends (you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful and informative gift).

Do you have Muslim friends, neighbors or coworkers who have talked to you about Islam? Present them with a copy of the book. In Arab culture, gifts are received with great appreciation, and they are likely to read it if only to honor you.

Please visit, where you can purchase copies of The Quran Dilemma. Or, if you wish, you can purchase both the English-language and Arabic-language edition at on Amazon.


*The second volume of The Qur’an Dilemma (suras 11-114, is in production and will be available both in English and Arabic in 2012

Up the revolution!

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“In a revolution, as in a novel, the most difficult part to invent is the end.”

Alexis de Tocqueville

Go to the BBC. Go to Al Jazeera. Go to Facebook, Twitter or any of thousands of blogs. What do you see?

The beginning of the end of Islam.

The violence and deaths are terrible. The Libyan massacre is criminal. The transitions are dangerous. Yet, the revolution is good news.

Two years ago, FOX produced a six-part documentary called “Escape from Hamas.” At the end of the first part, I told Jonathan Hunt that “I believe Islam is collapsing already. It looks from the outside like it’s growing. But from the inside, it’s completely collapsing. It’s not giving answers to the people. It’s not improving their lives. It’s not helping them at all. Within ten years, that’s it, Islam’s going to be over.”

I didn’t have inside information. I just knew the transformational influence that Al Hayat TV’s Arabic-language programming had on my life in Ramallah. Today, Al Hayat reaches 95 percent of the Arabic-speaking world. At any given time, between 20 and 50 million Arabs watch its informative and motivational satellite programs. They hear indisputable facts about Islam and the Prophet that no one in their communities would dare even to whisper, truth that is toppling the pillars of Islam.

I also knew two years ago that everybody today is plugged in. Information that has been hidden from Muslims for 1,400 years is suddenly at their fingertips with the click of a mouse. And anyone can pull a phone/mini-computer the size of a cigarette pack out of their pocket or purse and talk to one another across the street, across town, at the other end of the country, on the other side of the world.

With every news update from North Africa and the Middle East, the region emerges a little more from the Dark Ages.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the Christian Church collapsed into a socio-political theocracy like Islam. Only priests had bibles, and few could even read them. For Christians, like Muslims, life became mindless obedience to man-made dogma and superstition. When Martin Luther nailed those ninety-five theses to the door of All Saints Church, his hammer echoed beyond Wittenberg to the remote corners of Europe. The Reformation would have dawned much sooner if he could have posted a few bullet points on Facebook.

Islamic political regimes cannot survive exposure. They cannot suppress informed people. They can’t fight social networks.

For 14 centuries, Islam crouched inside towering walls of isolation and ignorance. But the information and technology revolutions are shattering them like trumpet blasts before Jericho’s gates.

And the lies come tumbling down.

One of the biggest lies that has kept Islam alive is the belief that there is a difference between radical and moderate Islam. Islam is one, no matter where someone stands on the ladder between culture and jihad.

Another is the nature of Muhammad. Today, 1.5 billion Muslims follow a man they don’t know. Modern Muhammad is the creation of their imaginations. He bears no resemblance to the vile man who built a self-serving dynasty by oppressing his people and killing, in God’s name, everyone who opposed him.

On the other hand, today’s despots bear a striking likeness to the true Muhammad. Mubarak, Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad are Islamic leaders who get their strength from Islam and maintain their iron grip by Islam. They are the same stripe as caliphs from Muhammad and Abu Bakr to Al-Mustansir Billah and Abdul Majid.

But most Muslims do not understand this. They think, like Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna, that the solution to all their problems is to return to Islam. They are like my father, who wants change but does not understand that the strength of the system he hates comes from Islam itself.

So what can we do to hasten Islam’s destruction?

We need another revolution. A second revolution against Muhammad and the Qur’an itself.

Al Hayat TV is systematically undermining the foundations of Islam. At the same time, on websites like, Islamic scholars—not Western theologians—disassemble the Qur’an and its variant readings, word by word, verse by verse, sura by sura and expose every historical, grammatical, social, political and scientific error and contradiction in what its followers are taught is a flawless, inerrant holy book.


The young men now in the Middle East, this confused generation, are angry and hungry and trying to bring down their political systems. They need to understand that their real fight is not against systems but against the ideology that spawned the systems. Only when Muhammad and the Qur’an are exposed will the people of North Africa and the Middle East have freedom. If we fail to reach them with the truth, they will rebuild far worse regimes than those they tore down.

When Christians understand the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, they become different people. And when Muslims understand the fraud that has oppressed them for centuries, they will look for a different way. They too will have the opportunity to become different people, free people. And the leaders that emerge from a free people will promote and protect their freedoms.

After we expose the true nature of Islam to the Muslim world, we must open the eyes of the rest of the world that tolerates and accommodates Islam.

If we join the information revolution alongside our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters, it will not take ten years to destroy Islam. Islam will not survive even two more years.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad prophesied that “the wave of the Islamic revolution will soon reach the entire world.” I believe him. But the global revolution will be against Islam, not of Islam.

Qur’an says no to “9/11 mosque”!

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What persuades you that this will end well?

The controversy over the “9/11 mosque” has dangerously missed the point.

Yes, it is an offense to the families of nearly 3,000 victims who were killed in the deadliest terrorist attack ever on American soil. Yes, it will reopen and infect deep wounds. And yes, it is perfectly legal and protected by the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom.

But it is also an affront to Allah.

Open your Qur’an and read sura 9, verse 107. I will reproduce it here in English for our Western readers:

“And there are those who put up a mosque by way of mischief and infidelity – to disunite the Believers – and in preparation for one who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime. They will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good; But Allah doth declare that they are certainly liars.” (The Qur’an, sura 9, verse 107, Yusufali translation)

You can see that the language is much stronger in Arabic.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf may not intend “to disunite the Believers,” but his irresponsibility will accomplish the same end, even while he and his supporters, both Muslim and America’s progressive elite, “indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good.”

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah and the Taliban are counting on the inevitable outcome of such irresponsibility.

Do not be deceived, my brothers and sisters, this issue will not die. It will not go away. It is already dividing Believers and will fester and putrify like an open wound.

In addition to killing thousands of innocent Americans, Osama bin Laden’s stupid attack destroyed the reputation of Muslims everywhere. The result was Arab profiling, false arrests and, yes, an Islamophobia that has not been entirely unjustified. It also resulted in the creation of hundreds of organizations worldwide working tirelessly to encourage constructive dialogue and repair the shattered image of Islam, at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars that could have been better used for education, healthcare and other noble causes.

If you allow Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative to build this shrine to terrorism, you will only generate more hatred, suspicion and violence, destroy nearly a decade of image-rebuilding and set in motion a backlash against all Muslims.

Think for a moment. Do you really believe that Americans will just say “Oh, well” and move on while the 9/11 mosque is being built? Day after day, they will drive by, walk by on the way to work, and their anger and outrage will be renewed. The media will broadcast updates on the mosque’s progress, inflaming millions of viewers with every report.

How will Muslims react, then, when an angry citizen smears garbage on a wall of the mosque or covers it with blasphemous graffiti? How will they respond to protests and pickets? What if some hothead sets off a bomb?

Hatred and violence are not confined to Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They lie just below the surface of us all and only require sufficient heat to erupt.

And the violence will not be contained in Manhattan. You have seen how our brothers and sisters have reacted to books and cartoons. You can expect outraged mobs to burn homes and churches, attack embassies, kidnap and behead hostages not only in the Middle East but also in Africa and Asia, in obedience to the Qur’an’s mandate to defend the honor of Allah and his Prophet.

The blood—Muslim and non-Muslim—will be on the hands of the foolish Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. But he and Islamists like him will blame everybody else, just as he blames America instead of bin Laden for 9/11. Just as he will not admit that Hamas is a terrorist organization. Instead, he provokes and blames the provoked.

And you will share the blame because you did nothing stop it when it was in your power.

Even your Qur’an warns that the 9/11 mosque is not the will of Allah. It is the work of “mischief and infidelity.”

The 9/11 mosque will do nothing but push people over the edge. Americans and Muslims. Not for days or weeks, but for years, for as long as the building stands. And the violence will only escalate. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. On every continent.

The Cordoba project will never be a community center where people will gather to seek and find common ground.

You can, and must, stop it. Through petitions and boycotts. By demanding accountability from your leaders. By withholding funds. By refusing to take any part in the sins of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and the Cordoba Initiative.

In short, you must stop it by being a responsible Muslim.

An open letter to my Muslim brothers and sisters

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1942. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin Al-Hussaini visits the Muslim storm troopers of the Bosnian SS.

The world condemned Nazi Germany for trying to conquer the world. But it affirms and accommodates Islam which commands Muslims to replace the nations with a global caliphate.

The world condemned Adolph Hitler for believing that Aryans were the master race, created by God to rule the world and who considered all others to be Untermenschen, racially inferior. Non-Aryans were pollution, garbage to be swept up and shoveled into landfills and incinerators. Yet the world ignores a fundamental doctrine of Islam that lists “disbelievers” amongst “types of filth and impurities” which include “urine, feces, semen, carrion, blood of carrion, dogs and pigs.”  1

The world condemned Hitler as a racist who systematically slaughtered as many as 17 million Jews, ethnic Poles, Romani, Soviet civilians and POWs, disabled people homosexuals and political opponents in six years. But despite its vow of “Never again!” it sticks its head deep into the oil-soaked sand and pretends that Islam has not turned the world red with innocent blood for more than fourteen centuries.

Hitler publicly condemned prostitution, yet ordered Himmler to establish brothels for German soldiers, forced laborers and prisoners. 2 Muhammad established one moral code for Muslims and another for himself, one that allowed him at the age of 53 to take a nine-year-old child to bed as his wife. 3 Yet, how many of you today dream of such a thing for your little girls? And if not, are you greater than your Prophet?

Muhammad declared it. The Qur’an mandates it. Yet most Muslims deny it.

How can this be?

The “great masses,” Hitler wrote, ” . . . more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.” 4

Point for point, the Prophet and the Führer agree. Point for point, Mein Kampf nods to the Qur’an.

Hitler was a terrorist. 5 So was Muhammad. 6

Hitler murdered those who opposed him. So did Muhammad.

Stop believing the Big Lie, my brothers.

Be furious with me for what I am saying. Fill my blog with outraged comments quoting suras that contradict those that I cite here, as evidence that I am wrong. They will only prove that I am right. The Qur’an, which all Muslims must believe to be the infallible word of God, is riddled with contradictions and factual and historical errors. No? Go to and read for yourself what Muslim scholars say, verse by verse, about their holy book.

You who are outraged, how well do you know your Qur’an? Have you read it, studied it? Do you understand it? For centuries, Christians knew only what their priests told them. They did not have access to Scripture. Martin Luther changed that in 1522, when he published the New Testament in the language of the people. Nevertheless, even with the abundance of resources, translations and paraphrased versions, half of today’s Christians do not know their Bible. 7

Unfortunately, it is the same with most Muslims.

What is Islam to you? Culture or life? Divine truth or superstition? Something you know or only believe? Your faith or just your inheritance?

A “moderate” Muslim is not one who is not violent; he is one who is simply uninformed. It is not that he is not an extremist; it is that he is apathetic. The God of the Bible says, “because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” 8 The god of the Qur’an holds the same opinion.

Please stop being lazy. Begin showing love for your families and your neighbors by reading your Qur’an and your Hadith, and asking the inevitable questions.

The Prophet and his book are not merely mistaken; they are wicked. Hitler killed countless millions on the battlefields and in his extermination camps in six years, but Muhammad has been killing steadily since the seventh century—Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims. The Qur’an commands even the slaughter of its own.

You are the only hope the world has of crushing the Big Lie. Christians cannot stop it. The secular world is afraid to try.

Your weapon is truth. First, you must love and respect your religion enough to learn the truth; then you must love your neighbor enough to share that truth.

*  *  *

1. “Muslim students ‘being taught to despise unbelievers as filth,’” Sean O’Neill, The Sunday Times, April 20, 2006

2. “Secrets of Nazi camp brothels emerge in German exhibition,” Reuters, November 7, 2007

3. D.A. Spellberg, Politics, Gender, and the Islamic Past: the Legacy of A’isha bint Abi Bakr, Columbia University Press, 1994, p. 40

4. Mein Kampf, volume 1, chapter 10, paragraph 31, Manhein translation

5. Mein Kampf, volume 2, chapter 5

6. The Qur’an, sura 5, chapter 60 (Shakir)


8. The Holy Bible, NIV, Revelation 3:16

Zero Tolerance for “Ground Zero” Mosque

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The five-story building at 45-47 Park Place in Manhattan, two blocks north of “Ground Zero,” was built more than 150 years ago. The religion practiced within its walls, however, dates back nearly 1,500 years—and is directly responsible for the slaughter of nearly 3,000 Americans.

Last year, Soho Properties, a Muslim-run real estate company, paid $4.85 million cash for the property. Two of the investors—Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement—now want to turn it into what has been called a “mega mosque.”

According to its website, the “Cordoba Initiative hopes to build a $100 million, 13-story community center with Islamic, interfaith and secular programming.” In addition to the mosque, the project calls for a 500-seat auditorium, swimming pool, art exhibition spaces, bookstores and restaurants.

Please understand that I have no problem with buildings. But I have a very big problem with the politics and symbolism behind this building.

The proposed “Ground Zero” mosque, despite its humanitarian cocoon and politically correct marketing, would shout five times every day the contempt the American Muslim community has for thousands of innocent victims and their families. While Westerners who consider themselves chic and enlightened go to any lengths to avoid offending Islam, the Muslim community appears to think nothing of pouring acid in America’s open wounds.

Why was this particular site selected? Because the need for a $100 million mosque is so great? Because 45-47 Park Place is the only place left in Manhattan to put a mosque? No. Because it will make a powerful political and religious statement.

Americans need to understand that the soul of this so-called community center will be an altar to the god that justified and mandated the 9/11 massacre. If allowed to proceed unopposed, it will stand as a bold affirmation of the same Qur’an quoted on camera by 19 fedayeen as they prepared to kill themselves and thousands of innocent men and women. It will be a Petri dish for the virulent virus called Islam, a holy place where its dark god is honored and worshiped.

We need to remind ourselves where thousands of Muslims in America have come from. They came from mosques, just like the one the Cordoba Initiative wants to build up the street from the ruin of the World Trade Center. Mosques in Iran and Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. They came here to escape the corrupt systems and brutal regimes of their homelands.

From the oppression of these Quranic cultures, they came to America to enjoy the benefits of liberty and the protections of the Constitution. Now a growing number of Muslim organizations are using their precious freedoms of speech and religion as weapons against the freedoms themselves. They are using fine-sounding arguments to convince uniformed Westerners that Islam is peaceful, good and caring. And they shame others into feeling foolish and guilty if they dare to insist that the emperor is naked.

“I think this particular group of people in the Cordoba Institute can do a huge amount of good not only for Muslims in New York but also for interfaith relations throughout the country,” said Ibrahim Ramey, director of the Human and Civil Rights Division of the Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, on CNN’s American Morning.

If Cordoba and other Muslim organizations in America would like to “do a huge amount of good,” let them build a hospital instead of a mosque. Build something that will help the families of the 9/11 victims. Do something productive for humanity in general, instead of challenging liberty and confusing people about the realities of Islam. This is how they can generate good will, not by building a rock of offense two blocks from Ground Zero.

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